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The Mess at the Press was an online game on Larry-Boy: The Cartoon Adventures.


Bob the Tomato has dropped his lunch into the giant machine that prints all the newspapers at the Daily Bumble. Now, they might not get this week's edition out on time! It's up to the paper's brave janitor, Larry the Cucumber to save the day.

How to play

Move your mouse to move Larry back and forth to collect all the newspapers that are flying out of printing press with your bin. The bin can only carry six newspapers.When it's full, head over to the left and click your mouse button to unload the papers. But watch out, and don't get hit by the falling debris! Your bin can only take three hits before it's flattened!

Fun Facts

  • The game is no longer available after the website was revamped. However, the game can still be found at Internet Archives.

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