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This is the episode transcript for The Little House That Stood.


Opening Countertop[]

(Fade to the countertop. We see Larry, in a gingerbread costume tossing bread crumbs onto the counter. Bob later comes out wearing a shepherd's outfit with a cane.)

Larry: (extended happy humming)

Bob: Ah... Larry? What are you doing?

Larry: Dropping bread crumbs.

Bob: Why?

Larry: To find my way back.

Bob: From...?

Larry: From storybook land! How do I look?

Bob: Um... Delicious? Why are you dressed like a cookie?

(Larry takes out a piece of paper from the basket. As Larry reads the letter, a goose with a bonnet shows up and starts pecking the bread crumbs))

Larry: I got a letter from Allison Carter of Sugar Land Texas. "Dear Bob and Larry, I love fairytales and nursery rhymes! Hansel and Grettel, Humpty Dumpty, The Three Pigs, The Gingerbread Man..."

Bob: (with realization) Oh! You're the Gingerbread Man!

Goose: (honked two times)

Larry: Oh! Hello Mother!

Bob: Eh, that's your mom?

Larry: What? No. This is Mother. Mother Goose. Someone's mother, I guess, but not mine. She can smell a nursery rhyme from a mile away.

Bob: Hello Mother.

Mother Goose: Honk!

Larry: Allison wants to know if we can do a nursery rhyme story. I think that's a great idea!

Bob: Wait, hold on... I got an email from Danny Green on Plattsmouth, Nebraska...

Larry: You mean Plattsmouth... Near the mouth of the Platte?

Bob: Yes...of course... Danny's been learning about parables in Sunday School and was wondering if we could tell a parable.

Larry: What's that?

Bob: A parable is a story that makes it easier to understand a lesson.

Larry: Hmm. I got stuck in the rodeo once with a pair of bulls. Definitely learned a lesson. [Off screen] Never get in the ring with a pair of bulls. [On screen] Powerful lesson.

Bob: Eh...Jesus used parables to explain truths about God to ordinary people.

Larry: Well, we're ordinary people!

Bob: Exactly! Which is why we're gonna do a show about parables!

Larry: (gasps) Which is exactly why...we're gonna to do a show for both Allison and Danny!

Bob: Eh, Allison and Danny?

Larry: Run with me here, Bob. I just spent three weeks making nursery rhyme costumes for everyone.

Bob: I dunno. Larry... You've got me kind of nervous...

Larry: Don't worry. Right Mother Goose?

Mother Goose: (honk)

Larry: Here. Have a bread crumb.

Mother Goose: (munch munch munch)

Larry: Roll film!

(Fade to black)

The Little House of Stood[]

(Fade to the brick background and the white text and it reads...)

Old Man Zucchini: (V.O) "The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock." (We fade to the construction paper as Mr. Lunt, Larry and Bob pops up as builders) Once upon a time, there were three builders, who worked in very different ways, they all lived in the town named "Cabbageville".

Chorus: It's a sunny day in Cabbageville, the air is warm and dry!

The birds are chirping, the builder is working and no one wants to cry!

It's a sunny day in Cabbageville, for a right and happy song,

all the folks that are nice, (Carrot Guy: Hello)

there are fulls of a price,

what could possibly go wrong

on a happy, sunny day in Cabbageville?


(We see Mr. Lunt entering Lumber as we see inside, we see Bob and Larry as builders and they have a lot of work to do.)

Bob: Good morning, gentlemen! Busy day ahead!

Larry: Still sticking with it, eh, Bob?

Bob: Oh, yeah! I'm a stickler for sticks! (He noticed hays on Larry's forklifter) Hey, what about you?

Larry: That is correct! I'm all about the hay! Hay, hay, hay! Whatever's the quickest and easiest!)

(Bob becomes confused)

Mr. Lunt: Well, boys, "brick" a leg!

Bob: Huh?

Larry: "Brick" a what?

Mr. Lunt: Brick? Break? You see, usually it's "break a leg", but since I'm the brick guy I said-

Bob: We get the brick part.

Larry: Yeah, it's more the leg thing. Not getting that.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) These builders never agreed on much, especially on how to build a house. (We see the sign that said "Coming Soon! Straw Mills) Larry will put a house any place anywhere as long as he build with straw. He built stack nice and neat and hardly wait a thing.

(Larry hops back down as he meet the carrot farmer.)

Farmer Carrot: Hey!

Larry: Hay.

Farmer Carrot: (confused) Hay?

Larry: (smirking) Hay.

(Larry noticed the cow eating his hay.)

Larry: Hey!

Cow: Moo.

(Larry chases the cow as we see the sign "Coming Soon! Brick Landing")

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Mr. Lunt didn't care where he built as long as built with bricks. They we're stackable and went up fast.

Mr. Lunt: Bricks, nature's rocks!

Farmer Carrot: Rocks aren't nature's rocks.

Mr. Lunt: Bricks, nature's stackable interlockable...rectangular baked...clay rocks

(Mr. Lunt smiles about that)

The farmer carrot: That's catchy.

(We cut the sign that says "Coming Soon! Woodhaven" as Bob builds the bird house for the bird.)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Bob filled with sticks, wood to be exact, more importantly though. He thought long and hard about the place to build and having laid a strong foundation.

(Benny the Dog was charging the birdhouse. As he did that, he didn't knock it down, because it is strong.)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) He knew it was the kind of work that lasted.

(Benny snaps out of it.)

Bob: Strong.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) The town was proud of its homes its builders. In fact, the first ever builder of the Year Award had just been announced the deadline to win. It was approaching but poetry very important new citizens.

(We see a car pulling up. The three pigs got out of the car and see the map on where they want to move.)

Larry: Thinking of moving here?

(The pigs nod)

Larry: Good choice! May I suggest building a lovely strawhouse?

Cow: Moo!

Female Pig: No. No, no, no. Moi requires sleek.

Larry: Come on, it's cheap. It's smells like the farm and it's 20% more energy efficient.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Larry likes to make up statistics.

Larry: That's only 50% true.

Male Pig 1: I dig efficiency. Watching my carbon hoof print.

Female Pig: (sighs) Eco schmeco. It's gonna smell like dust.

(Mr. Lunt comes with the tractor full of stacked bricks in front of Larry)

Mr. Lunt: What about bricks? Bricks are as...uh...bricks!

Male Pig 2: Oh, (stammers) Catchy.

Mr. Lunt: Hear that? They love me!

(Bob enters the scene)

Bob: Well, sticks are strong, too! And when you lay a good foundation, they make a great house!

Mr. Lunt: Aw, don't listen to him! Sticks are terrible for building! I tried them once and they fell over!

Bob: Uh-huh. Remember where you build that house?

Mr. Lunt: On the beach!

Bob: On the sand. You need more than sand under your house. I learned that from one of the greatest builders ever, Old Man Zucchini!

(We cut to the flashback as Bob walks up to Old Man Zucchini.)

Old Man Zucchini: Sticks, bricks, toothpicks, forget about it! None of that matters if you don't got a strong foundation. It's all about the foundation. Listen up, strong in the ground, you stick around. This isn't about houses, this is about life. God is our Firm Foundation! If we build our lives on His Word, we'll stand strong when troubles come! It's a metaphor.

Bob: Uh, I believe that's actually a simile.

Old Man Zucchini: What are you, some kind of professor?

(The flashback ends)

Bob: Old Man Zucchini should know he was a leading authority on the "Master Builders Handbook"!

Mr, Lunt: Oh, you mean my booster seat!

Larry: Booster seat books intimidate me.

Bob: Trust me. The Weatherman says a big storm is coming.

(We cut to the Weatherman (played by Grandpa George) in the Weather Channel)

Weatherman: It's big! Seriously! I'm talking raa-ain! Whoo!

Larry: Everybody knows that 20% of all Weatherman are 30% wrong, 40% of the time.

(Bob becomes confused)

Bob: I don't even know what that means.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) No one did.

(Bob stares at a camera)

Bob: All I know is the stronger the foundation, the better!

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Ultimately, they each chose a different Builder.

(The Female picks up a "Wood is Good" poster. The 1st Male Pig picks up a "Straw is Awesome" poster. Then the second Male Pig picks up a "Pick the Brick" poster)

Female Pig: Moi like the Tomato.

Male Pig 1: It says certified straw organic.

Male Pig 2: (Stammers) The bricks are great! I mean they're great.

Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt: Wise choice!

(Larry, Bob, and Mr. Lunt stare at each other. We cut to Larry reading the instructions on how to build a house with straws.)

Larry: "Step 1: The key to solid construction is a solid foundation. (looking bored) A six foot holes every three feet pouring concrete set with rebar ba-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da." Wow, that's a lot of words. (closes the book) I've set it before and I'll say it again! Hay is for houses! (picks up the first stack of hay.)

(We cut to Mr. Lunt feeling bored about instructions.)

Mr. Lunt: Foundation Schmoundation! That's just a racket starting by the cement companies. (sits on the book) My brick house will be stacked by lunch time. And my lunch time will be done by dinner time. And then, I'll need a snack.

(We cut to Bob following the instructions on building the house with sticks.)

Bob: Firm Foundation. Check. Yep! Looks like I got everything I need to build this place on solid stuff! (gasps) Everything but a song.

(Solid Stuff starts playing.)

Bob: It's okay if the going gets rough

Winds and rains may huff and puff

Sinking sand is not enough

Just build it on solid stuff

Mr. Lunt: Take these bricks, lay them straight

I work fast, I don't have to wait

Built on mud, it looks just great

With nothin' on solid stuff

Who needs solid stuff?

It's a lot of work, and I'm not too buff

This soft land will be enough

Besides, my house is plenty tough

Why build it on solid stuff?

Larry: Pack that straw, stack it high

My little piggy will be warm and dry

It's so awesome, I want to cry

With nothin' on solid stuff

Who needs solid stuff?

All that talking is a lot of guff

Old Zucchini, I call your bluff

Your words are nothing but silly fluff

Why build it on solid stuff?

Why build it on solid stuff?

Bob: We need solid stuff

Mark my words, it's gonna get rough

When the storm clouds huff and puff

You're gonna need solid stuff

(simultaneously) Oh, build it on solid stuff

Larry and Mr. Lunt: (simultaneously) Why build it on solid stuff?

Mr. Lunt: Hey, slow-pokey. It's quitting time.

Bob: Not for me.

Mr. Lunt: Ha! That's because you spend so much time on stuff under the ground that nobody's even gonna see. I've already got the walls up and added a porch swing.

Larry: I even put in a fireplace.

Bob: Whoa, back up.

(Larry does so)

Mr. Lunt: Hey, look out!

(Larry bumps into the hay house causing the pieces of the chimney to fall on him)

Bob: A strong fireplace? Really?

Larry: What? Why not? (straightens his hat)

(Bob laughs nervously)

Mr. Lunt: See you at the ceremony when I get that "Builder of the Year" Award!

Bob: This isn't about winning an award.

Mr. Lunt: That's what the person who loses usually says.

(We cut to the pigs sitting on the table)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) When the house is almost done, the pigs seemed happy. This little piggy had a latte.

Male Pig 1: Oh, yeah. That hits the spot.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) This little piggy sent the text.

Male Pig 2: (stammers) LOL. (snorts)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) And this little piggy bought a Groupon for a Laser Hair Removed.

Female Pig: This will save moi so much time!

(We cut to the sky as it is about rain and storm.)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) But the houses in Cabbageville have never been tested the way they would be today.

(The storm struck, scaring the pigs)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Oh, the storm was coming! Rains can turn a mountain stream into a raging river, and that raging river can send a whole lot of water down a mountain at once.

(We pan down to the sign that says "Wolf River", and we cut back to the pigs)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Yes. Wolf River was flooding into the Huffi 'n Puff Dam and fast. (The pigs stare at the camera in confusion) Wolf? Huff and Puff? Huh? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

(The pigs are getting back to what they were doing.)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Guess not.

(We cut to Bob finishing the mailbox as Larry and Mr. Lunt show up)

Mr. Lunt: Took you long enough.

Bob: I just want to make it's as strong as it can be.

(Miss Minchin shows up.)

Miss Minchin: Well, it's certainly looks good to me. This house is simply gorgeous! Are you must Bob...the Builder?

Larry: (chuckles) That'll never stick!

Mr. Lunt: Pfft!!!

Miss Minchin: Is it for sale?

Bob: Oh, no, this house is spoken for.

Miss Minchin: (gasps) Then I want one just like it! I want to live an award winning house!

Larry: What do you mean by that?

(Miss Minchin shows a picture of Bob in the title saying "Who Will Be Builders of the Year?")

Larry: Uh-oh.

Mr. Lunt: "Who Will Be Builder of the Year?"

Larry: Looks like Bob's got the edge.

Miss Minchin: The judges are already on the lookout, and they like what they see!

Bob: Oh, you're too kind. Now I'm blushing.

Miss Minchin: (confused) You are?

Mr. Lunt: There is no way scrawny sticks are gonna win over beefy bricks!

Larry: Bob's house isn't even finished, yet. You should see mine!

Mr. Lunt: I got a lot of cool stuff in me and Lincoln's house too!

Bob: But you still don't have any kind of foundat-

Larry: Mine has a Game Room!

Mr. Lunt: A swing set!

Larry: A bird bath!

Mr. Lunt: The ping pong Table!

Larry: I'm thinking of putting in a hot tub!

Miss Minchin: Really? I've always wanted a hot tub.

Bob: The hot tub isn't nearly as important as the founda-

Mr. Lunt: Hot tub? I'll have a Hot Tub in there by dinner time!

Larry: I'll have our names by lunch!

Mr. Lunt: Oh, yeah?!

Larry: Yeah!

Mr. Lunt: We'll see!

Larry: We will see, won't we?!

(Mr. Lunt and Larry walk off)

Miss Minchin: Very well, boys. I'll take the tour tomorrow!

Bob: (sadly) It's not about hot tubs and awards! It's about what's underneath it all.

Bob: It's not about hot tubs and awards! It's about what's underneath it all.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) But no matter how hard they try to tell them, it seemed that Bob was only talking to himself.

Bob: I could talk to you.

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) But I'm the narrator, and that'll be awkward.

Mr. Lunt: Hee-hee-hee-hee!

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Oh, if only Larry and Mr. Lunt had listened. If only they understood what mattered most.

(We cut to the Dam starting to crack. Then we cut to Mr. Lunt entering Lumber as we see inside, Mr. Lunt was about to take the Hot Tub, until Larry stops him.)

Larry: Is that the Luxury Tub Deluxe Model?

Mr. Lunt: Last one they have.

Larry: Then, it's the one they were holding for me.

Mr. Lunt: First come, first serve. That's the Golden Rule.

Larry: That is not the Golden Rule. It's he who calls ahead gets the hot tub. I'm paraphrasing, of course.

Mr. Lunt: Too bad.

(Larry ends up taking the Hot Tub with his Forklifter, much to Mr. Lunt shock.)

Mr. Lunt: Hey! You don't mess with another man's Hot Tub!

(Mr. Lunt chases Larry after the Hot Tub. Larry goes on the other lane. Mr. Lunt stops and backs up. Larry and Mr. Lunt go on the other sides of boxes. Larry saw Mr. Lunt on the first box, saw him, on the second one. Then, he took the Hot Tub, much to Larry's shock.)

Larry: Hey!

Mr. Lunt: Finders keepers!

Larry: You found it on my Forklifter!

Mr. Lunt: Don't confuse me with your red tape of your rules, fancy pants! (gasps)

(Larry is about Forklift the Hot Tub, until Mr. Lunt goes to the right, but accidentally through the wall. Causing the Hot Tub to bounce to the street.)

Larry: Stop that Hot Tub!!!

(The carrot Farmer is carrying the bags of Flour on the Carriage, and he saw the Hot Tub, thinking it could him, but misses. Then, the builders ran over flour and got covered in it. Then the painter is about to walk home, but the Hot Tub went first. Then Larry and Mr. Lunt got covered in paint. Then the carrot kid was standing by the sign that says, "Pillows for Sales", then the Hot Tub came by, and Larry and Mr. Lunt are now clowns. But the Hot Tub is about to hit Junior)

Junior: (gasps)

Larry: Uh...

Mr. Lunt: ...oh.

(The Hot Tub hits Junior's wagon, causing it to bounce on the clocktower and goes down to the ground rolling. When the Hot Tub was touching the Dam, it's starting to crack and flood.)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) Uh, if you all don't mind, I'm gonna go narrate on Higher Ground! Later!

(We cut to Miss Minchin walking with the umbrella, while it's raining.)

Miss Minchin: Hmm. Looks like rain. Well, little water won't slow me down.

(The people for their lives, Miss Minchin saw the waves, and ran for her life. As the people ran, Miss Minchin was standing on the umbrella floating. Then, Male Pig 1 notices the flood coming.)

Male Pig 1: Oh no!

(As Male Pig 1's strawhouse is flooding, Male Pig 1 panics and knocks on Male Pig 2's door.)

Male Pig 1: Piggy dude, Piggy dude!! Let me in!!

Male Pig 2: (stammers) Uh, I'm getting out, because I can't swim!!

(Male Pig 2's brick house is flooding also. Then, the two pigs are knocking on the Female Pig's door.)

Male Pigs: Piggy Girl! Piggy Girl! Let us in!

Female Pig: Entre vous!

(The three pigs successfully got safe, because the sticks are strong, thanks to Bob's work. The people of Cabbageville are standing on the Straw Mills sign. We cut to the Weatherman on TV)

Weatherman: In weather today, I told you so!

(We pan to Larry and Mr. Lunt standing on the Hot Tub.)

Mr. Lunt: Looks like the whole town is sinking sand now.

Larry: I should have seen this coming! They say that 85% of all floods are started by water.

(Mr. Lunt stares at a camera)

Larry: Guess we're just gonna float away.

Mr. Lunt: No, wait! We can jump under that bridge in Straw Mills!

Larry: Nope. That was one of mine.

(As the hay bridge broke off, Larry gets an idea.)

Larry: I know. We'll grab onto that Brick Gazebo in Brick Landing Park.

Mr. Lunt: No...There it goes...

(Larry notices the pigs)

Larry: (gasps) There!

(We cut to the pigs sitting on the chairs.)

Larry: Hey, piggies! Come on! Let us in!

Two Male Pigs: Not by the hair on our chinny chin chins!

Female Pig: Uh, moi's chin however is hairless. Thanks to lasers.

(Bob uses his Woodlifter to lift Larry and Mr. Lunt)

Larry and Mr. Lunt: Whoa!!!

Bob: Nice hot tub!

Mr. Lunt: Eh, it's not so hot. It could use a paddle.

Bob: Come on, let's get to higher ground. Then we can get to work repairing the dam.

Larry: Thanks, Bob!

Mr. Lunt: Maybe we can build it on some of that solid stuff you keep talking about.

(We fade to later as the dam is repaired, The Builder of the Year ceremony has started. Also, Old Man Zucchini is also here.)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) After the town dried up, Bob was awarded the prize for Builder of the Year.

Bob: Thank you, everyone. I'm honored. I'm just glad everyone is all right.

(Everyone cheers, as Old Man Zucchini comes up with a trophy)

Bob: (gasps) Old Man Zucchini?!

Old Man Zucchini: You better believe it! You've done good, kids! You followed the words in the book! (to Larry and Mr. Lunt) Instead of sitting on it.

(Larry and Mr. Lunt are feeling guilty)

Bob: Strong in the ground, you stick around!

Old Man Zucchini: That's one of my favorite similes.

Bob: It's actually just a catchphrase.

Old Man Zucchini: I beg your pardon, College boys? (to Larry and Mr. Lunt) Hey, Einsteins! You learned your lesson? Foundations? Houses? God's Word? Huh? You get that?

(Larry and Mr. Lunt nod)

Old Man Zucchini: (narrating) But the other two pigs decided they wanted house with strong foundations too.

Bob: Hey, it looks like I'm gonna be busy. You four wanna come work for me?

Mr. Lunt: You bet! But I guess I'm gonna have to say goodbye to my bricks.

Bob: Actually, no. The Bricks are great! You just need to give them a firm foundation.

Larry: Oh, good! I can keep my straw then?

Bob: Uh, no. Probably better ditch the straw.

Larry: Okay.

Bob: Let's get to it, boys! We're building on...

Larry, Bob, and Mr. Lunt: A Firm Foundation!

(We fade to the sign that says "Rock Solid Builders" as Cabbageville (Reprise) starts)

Chorus (with Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt): Whenever trouble comes to Cabbageville, We'll stay warm and dry

When the winds get rough, when they huff and puff and the rains falls from the Sky.

When trouble comes to Cabbageville, we'll keep the master's plan

The best occasion is on a firm foundation all else is sinking sand.

On a sunny or rainy day in Cabbageville.


(We fade to the blueprints with white background)

Old Man Zucchini: (O.S.) Hey, that's a pretty good parable wasn't it?

Bob: (O.S) Actually, that was uh...Oh, you're right. That was a parable.

(We cut to black, ending the story)

Happy Tooth Day[]

Announcer: And now it's time for silly songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

Larry: I remember the day, you came my way.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: La la la.

Larry: I was so young,

my chewing days had not begun.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: La la la.

Larry: Then I saw you protrude. Oh there you are.

I put away my baby food.

When you peeked out at me,

I knew it was meant to be.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: It was meant to be.

Jerry, Jimmy, Larry and Mr. Lunt: My only tooth.

My lonely tooth.

Larry: My all-by-itself-in-the-middle-of-my-mouth tooth.

Happy tooth day to you.

Jimmy, Jerry, Larry and Mr. Lunt: Happy tooth day to you. (Happy happy happy.)

Happy tooth day to you. (Happy Happy Happy.)

Happy tooth day, Happy tooth day, Happy tooth day to you.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: Happy so happy (x3) Yeah.

Larry: You grew up so fast

and as time passed.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: La la la.

Larry: I thought there'd be more.

Two, three, or maybe four.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: La la la.

Larry: But there you still stood so white.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: La la la.

Larry: No buddies to your left or right.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: La la la.

Larry: And then I knew was done you'd be my only one.

Jimmy, Jerry, Larry and Mr. Lunt: My only tooth. My lonely tooth.

Larry: My all-by-myself-in-the-middle-of-my-mouth tooth.

Happy tooth day to you. I got you a present. Since you been there are by yourself, I got some buddies, some tooth buddies.

(muffled) Happy tooth day to you.

Jimmy: Happy Happy Happy

Larry: Happy tooth day to you

Jimmy: Happy happy happy

Larry: Happy tooth day, happy tooth day, happy tooth day to you.

Jerry and Mr. Lunt: Happy so happy (x4)

Larry: What's that? A little crowded. Well, just give them a chance. (Tries to blow on a noisemaker)

Everyone: Think all the smiles and nibblings

you can share with your dental siblings.

No more chewing all alone! No more grinning all alone!

Bob: Hey Larry, can I borrow some... (screams)

Everyone: Imagine when I brush or floss you.

Imagine how much more I can chew.

No more dining all alone.

no more shining all alone!

Larry: Plah! Oops. (sniffles)

My only tooth.

My lonely tooth.

My all-by-myself-in-the middle of my mouth tooth.

Jean-Claude: Zat's okay, Larry. We all got you tooth buddies.

Everyone: Happy tooth day, Happy tooth day, Happy tooth day to you.

Jimmy, Jerry and Mr. Lunt: Happy so happy (x3) (overlaps announcer)

Announcer: Tune in next time to hear Bob say...

Bob: Happy Tooth Day, Larry.

Everyone: Thanks.

(Bob screams)

Philippe: (giggles)

(Fades to black)

The Good Egg of Gooseville[]

(Fade out to a book that says "Mother Goose." As Archibald narrates we pan to Gooseville, the home of many nursery rhyme characters.)

Archibald: (V.O) Once upon a time you probably heard. Various rhymes from an old mother bird. If you remember these tales and enjoy listening still, then you might pay a visit to the town of Gooseville. From days spent in diapers from one you may yet recall, a brief tale of an egg who fell off a wall

(As archibald narrates we now pan to the house of Mayor Humpty Dumpty, played by Bob. He is seen asleep on his bed)

Archibald: (V.O.) If you assumed its complete then it's probably time to hear an unabdriged Humpty Dumpty's full rhyme. As the mayor of Goosevile, Humpty's main chore was helping his neighbors. But lately old Dumpty preferred just to snore.

(an alarm goes off waking up Mayor Humpty and he falls out of his bed)

Mayor Humpty: Ow.

Archibald: (V.O.) From loving his neighbors Humpty's heart had recoiled and lately seemed a little hard boiled. From the stress of his job, his shell now shown crackage. How he longed to escape on a vacation package

(Mayor Humpty takes a poster, saying "Great Wall Vacation")

Mayor Humpty: Maybe one day (he imagines him being on vacation)

Archibald: (V.O.) Pondering the Mayor with longing just as his doorbell started ding-doing.

(Mayor Humpty goes to answer the door. Outside we a bear. Baby Bear, played by Junior Asparagus, to be exact. He hears all the locks being undone and then Mayor Humpty opens the door)

Mayor Humpty: Oh, uh, hello, Baby Bear.

(Good Morning Mr. Mayor starts)

Baby Bear: (singing) Good morning, Mr Mayor,

can't wait to grant a favor,

to anyone who needs our help!

Humpty Dumpty: Aghh, (singing) Pardon, little neighbor

you'll have to come back later,

I'm trying to repair my shell

(Mayor Humpty attempts to close the door but Baby Bear stops it. As Baby Bear is singing, Mayor Humpty heads out of his home)

Baby Bear: (singing) But, I wanna lend a hand out

to any needs who stands out!

I could be a neighbor saver.

Humpty Dumpty: (laughing) You're a great debator

(singing) But this mayor is opting out.

Baby Bear: Opting out?

Archibald: (V.O.) He heard Baby bear say

Humpty Dumpty: I don't have time to help my neighbors today.

Baby Bear: But, I've made a list and checked it twice of all our neighbors...

Humpty Dumpty: (cynical) Who've been naughty or nice?

Baby Bear: No.. All of our neighbors who need help or advice.

(A long list rolls out throughout the town)

Humpty Dumpty: (overwhelmed) Egghhh...(singing) What a long list of favors!

More favors than there's neighbors!

I don't have time to help them out!

Baby Bear: (singing) Don't be silly, Mr. Mayor.

You're the greatest neighbor.

It's what being Mayor's all about!

(Humpty sighs)

Both: (in unison, singing) I guess we'd best get started

Humpty Dumpty: (singing) Before my shell gets parted

Baby Bear: (singing) Time to a friendly neighbor

Humpty Dumpty: (laughing, (singing) Or a more exhausted Mayor

Baby Bear: (singing) Our friends could use some helping out

Humpty Dumpty: No chance you'd come back later?

Baby Bear: (singing) You're so silly, Mr. Mayor!

Our neighbors need some helping out!

(song ends)

Baby Bear: Why don't we start with Little Bo Peep?

Humpty Dumpty: Sheep? This isn't the first time that I've heard this rhyme.

Baby Bear: I don't know anyone cooler than you. One day, I'd like to be mayor too!

Archibald: (V.O.) It's true, Bo Peep's deside her. And today, they seem specially hyper.

(The sheep ran over Humpty Dumpty)

Humpty Dumpty: Ahh! Watch where you're going! You could've broken my shells!

Archibald: (V.O.) Said the delicate Mayor, with a frustrated yell.

(Little Bo Peep enters the scene)

Baby Bear: Little Bo Peep!

Little Bo Peep: Help me, please! I've lost my sheep! They all seem to be playing Hide and Go Seek!

Humpty Dumpty: You need to remember to close the sheep's pin! If you do, then I'm sure it won't happen!

(Humpty Dumpty got on one of Little Bo Peep's sheep.)

Baby Bear: What do you think he was gonna say?

Little Bo Peep: Probably again.

Baby Bear: How could you tell?

Little Bo Peep: Because it rhymes.

(Humpty Dumpty rides the sheep back and forth and the sheep slips into one of the burritos, causing Humpty Dumpty to fall on the Bear's house. We cut to Mama Bear (played by Ellen) straightening her bow. Humpty Dumpty falls on the couch, much to Mama Bear's surprise.)

Archibald: (V.O.) On the back of the sheep of Little Bo Peep, Humpty road briskly all over the streets. But when the sheep stumbled on a stack of burritos, flew through the air like a startled torpedo! As Mama Bear placed a lovely bow on her hair, Humpty landed him first in her living room chair.

Mama Bear: Mayor Dumpty! Thank goodness! What a pleasant surprise! I did not expect you till quarter past five!

Archibald: (V.O.) As Mayor Dumpty ruled so pointed upward, Mama Bear told him...

Mama Bear: I am indubitably flustered! We have neighborhood problems we'd like to address!

(Papa Bear (played by Mr. Lunt) appears in the scene.)

Papa Bear: Just look at that mess!

(We cut to the boot, also known as Goldilocks' house, as one of the peas jumped on the window. Then, we pan down to see more peas on the table. And then, there's a pea on the side of the sea-saw. Then the door opens, and it reveals Goldilocks (played by Laura Carrot). Goldilocks has a blue ball on her lack of hands. Then we see Old Mother Hubbard (played by Grandma Gourd) trying to catch one of the peas. Then the windowsill falls off, much to Goldilock's surprise. Then, Goldilocks went back inside.)

Archibald: (V.O.) It was sad but true. That living inside that kooky old shoe was Old Mother Hubbard who had so many children! She didn't know what to do.

Mama Bear: It's simply a terrible sight, don't you think?

Papa Bear: Our property values are probably gone down to sink!

Mama Bear: Neighbors who lack such obvious manners!

(Humpty Dumpty was chased by a lawn sprinkler. Then, he notices one of Little Bo Peep's sheep running by.)

Mama Bear: Crazy bananas!

Humpty Dumpty: I'm coming for you, you crazy furball!

(Then water splashes on Humpty Dumpty as he goes after that sheep)

Mama Bear: But wait! We're not done complaining at all!

(Humpty Dumpty gets an idea. He goes behind the bushes and then sneakily runs into Jumping Jack (played by Larry the Cucumber), who is jumping on a pogo stck.)

Jumping Jack (Larry the Cucumber): Hi, neighbor! Wanna go jogging or lift up some weights? Today is a very important day.

(The sheep pops up behind Jumping Jack. While Humpty Dumpty is trying to go after it, Jumping Jack got into his way by jumping his pogo stick.)

Jumping Jack: I've gotta be nimble. I've gotta be quick.

Humpty Dumpty: Would you...

Jumping Jack: Cause I'm about to jump over a candle stick.

Humpty Dumpty: Right. You know, I'll catch you later!

(Humpty Dumpty runs off as Jumping Jack keeps pogoing. As Humpty Dumpty chase the sheep he goes around the well, but accidentally bumps into Jack (played by Jean Claude) and Jill)

Archibald: (V.O.) As Humpty Dumpty ran up the hill and back, he nearly tripped right on to Jill and Jack. They desperately wanted help with their art because according to them...

Jack and Jill: The whole world is falling apart!

Jack (Jean Claude): Me and Jill ran down ze hill, to fetch construction paper. (pulls out a broken red crayon) But we all fell down and broke our crayon!

Jill: And then we lost our stapler! (she and Jack start crying)

Humpty Dumpty: Well, have you tried looking at the uh, the well?

Jack: And why would we look at the well right there?

Humpty Dumpty: Well, um, in case your stapler fell down it. Farewell! (walks off)

Archibald: (V.O.) And the mayor ran away, leaving more neighbors in dismay.

(We cut to the sheep hiding behind the bush, then he walks up to Goldilocks, who is playing with her ball.)

Goldilocks (Laura Carrot): Well, hello, little lost sheep. Would you happen to be looking for something to eat? Well, here's a little treat.

(Goldilocks feeds the sheep some grass)

Archibald: (V.O.) As Goldilocks fed him some straw...

(Humpty Dumpty pops out of nowhere, grabs the sheep with the butterfly net.)

Humpty Dumpty: Gotcha!

(Goldilocks starts screaming, causing Humpty Dumpty's shell to crack again.)

Goldilocks: Sorry about that.

Humpty Dumpty: My, your screams really are something! (walks away with the sheep)

Goldilocks: It's quite a surprise finding the mayor on my street. Maybe you could help me find some porridge to eat.

Humpty Dumpty: Porridge?! Why would you want to eat that gooey goo?! Go and ask your mom for some toast or beef stew!

Goldilocks: The porridge is what I like to do most, more than peanut butter jelly, or beef stew with toast. (stomach growls) Of course, my tummy is pretty rumbly today. I could probably eat a whole porridge buffet!

Humpty Dumpty: How about your neighbors? You should knock on their door! Perhaps they'd have some extra parts to poooouuuurrr!!!!!

(The sheep was pulled by Humpty Dumpty as he lets him go and enters the sheep's pen. Humpty Dumpty was dizzy. Then we fade back to Humpty Dumpty's home as Humpty Dumpty is feeling tired from all the help.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Although, he had helped only Little Bo Peep, Mayor Dumpty returned to his own home to sleep.

(Humpty Dumpty jumps on his bed to sleep. Then, there was a knock on the door. It was Baby Bear once again.)

Baby Bear: Don't worry, Mr. Mayor, it's just me.

(Humpty Dumpty was relieved at first, until...)

Baby Bear: And the rest of the town!

(Everyone was begging to Humpty Dumpty to help them in their time of need)

Baby Bear: They all needed help and you weren't around. So I brought them all here to the foot of your step!

Miss Muffet (Madame Blueberry): Mr. Mayor?

Humpty Dumpty: What is it, Mrs. Muffet?

Miss Muffet: I need your help badly! Zere's a thorn in my tuffet!

Mama Bear: Forget about that! (to Humpty Dumpty) What about my front lawn?!

Jumping Jack: I need your help training for the decathlon!

Jack: The stapler we never found in ze well!

Jill: All we located was this old cowbell! (cries)

(Humpty Dumpty's eye starts twitching in frustration as the people of Gooseville begs Humpty Dumpty for help.)

Archibald: (V.O.) With so many neighbors who needed attention, the poor shell continued to crack from the tension!

(Humpty Dumpty shuts the door.)

Humpty Dumpty: What should I do?!

Archibald: (V.O.) He wondered aloud, while on his front door, the neighbors did pound. And that's when it hit him, like a full ton of smackage.

Humpty Dumpty: (gasps)

(Humpty Dumpty grabs the picture of Great Wall Vacation as he gets an idea.)

Humpty Dumpty: I'm going to go on that vacation package!

(We cut to Humpty Dumpty sneaking out of his house, but little did he know that when tried to escape, he was stuck, thanks to his shell)

Archibald: (V.O.) While Humpty escaped from his marely house, he did so as quiet as a nicking...

Baby Bear: Hi!

(Humpty Dumpty got startled as he pops out of the window)

Archibald: (V.O.) He did so as quiet as a really loud mouse.

(Humpty Dumpty laughs nervously)

Baby Bear: Uh, Mr. Mayor? Do you have just a second for me? My bug net needs fixing. You see? (shows Humpty the broken bug net.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Humpty gathered his thoughts with some consternation.

Humpty Dumpty: Baby Bear, I'm sorry. I-I'm on neighbor vacation. I-I've had enough helping everyone else. I'd like to, right now, help only myself.

Baby Bear: Oh, okay.

Archibald: (V.O.) Baby Bear said, kind of sad. Humpty, in turn, felt a little bit bad, and when I say "little", I mean just a tad.

(Humpty Dumpty walks up to the elevator where we see Bellhop (played by Jimmy Gourd), who is eating a lollipop.)

Humpty Dumpty: Yes, I'm looking for Gooseville's Great Wall Vacation.

Bellhop (Jimmy Gourd): Then look no further than this elevator, sir. For the elevation vacation to which you refer.

(As the Bellhop finishes his lollipop, he opens the elevator door. Humpty Dumpty and the Bellhop enter the elevator.)

Humpty Dumpty: Heh, okay.

(The elevator just stands there.)

Humpty Dumpty: Shouldn't we be moving by now?

Bellhop: Whenever you're ready. (tips his hat)

Archibald: (V.O.) The Bellhop said with the bow. Then, Humpty began to have the realization that Gooseville's Great Wall was a help yourself kind of vacation. Humpty Dumpty scaled the tall wall. Humpty Dumpty had...a few minutes to stall. From all the exaustion, Humpty started to swoon, causing the drop like a big red balloon.

(Humpty Dumpty begins turning the crank as the elevator goes up. But then, Humpty is tired. When he tries to go to sleep, the elevator goes down. Then, Humpty grabs the crank to stop the elevator from falling.)

Bellhop: What a close call! With such a delicate shell, I'm sure afraid to fall.

(Humpty Dumpty begins turning the crank as the elevator goes up again. Then when the elevator stops, the wall is empty. Much to Humpty Dumpty's shock, he pulls out of a picture of Great Wall Vacation, where there's people jumping on a pool, drinking their drinks, and music.)

Humpty Dumpty: Where's all the hammocks, the tea, lemonades, and siesta mariachis playing nap serenades?

Bellhop: I'm sorry, sir, but didn't yousee? Everything here is B.Y.O.M.L.A.T.

Humpty Dumpty: B.Y.O.M.L.A.T.?

Bellhop: Bring your own mariachis, lemonade, and tea.

Humpty Dumpty: What about napping supplies?

Archibald: (V.O.) The sad mayor said.

Bellhop: Yeah, it's also B.Y.O.N.S.A.P

(Humpty Dumpty gets confused.)

Bellhop: Bring your own napping supplies and a bed. I've worked here for years and I can attest that helping your self is what we do best.

(The elevator goes down)

Archibald: (V.O.) But when Humpty considered his neighbors in town, his frown began turning and start upside down. From all of the stress, he was finally free, which made Gooseville's Great Wall the best place to be. And so, Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great...

(Then, the wind goes by and then Humpty Dumpty was trying not to fall, but instead of Archibald saying "fall" he is saying...)

Archibald: (V.O.) Shawl, that his grandmother gave him for such an occasion.

Humpty Dumpty: Who needs all those neighbors with so many needs. I'm doing much better helping just me.

(The chair folds on Humpty Dumpty)

Humpty Dumpty: (annoyed) Oh, perfect.

(We cut to Baby Bear taking thorn off of Miss Muffet's tuffet.)

Archibald: (V.O.) But Baby Bear was still being a kindhearted fellow.

Miss Muffet: Aren't you helpful lad to remove a thorn from my pillow!

(We cut to Goldilocks who was sitting on a chair)

Archibald: (V.O.) And amongst the flamingos, Goldie stood in the chair, hoping tonight her mom would prepare...

Goldilocks: A great bowl of porridge which we all could share!

(We cut back to Humpty Dumpty at the wall as he pours water on the pool.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Meanwhile, Humpty was feeling quite Dumpy! Not comfy enough and clearly not snoring, he was finding this place to be rather boring. And trying to look for a new thing to do, he saw something which promised...

Humpty Dumpty: A spectacular view.

(Humpty Dumpty pulls out a quarter as he inserts it into the binoculars, turning them on, as he zooms in on a Gooseville. Jumping Jack is jumping on a pogo stick, but accidentally stands on the candlestick, causing him to scream, and jump up and down, and run around in pain. Little Bo Peep is in a lot of trouble, finding her sheep)

Humpty Dumpty: Nothing spectacular that I can see. Just a town still in need of assistance from me.

(Humpty Dumpty zooms in on a Goldilocks as her mom approaches her with the plate of two strings of spaghetti.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Then, Humpty saw something which made his heart heavy. Sweet little Goldie and family with just two strings of spaghetti.

Goldilocks: Mama, is there any porridge I can have? Spaghetti gives me the hiccups...(hiccup) (hiccup) ...real bad.

Old Mother Hubbard: I'm sorry, sweet Goldie.

Archibald: (V.O.) Her old mother said.

Old Mother Hubbard: But I've no other food to give you instead.

Goldilocks: (hiccup) (hiccup) (hiccup)

(Goldilocks and Old Mother Hubbard hug)

Humpty Dumpty: Why, that little girl should have more food to eat. What uncaring neighbor she has on her street! If I weren't up here and she weren't down there, I'd give her every last bit of food I could spare.

(Instead, Goldilocks sneakily goes to the Bears' house by jumping over the fence, much to Humpty Dumpty's shock.)

Humpty Dumpty: Huh?! What are you doing?! Don't walk on their grass! Mama Bear will go bonkers if she thinks you've trespassed!

Goldilocks: Hello?

Archibald: (V.O.) No one loved porridge more than Ma and Pa Bear.

Goldilocks: Is anyone here? (enters the house)

(As Goldilocks enters the house, there were three porridges on the table. One is too hot, one is too cold, and one was just right.)

Archibald: (V.O.) So Goldie dropped by, hoping they'd have something to share.

Goldilocks: PORRIDGE!!

Humpty Dumpty: What are you doing?! Don't eat the Bears' food! If they find you, they'll be in quite a bad mood! No, no, no! That one's so hot! It's steaming!

(Goldilocks tries the first porridge, but it's too hot.)

Goldilocks: OUCH!!

Archibald: (V.O.) But Goldie was too distant to hear Humpty screaming.

(Goldilocks tries the second porridge, but it's too cold.)

Humpty Dumpty: That one's so chilly it may give you frostbite.

(Goldilocks goes over the final porridge.)

Humpty Dumpty: Well, that one should probably about right.

(As Goldilocks is unsure if the third porridge is hot or cold. So, she taste it, and it was just right.)

Archibald: (V.O.) But according to Goldie, it was more than just right. That bowl of porridge was just...

Goldilocks: DYNOMITE!!

(Goldilocks throws the spoon as she ate all of the third bowl of porridge.)

Humpty Dumpty: Now, get out of their house, or you'll be in a pickle.

(As Goldilocks finishes the porridge, she exits as the binoculars shut off)

Archibald: (V.O.) And that's when the telescope ran of nickel.

Humpty Dumpty: Oh, I simply can't fix every problem I see. I have plenty to do taking care of just me.

Archibald: (V.O.) And so, Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great...

(Then, the wind goes by and then Humpty Dumpty was trying not to fall, but instead of Archibald saying "fall" he is saying...)

Archibald: (V.O.) Ball of yarn, which he would knit, while ignoring his neighbors and kind of, sort of feeling bad about it, and while Humpty remained in his vacation bubble, sweet Goldilocks fell more deeply in trouble. Immediately after her porridge snacking, she said to herself...

Goldilocks: (tired) I'm ready for napping. (yawns)

(Goldilocks gets on Baby Bear's bed and sleeps. As Mama, Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear went home to eat porridge, Baby Bear notices that his bowl is empty, thanks to Goldilocks)

Archibald: (V.O.) But just then downstairs that family of Bears sat down to eat in their dining room chairs. And when Mama looked down at their table so fair, her heart was a flutter and she felt quite a scare.

Mama Bear: Baby, didn't you used to have porridge in there?

(As Mama Bear is talking, Papa Bear notices the noise upstairs.)

Papa Bear: Shh! I think maybe I heard something upstairs!

(As the bears go upstairs, they notice Goldilocks is sleeping in Baby Bear's bed)

Baby Bear: Look! There's somebody sleeping in my bed!

Archibald: (V.O.) Then a startled Goldie screamed with dread!

(As Baby Bear jumps on his bed, Goldilocks screams, causing the jar of bug collections to crack, and not only that, it's also causing Humpty Dumpty's shell to crack!)

Archibald: (V.O.) Goldilocks's shriek was turned everywhere, even all the way up to the ears of the mayor!

Humpty Dumpty: What in the world is going on here?!

(Humpty Dumpty inserts the binoculars as he sees what's going on. Then, there are flies in Baby Bear's room, causing Mama Bear and Papa Bear to run around in fear. Then, the Baby Bear's spider enters as Miss Muffet is eating her curds and whey, but then, she notices it and she shrieks, causing her to fall off her tuffet, throwing her curds and whey on the hill, and we cut to Jack and Jill still searching for stapler.)

Archibald: (V.O.) What is going on here you might have guessed was the makings of an epic nursery rhyme mess! One of Baby Bear's spiders frightened Miss Muffet, who jumped up and down from her tuffet, spilling her curds and whey on the hill, while Jack and Jill looked for their stapler still.

(Then, the bowl of curds and whey slipped and rolled down the hill. As Jumping Jack is trying to pogo stick under the candlestick, Jack and Jill tripped Jumping Jack, causing him to fall on his face. Then the candlestick was thrown in the air and landed on the bond, just to keep the sheep from hiding.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Both of them slipped and fell on their backs, then slid down the hill and bopped into Jack, and although he was nimble and although he was quick, unfortunately, Jack ran into his stick, which proceeded to shoot a flame in the air and landed atop the very bond where Little Bo Peep keeps the rest of her sheep! Not knowing what was happening, the sheep went insane, charging right toward Humpty like a woolly bullet train!

(The sheep went to go insane as they charge Jumping Jack, Jack, and Jill as they go after Humpty's Wall of Vacation.)

Humpty Dumpty: Sheep?! AHHH!!!

Archibald: (V.O.) The frightened creatures rammed into the brick with a smack!

(The sheep knocks the Wall of Vacation, causing it to crack, and causing Humpty Dumpty to fall and land on the corner of the wall.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Fracturing the wall and causing Humpty to fall and land on his back!

Humpty Dumpty: Ngggggh!

(Humpty Dumpty's shell is starting to crack again. Just then, after the moment of silence, Humpty Dumpty starts to speak)

Humpty Dumpty: HELP!! I've fallen and I can't get up!!

(Then, he notices Mama Bear approaches him with an emergency.)

Mama Bear: Mr. Mayor!! Mr. Mayor!!!

Humpty Dumpty: Oh, good! Mama Bear, could you...

Mama Bear: Mr. Mayor, I have terrible news for you! Gooseville's been ruined and no one knows what to do!

Humpty Dumpty: Well, don't look at me, it was clearly the fault of Little Bo Peep! What made all this mess was her stampeding sheep!

Little Bo Peep: My sheep and I are not chiefly to blame! Jumping Jack's candle set my barn into flame!

Jumping Jack: I'm usually nimble and really quite quick. Jack and Jill are the ones who caused me to trip!

Jack: But none of zhis would have happened today...

Jill: If Miss Muffet hadn't spilled her curds and whey!

Humpty Dumpty: Uhh...

Miss Muffet: (gasps) How could you make such a boorish collection?! It's the fault of this bear and his bug collection!!

Baby Bear: (gasps)

Papa Bear: No, no, no!! The fault belongs to this last there! Her scream was so loud it broke all our glassware!

Mama Bear: This trespassing girl lacks all sorts of manners! What's more I'm afraid, I've gone cuckoo bananas!!

Goldilocks: (sad) I'm sorry.

Archibald: (V.O.) Goldilocks said, looking blue.

Goldilocks: I didn't mean to trouble any of you. When I was hungry for food I came to your door. But I won't make that mistake anymore!

Humpty Dumpty: (gasps)

(Goldilocks walks away crying as Humpty Dumpty realizes what he has done.)

Little Bo Peep: Sooo, like, does this mean you're not gonna help me find all my sheep?

Jack: Your sheep?!

Mama Bear: What about our house and our lawn!?

Jill: Our stapler!

Miss Muffet: My tuffet!!

Jumping Jack: The Spring Marathon!

Archibald: (V.O.) But Humpty was thoughtful as he realized that he was the cause of poor Golidlocks's cries.

(The people of Gooseville starts arguing until...)

Humpty Dumpty: Excuse me? Excuse me?

(The people of Gooseville stops arguing)

Humpty Dumpty: As your mayor, I've made a lot of mistakes. And right now, I have a confession to make. This mess is my fault because I didn't care. If only i'd been more like you, Baby Bear.

(Baby Bear smiles)

Archibald: (V.O.) In the silence, the townsfolk all felt Humpty's pain. Then upon introspection, they all took the blame.

Jumping Jack: I see that at times we have each been uncaring.

Jack: From now on, we commit to be helpful!

Jill: And sharing!

Humpty Dumpty: Well then, if someone could help me get unstuck from this plight, we have now a matter we need to make right.

(As Humpty Dumpty is talking, Baby Bear went to go get a large wood, for Humpty Dumpty so he can go get himself free.)

Humpty Dumpty: Huh? Oh, hey, what are you gonna do with that? (Baby Bear jumps on a large wood) Ow, that's a lot of pressure. Compressing! Compressing!!

(Then, Humpty Dumpty is free as he falls as he's about to fall on his face. Or is he. The townsfolk caught Humpty Dumpty.)

Archibald: (V.O.) Humpty Dumpty shot up like a big cannonball! And Humpty Dumpty had yet another great fall! But this time, his neighbors were there after all. And though Humpty Dumpty's shell was quite cracked, his friend needed help and he needed to act.

(Humpty Dumpty rings the doorbell. Goldilocks answers it, half)

Humpty Dumpty: Ahem. Little Goldie, were sorry for being unkind. Will you forgive us, my dear, for being so blind? I called every neighbor here on your street to help you and your family get more to eat.

(Then, Humpty Dumpty shows Goldilocks the big jar of porridge.)

Goldilocks: IS THAT...PORRIDGE!!?!!

Humpty Dumpty: As your mayor, I'd like to officially say, we'll all be better neighbors starting today. (gets on the ladder and climbs up) So on behalf of all of your friends, let the porridge festivities begin!!

(Then the ladder wobbles, causing Humpty Dumpty to fall into the porridge.)

Archibald: (V.O.) And then it happened again. But this time, Humpty Dumpty recovered, this town is amazed to discover that the porridge filled cracks and bonded so well, it instantly mended Humpty's eggshell. Now, every time Humpty looks at the wall, he remembers is great disastrous fall with no one aware, till along came a bear, who knew what it meant to be a neighbor who cares.

(As Baby Bear hugs Humpty Dumpty, he starts to sing. Lend A Little Hand starts playing)

Baby Bear: When you get stuck in a pickle

A friend'll lend a little hand.

When you're short a dime or nickel

A friend'll lend a little hand.

Jack and Jill: When the hill is way too steep then

Jumping Jack: A friend'll lend a little hand.

Little Bo Peep: When you're tired of chasing sheep then

Little Miss Muffet: A friend will lend a little hand.

Humpty Dumpty: Whether little or a big friend,

Whether tiny or a tall friend.

Humpty Dumpty and Baby Bear: There's no such thing as a small friend.

But no one's an "I can do it all" friend.

Everyone: La la la la,

La la la la,

La la la la, Laaaaa.

Humpty Dumpty: When your patience isn't lasting

Baby Bear: A friend'll lend a little hand.

When your neighbors are trespassing

Everyone: A friend'll lend a little hand.

Baby Bear: Everybody!

Everyone: A friend'll lend a little (5x)

Jumping Jack: My friend Belinda Whittles!

Everyone: A friend'll lend a little hand!

(The song ends as we fade to black, ending the story.)

Closing Countertop[]

(We fade back to Bob, Larry, and Mother Goose on the Countertop)

Larry: Stop! That tickles!

Bob: Great job, Larry! You were right! Those were stories that both Alison and Danny would love!

Larry: Mother, wait! It's-It's time to talk about what we learned today!

Mother Goose: (honk)

Larry: Stop following me!

(The What Have We Learned Song starts playing as Mother Goose honks at Larry)

Vocalists: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today

God has a lot to say in His book.

Larry: Oh, good! The music seems to calm her down!

Vocalists: You see we know that God's word is for everyone

Now that our song is done We'll take a look.

(Larry throws the basket of bread crumbs while Mother Goose runs after it. Larry sighs in relief as Qwerty pops up "Matthew 7:24-27 and Luke 10:27-37")

Larry: "Matthew 7:24-27" and "Luke 10:27-37". Hmm. Qwerty, what are those verses say?

Bob: Well, Larry, those verses are for two different parables of Jesus. The parables of "The Wise and Foolish Builders" and "The Good Samaritan"!

(Mother Goose chases Larry)

Larry: Hey, those parables are like the stories in our Nursery Rhymes. Ooh! Duck!

Bob: That's right. Like the builder parable, our story showed that who hears God's words and puts them into practice is like a man who builds his house on a Firm Foundation.

Larry: Duck! And like the parable of The Good Samaritan, our Humpty Dumpty story showed that we should love our neighbors as ourselves! Not forgetting that everyone is our neighbor! Ooh, duck!

Bob: Exactly.

Larry: Goose! (Mother Goose grabs him) Aah! Start the music! Start the music!

Bob: What music?

Larry: The What We Have Learned song! It calms her down!

Bob: Oh, yeah, well, I'm not crazy about that song.

Larry: I'm being eaten by as goose!

Bob: Well, that's all the time we have for today! Always remember, God made you special...

Larry: And He made me tasty!

Bob: And He loves you very much!

Bob and Larry: Bye!!!

(Mother Goose chases Larry offscreen as we fade to black. Then we roll the credits)

(End of transcript)