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This is the episode transcript for The Little Drummer Boy.



(We fade to Junior's house during Christmas time. Pa Grape is sitting on the couch, reading a book. He is soon interrupted with a startle by Junior Asparagus drumming on the wooden staircase with his drumsticks while scatting.)

Pa Grape: Oy!

(Cuts to Junior drumming on the staircase while listening to his Peapod.)

Junior: Yeah! (starts drumming on the couch) A-rum-pum-pum-pum-pum, pa-pum-pum, pa-pum-pum! Ba-da-da-da-ba-da-bom-bom, yeah!

(Junior's parents enter the scene as they go downstairs into the living room where Junior and Pa Grape are.)

Mike Asparagus: Okay, Pa! We're all set! Headed out to do a little shopping!

Junior: (drumming on the footstool), yeah!

Lisa Asparagus: We thought we'd get Junior a real set of drums for Christmas.

Pa Grape: Look for the kind that don't make noise.

(Mike chuckles.)

Mike: Practice makes perfect!

[Junior starts drumming on a pan.]

Lisa: He loves it! I think he's a natural.

Mike: (calling out to Junior) Hey, pal! Pal!

Junior: (stops drumming and takes out his earbuds) Yeah, Dad?

Mike: We're headed out. You have a nice time caroling with your friends. Grandpa will be here if you need him.

Junior: I can't wait! I've been practicing. I can take this to drum along! (drums on the pan)

Pa Grape: You can take "Silent Night" off the list.

Lisa: We'll see you soon! Listen for the doorbell!

(Junior's parents leave.)

Junior: Grandpa, can you listen for the doorbell? (drums on the lampshade) I'm gonna keep practicing until Laura gets here.

Pa Grape: Sure... (Junior scats) thing.

(After Junior hops away from Pa, the light in the lamp goes out.)

Pa Grape: Oh. Where do they keep the lightbulbs? (sets his book on the footstool) Eh. Probably in the garage.

(Pa leaves to the garage as Junior keeps banging on his pan to Deck the Halls playing on his Peapod. The doorbell rings a couple of times, but Junior doesn't hear it. His friends, Laura Carrot, Percy Pea, and Annie Onion are at the door, waiting for him.)

Laura: What's that noise?

Percy: Maybe they got a cat. A really clangy cat. [a loud crash is heard] Bad kitty!

(Junior keeps banging on his pan as the doorbell rings two more times, but he still doesn't hear it)

Annie: Maybe he went shopping with his parents. I just saw their car drive by.

Laura: That's weird. He said he really wanted to carol with us.

Annie: Maybe he forgot.

Percy: ...Come on, guys. Let's go.

(The three dejected kids leave. As Junior keeps banging on his pan, Pa Grape comes back in the living room with the spare lightbulb. As he takes off the lampshade to replace the lightbulb, Junior stops banging on his pan and takes his Peapod earbuds out of his (lack of) ears to talk to him.)

Junior: Grandpa, did you hear the doorbell ring?

Pa: Ah, nope. Not yet. (replaces the lightbulb) Ah, that's better.

Junior: They should have been here by now.

(Junior opens the door to look for his friends, but he doesn't see them.)

Junior: What?! They totally ditched me!

Pa: Huh? Oh, I'm sure they didn't ditch ya. Maybe they're just startin', and they'll swing by here on their way.

Junior: No, we said we'd all go out together.

Pa: Probably just a little mix-up.

Junior: There's no mix-up! They ditched me! (Angry, Junior slams the door) Why would they do that? Well, if they don't wanna be with me, then I don't wanna be with them!

(Junior sulks on the couch.)

Pa: Well, sometimes, people make mistakes. The best thing you can do is forgive 'em.

Junior: Hmph.

Pa: Hey, I know! Maybe you could stay here with me, and I could read you a Christmas story.

Junior: A book? I don't know if I wanna read right now. I'm in kind of a bad mood.

Pa: Oh, it's about a drummer.

Junior: A drummer?

Pa: Oh, yeah. And he was about your age too.

Junior: Did he do awesome drum solos?

Pa: Hmm. Better.

Junior: Nothing's better than drum solos.

Pa: He had dancing animals.

Junior: (confused) Dancing animals?

Pa: Yeah, but you probably don't want to hear that, do ya?

Junior: I guess you could read a little bit, but don't try to cheer me up.

Pa: Oh, I wouldn't think of it! (opens the book)

The Little Drummer Boy Act I[]

(As the story begins we fade to Aaron's house.)

Pa: A long, long time ago, there lived a boy named Aaron.

(We see Aaron (played by Junior Asparagus) going outside to see how his pet sheep is doing.)

Junior: (O.S) He's a drummer?

Pa: He will be, just like you.

Junior: (O.S) Cool!

(Aaron jumps on the fence.)

Aaron: Dad, how's Baa-Baa?

Benjamin (played by Mike Asparagus): Baa-Baa's going to be just fine.

Baa-Baa: Baa!

Aaron: (gasps) Oh, Baa-Baa! This is the best birthday present ever! You were so sick!

Benjamin: Nothing a little rest and medicine couldn't fix.

Leah (played by Lisa Asparagus): If there's anyone who can help when it comes to animals, it's your father!

Aaron: (hugs his father) Thanks, Dad!

Benjamin: You know, that's not your only present.

Aaron: It's not?

(Leah gave Aaron a birthday present. Aaron opens it and it reveals a drum)

Aaron: A drum? My very own drum?! Thank you so much!

Benjamin: Why don't you try it out?

(Aaron puts the drum on his neck, picks out drumsticks, and starts playing. This causes the animals to start dancing)

Pa: (narrating) And perhaps because it was a gift of love or maybe because Aaron was a natural with the drums, when he played, the animals danced.

(Aaron and the animals danced around)

Junior: (O.S) Wow, he's great!

Pa: (O.S) Yep!

(Aaron and the animals were still dancing until they slip and fall.)

Pa: (narrating) Unfortunately, Aaron's happy world was about to come to an end.

(Samson the Donkey licks Aaron's face causing Aaron to laugh. This makes Aaron's parents laugh also. We cut back to Junior and Pa Grape)

Junior: Wait, hold on! What do you mean? Isn't this a happy Christmas story?

Pa: Every good story has some bumps along the way.

Junior: What kind of bumps?

Pa: Well, Aaron lived during the time of the Roman Empire. And usually, what ever the Roman army wanted, the Roman army got.

(As we cut back to the story, the Roman Army caught Aaron's house and Aaron's farm on fire.)

Pa: (narrating) Unfortunately, Aaron's farm was on land the Roman wanted.

(Aaron's house is completely burned up. Samson notices it and became sad)

Pa: (narrating) Aaron managed to hide with his animals. But his mom and dad were gone!

(As Aaron and his animals got out from hiding, he notices that his parents are gone and so is his house and farm. Aaron starts to cry)

Aaron: (crying) Why do people do such terrible things?

Baa-Baa: (sadly) Baa.

Pa: (narrating) Aaron decided right then, that they didn't want anything to do with anyone anymore.

Aaron: (becomes angry with everyone) We don't need people! We'll be just fine by ourselves. Come on, guys. It's just us now.

(Aaron, now holding a grudge and his animals walk away from home. We cut back to Junior who is feeling concerned)

Pa: I'm getting hungry. We got any of that fruitcake left?

Junior: What? How can you think of food when Aaron is going off by himself?!

Pa: I'm always thinking about food. Besides, I thought you only wanted me to read a little bit.

Junior: Well, sure, but, then they were, you know, story bumps.

Pa: Should I keep reading?

Junior: Please?

Pa: All right.

(We cut back to the story as we pan down to the desert. We see the people walking and traveling)

Pa: (narrating) In those days, Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world, and everyone went their own town to register.

Junior: (O.S) Caesar Augustus?

Pa: (O.S) Oh, yeah. Caesar Augustus was the ruler of the Roman Empire at the time Jesus was born. And though the story of The Little Drummer Boy isn't in the Bible, it's inspired by the story of Jesus's Birth.

(The Egypt Traveler (played by Jerry Gourd) is growing tired of walking. We cut back to Pa Grape)

Pa: In those days, the government of Rome made people travel to the place where they were born so they could be counted and taxed.

Junior: What's taxed?

Pa: It means they had to pay money for the Romans.

Junior: The Romans who ruined Aaron's life?

Pa: The same.

(We cut back to the story)

Pa: These travelers were good people who were just obeying they law and doing what they were supposed to do. But there were others who were not so good.

(We pan to the right as we see Ben Haramed (played by Mr. Nezzer) and Ali (played by Mr. Lunt) standing by.)

Ben Haramed: Just look at that, Ali! Isn't it wonderful?

Ali: Oh, yeah, Ben Haramad! The land is flowing with Milk and Honey!

Ben Haramed: Mmm-hmm! And the only thing tastier than lots and lots of honey is lots and lots of money!

Ali: Ha! Yeah! And the only thing tastier than lots and lots of milk is lots and lots of Chocolate milk!

Ben Haramed: (confused) Uh, what?

Ali: Well, you see, I like chocolate milk better than regular milk.

Ben Haramed: Yeah, but I was making an analogy between honey and money.

Ali: And I was making an analogy between milk and chocolate milk.

Ben Haramed: That's a preference, not an analogy.

Ali: I do on occasion buy milk at a discount. Does that count?

Ben Haramed: No.

Ali: (sighs) Okay.

Ben Haramed: With so many traveling, what better time to cash in on a little rest stop entertainment?

Ali: (with his sticks with fire with his lack of hands) With my impressive juggling!

Ben Haramed: I'll be impressed with three.

Ali: Baby steps. They're on fire.

(Ali's hat caught on fire, causing Ali to scream, run around, and shake it off. And this causes his hat fall off like the fire pieces.)

Ali: See?

Ben Haramed: With the acrobatic styling of Mais and Oui

(We cut to Mais and Oui (played by Jean Claude and Phillipe))

Mais: Mais!

Oui: Oui!

Mais: Mais!

Oui: Oui!

Mais: Mais!

Oui: Oui!

Mais and Oui: Mais oui!

Ali: And the side spitting comedy of Bernie!

(We cut to Bernie (played by Jimmy Gourd))

Bernie: What do you get when you cross a Roman emperor with a head of lettuce? A Caesar salad! (cricket chirp) Are there crickets in the desert? Folks have been a great crowd! Don't forget to tip Ben Haramed!

Ben Haramad: I think we're still missing something. I don't know, maybe music. What's a show without song and dance?

(Ben hears music from the distance and it turns out that Aaron is playing the drums while he and his animals are walking.)

Ben Haramad: Drumming boy and dancing animals. That's exactly what we need!

Ali: Everyone will want to see the show! We'll be rich!

Ben Haramad: Let's get him!

(Ben Haramad gets the jar and throws it in front of Aaron and his animals.)

Aaron: Huh?

(The paper pops up and and turns it into a stage.)

Aaron: What? Who's there?

Ali: Drummer boys and little lambs! Feast your eyes across the sand!

Introducing an oasis of entertainment:

The greatest showman of the side of the Jordan: it's Ben Haramed!

(Ben jumps on the stage making the smoke appear)

Ben: So, you say you're in a mood of diversion

Just a song, a laugh, amusement for your pain?

Well, my caravan it brings

A carnival for kings

Cashing in from all the crowds of Jerusalem

I've got comics, gymnasts, jugglers and yours truly

But there's one important something that I lacked

It's the newest little drummer boy sensation

Yeah, I'll reel them in You'll keep 'em coming back

Kid you're gold

They'll be sold

They'll be slingin' shiny shekels uncontrolled

Ever Claudius and Claudet

With a buck to spare will spend it

An amazing little Drummer Boy

A treasure to behold

Aaron: But, all the people....

Ben: What about 'em?

Aaron: I would rather be just left all alone

The empty lonely desert is my home

Drumming just for hoof-ed mammals

For my donkey, sheep and camel

And remained the Little Drummer Boy, unknown

Ali: Come on, kid. Let Ben Haramed put you and your friends to work.

Aaron: I don't wanna work.

Ali: You've gotta have money to eat, to feed your animals.

Aaron: But I don't want to be around those people. I don't want to be around anyone.

Ben: Of course you don't. You don't have to.

Aaron: Huh?

Ben: We're gonna make a lot of money, Aaron. And once you've got money, you won't have to be around anyone you don't want to be around.

Aaron: I won't have to be around anyone?

Ben: I just said that. Leave it to me, Drummer Boy, and you'll never have to deal with people again.

(Mai and Oui winked at each other, leaving Samson and Jousha confused)

Ben: Yes, I understand you'd rather be alone now

But your preferences must at the moment bend

Once you wow them on the streets

You'll grab your gold and then retreat

To the desert with your little animal friends

Kid, you're gold

Ali: Kid, you're gold

Ben: They'll be sold

Ali: They'll be sold

Both: They'll be slingin' shiny shekels uncontrolled

Every Claudius and Claudet With a buck to spare will spend it

An amazing little Drummer Boy

A treasure to behold

A treasure to behold

Aaron: Alright, we'll go. Come on guys, maybe we can get something to eat.

(Aaron, his animals, Ben Haramad, Ali, Bernie, Mais, and Oui are on their way to Jerusalem. We cut back to Junior and Pa Grape)

Junior: So Ben Hammerhead tricked Aaron into joining his group?

Pa: Haramed. And yes. Ben was a shifty one. He didn't really plan on sharing his riches with Aaron.

Junior: What? That's not fair!

Pa: You know, I'm no expert, but you don't sound very bored to me.

Junior: Oh, well, you know, there's not really anything else to do.

Pa: We could go clean the garage.

Junior: No! I mean, we might as well see what happens next.

Pa: Ahem. So off they went toward Jerusalem.

(As we cut back to the story, Bernie decides to share his comedic talents with Aaron.)

Bernie: What do you call a person who hangs out with a bunch of musicians? (Aaron is silent) A drummer! (laughs)

(Aaron makes a rimshot sound with his drum)

Bernie: Oh, I'm just joking. That's what I do. I'm a comedian. I like to make people laugh.

Aaron: Well, I don't laugh.

Bernie: Oh, come on! Everybody likes to laugh!

Aaron: Not me. I can't forgive what happened to my parents.

Bernie: Ah, there's nothing you can do about the past. Hey, can you just, you know, forgive and forget?

Aaron: I can't forget.

Bernie: Speaking of forgetting, what do you call the guy who forgot to pay his taxes? Bernie! (beat) That's me, Bernie. I forgot to pay my taxes. (Aaron and the animals walk past him.) Uh, do me a favor. Don't tell that joke to the Romans. They don't have senses of humor!

(Ben Haramed and Ali see the town of Jerusalem. We cut to them reaching the town.)

Ben: Here we are! Jerusalem!

Ali: Oh, look at all these people, boss!

Ben: Most of the traveling for the census and ready for some entertainment. Let's set up shop, boys!

(Ben tosses the jar, making a stage again. Ben blows a horn, but he is out of breath)

Ben: Oh, for Pete's sake! Attention, weary travelers, fellow taxpayers, you've come to do a little business, but let me assure you there's no business like show business! (chuckles nervously) From the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire, two peas that have begall to make a Mesopotamia! (While Ben is introducing, Mais and Oui hop on stage) All the way from Gahl, world-class acrobats, Mais and Oui!

Mais: Mais!

Oui: Oui!

Mais: Mais!

Oui: Oui!

Mais: Mais!

Oui: Oui!

Mais and Oui: Mais oui!

Mais: Ze Tower of Peas-a!

(Oui sneezes)

Oui: Ze leaning Tower of Peas-a!

Mais and Oui: Mais oui!

(The crowd is unamused)

Ben: Wonderful! Amazing! Let's show our appreciation for these talented tumblers!

Carrot Man: (offscreen) Those tumblers are lame!

(One audience member throws one coin at Ben)

Ben: That's it?

(Ali comes to the stage with the two flaming torches)

Ali: Hey, boss! I'm ready!

Ben: I give you juggling Ali in his three flaming torches!

Ali: I can only do two!

(Ali begins juggling the torches, but the crowd is still unamused)

Carrot Man: Big deal!

Carrot Woman: I can do two!

Crowd: Boo!

(Ben grabs one of the flaming torches)

Ali: No, wait!

(Too late. Ben throws the flaming torch at Ali)

Ali: Ahhh!

(The crowd looks on surprised and amused)

Ali: Baby steps!

(As Ali takes two steps away from the stage, his hat burns into ashes like it did earlier.)

Ben: Somebody? Anybody? At least a couple bucks for some ointment?

(One of the crowd throws the coin into the jar, but the other throws the coin at Ben.)

Crowd: Boo!

Ben: We gotta pick this up. (nervous chuckle) Um, I can see you're a very sophisticated audience! Please welcome the witting musing of Caesarea's own, Bernie Gourdburg!

(The brick background and the microphone appears as Bernie hops on stage)

Bernie: Ha ha! I tell you, how do you get a tax collector to smile for the camera? Just say feace! (laughs)

Townspeople #1: I don't get it!

Carrot Man #1: Who would tell a tax joke?!

Bernie: Uh, rough crowd. All right, here's one for you. What's brown has a lump and lives at a North Pole? A lost camel! (laughs)

Carrot Woman: What's a North Pole?

Bernie: Okay. What's brown and sticky?

Carrot Woman: A camel!

Bernie: No! A stick! (pulls out a twig) You know, you guys are a really forgiving audience. The last time I told that joke, they threw a slushie at me.

Carrot Woman: That ain't the bad idea!

(Carrot Woman throws the slushie at Bernie a la Josh and the Big Wall!, but he dodges)

Bernie: Oh, dear! Help me, Ben Haramed! You're my only hope!

Ben: (nervously) Okay, thank you, Bernie! Isn't he funny, folks? Nothing like a little bubblegum humor (laughs nervously)

(One of the townspeople leaves)

Ben: All right, boy. You're up next. You gotta wow them! Are you ready?

Aaron: (still upset about his parents) I guess so.

Ben: How are you gonna make them happy if you don't look happy? Son, you gotta smile. (smiles real big)

Aaron: I don't smile.

Ben: What do you mean you don't smile?! Everybody smiles! I'm smiling right now (smiles really big)

Aaron: Well, I don't. Not for people anyway. I only smile for my friends.

(Can't Smile Without Ewe starts playing)

Aaron: People took all that I had.

When they nabbed my mom and dad,

I'll spend the rest of my days just feelin' sad

with the only friends I'll ever have.

(music switches to upbeat tempo)

Aaron: I can't smile without ewe

without my donkey or camel too.

Man, my grinnin' days.

Yeah, they all through.

Oh, I can't smile without ewe.

Now Baa Baa's loyalty don't bend

and Samson's with me to the end

on Joshua I can depend.

If you ain't got fur, you ain't my friend.

Oh, we'd rather be left all alone.

The empty desert is our home.

My four legged friends and I to roam.

I can't smile without ewe

without my donkey or camel too.

Man, my grinnin' days.

Yeah, they all through.

Oh, I can't smile without ewe.

My four legged friends and I to roam.

(Bernie interrupts)

Bernie (Jimmy Gourd): Now let me hear that big trombone!

(trombone solo)

Aaron: If you're expecting me to smile,

you'll be standing here awhile.

I'm tellin' you that ain't my style.

Cuz I can't smile without ewe.

I can't smile without ewe

without my donkey or camel too.

Man, my grinnin' days.

Yeah, they all through.

Oh, I can't smile without ewe (3x; the third time is quieter)

Oh, Yeah!

(The crowd goes wild)

Ben: Oh, they like it! They really like it!

(The crowd throws coins in the jar.)

Ben: Quick! Give 'em more!

Ali: And they'll give us more!

Bernie: That's my best friend!

(Aaron smiles at first, but when he thinks of all he lost, he gets angry again.)

Pa Grape: (narrating) But as Aaron looks at the faces of the cheering crowd he couldn't help but wonder how they could be so happy while he was still sad and angry. He wanted nothing to do with them or their money.

(As the coins are still thrown in the jar, Aaron snatches it away from Ben)

Aaron: I don't want your money! I don't need anything from anybody! Why can't everyone just leave me alone!?

(Aaron angrily throws the coins back at the people)

Townspeople #1: Hey, that kid just hit me!

Carrot Man: Let's get him outta here!

(As the people of Jerusalem chases the group out of the town, they throw slushies at them.)

Ben: Oh, that's not good! Run for it!

(Ben and his crew ran out of town as we fade to black.)

The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas[]

Announcer: And now it's time for a VeggieTales Christmas Party. The part of the show where we join our veggie friends at their annual Christmas party.

(title card flips over to Qwerty)

Well into an evening of caroling and fun, the caterer has yet to arrive and the guests are quite hungry!

Jimmy: Man, I'm starving.

Jerry: I'm so hungry, I could eat a reindeer.

Jimmy: Oh, yeah? I could eat twelve reindeer, and a sled.

Jerry: Oh, yeah? I could eat twelve sleds...

Pa Grape: Hey Bob, have any Ritz Bits?

Bob: I'm sorry Pa, not yet. The food's not here yet.

Larry: Hey look everybody! It's Oscar the Polish Caterer with the food!

(Gourds cheering)

Oscar: Hello everyone! I hope you're hungry!

Bob: Oh, thank goodness you're here, Oscar! What took you so long?

Oscar: The Kowalski wedding, those people eat like you wouldn't believe.

Jimmy and Jerry: We believe!

Bob: Well, what'ya bring us?

Oscar: What'd I bring you? What'd I bring you?! I tell you what I bring you!!

The first Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

A boiled potato topped with dill weed.

The second Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Two steamed perogies.

Jimmy: Ahh, what's a perogi?

Oscar: It's dough. Wrapped around meat.

Jimmy: Oh!

All: And a boiled potato topped with dill weed.

Oscar: The third Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Three simmered gołąbkis.

Larry: What's a gołąbki?

Oscar: It's cabbage. Wrapped around meat.

Larry: Oh.

Jimmy: Two steamed pierogies,

All: And a boiled potato topped with dill weed.

Oscar: The fourth Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Four baked paprikas.

Archibald: Now, what is a paprika?

Oscar: It's a bell pepper, stuffed with meat.

Archibald: I see.

Larry: Three simmered gołąbkis,

Jimmy: Two steamed perogies,

All: And a boiled potato topped with dill weed.

(Jimmy hiccups)

Oscar: The fifth Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Five smoked kielbasas.

Pa Grape: What's a kielbasa?

Oscar: It's pretty much just meat.

Pa Grape: Oh.

Archibald: Four baked paprikas,

Larry: Three simmered gołąbkis,

Jimmy: Two steamed perogies,

All: And a boiled potato topped with dill weed.

Oscar: The sixth Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Six fried chruścikis.

Bob: Let me guess, something in the meat family?

Oscar: Actually, it's a delightful pastry with a thin flaky crust.

Others: Ohhhh.

Pa Grape: Five smoked kielbasas,

Archibald: Four baked paprikas,

Larry: Three simmered gołąbkis,

Jimmy: Two steamed perogies,

All: And a boiled potato topped with dill weed.

Bob: Whoa Oscar, I'm gettin' kinda full...

Oscar: The seventh Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Seven pitted prunes.

Junior: I don't like prunes.

Oscar: With this food, you'll need 'em, son.

Archibald: Oh, is that right.

Pa Grape: Uh huh.

Bob: Six fried chruścikis,

Pa Grape: Five smoked kielbasas, Oy!

Archibald: Four baked paprikas,

Larry: Three simmered gołąbkis,

Jimmy: Two steamed perogies,

All: And a boiled potato topped with dill weed.

Pa Grape: I'm gonna bust!

Oscar: The eighth Polish Christmas dish I bring to the party,

Eight poppy seed cakes,

Larry: Poppies! (3x)

(all yawning)

Pa Grape: There's no place like home.

Junior: Seven pitted prunes,

Bob: Six fried chruścikis,

Pa Grape: Five smoked kielbasas. (Laughing)

Archibald: Four baked paprikas,

Larry: Three simmered gołąbkis,

Jimmy: Two steamed perogies...

All: ...and a boiled potato topped with dillweed.

(everybody except Oscar falls down, feeling tired)

Announcer: This has been a VeggieTales Christmas Party. Tune in next time to hear Oscar say...

Oscar: Anybody wanna lick the spoon?

Veggies: Uuuugggg...

The Little Drummer Boy Act II[]

(We fade to the night sky as the camera moves down. We see the group are at the campfire.)

Pa: After escaping Jerusalem, Ben Haramed and his troop fled back into the desert.

(Bernie is playing a tune on his harmonica. Mais and Oui are roasting marshmallows. Ali is going to find something entertaining. Ben is still angry at Aaron for what he did.)

Ben: I hope you realized you and your animal friends could've been on your own again by now. We were making a bundle and you had to go throw it all away! What's wrong with you?!

(As Ben wipes the small drip of slushie of his nose, Aaron gives Ben an "I don't care" look.)

Ben: Well, you're not leaving until you figure out a way to pay me back!

Bernie: (gasps) Did I just hear a discouraging word? Hey, are we sleeping here tonight?

Ali: Ben Haramad, take a look at this!

(Aaron and the group saw something entertaining. It's the palm trees, water, and the magi tent.)

Ben: Holy smokes! We've hit the jackpot!

(We cut to the first magi, Melchior (played by Bob the Tomato), entering the scene)

Ben: (offscreen) (gasps) Look at that! A king!

(We cut to the second magi, Gaspar (played by Archibald Asparagus), entering the scene)

Ali: (offscreen) (gasps) Another king! Two kings!

(We cut to the third and final magi, Belthasar (played by Larry the Cucumber), entering the scene)

Bernie: (offscreen) Three kings! I wonder if they have any food!

Ali: I wonder if they have any chocolate milk!

Ben: I wonder if they have any gold!

Pa Grape: (narrating) Actually they weren't kings, but Magi.

Junior: (offscreen) What are Magi?

(As Ben's crew are about to meet the Magi, Bernie slips and falls over. And we pan up to the star. And we fade back to Junior and Pa Grape as we see the star on top of the Christmas tree.)

Pa Grape: (offscreen) They were wise men. The Bible tells us that Magi from the East came to Jerusalem and asked, "Where is the one who's been born King of the Jews? We saw His Star when it Rose and have come to worship him.

Junior: The Star of Bethlehem?

Pa Grape: Yep! They'd come following the star to celebrate a very special event, the birth of Jesus, the very first Christmas!

Junior: (interested) Wow! How did they know Jesus was a king?

Pa Grape: Because long ago, prophets had written that when the star appeared in the night, the King was to be born, and they were bringing him presents!

(As we cut back to the star of the Christmas tree, we fade back to the story. We pan down to Melchior, Gaspar, and Belthasar.)

Pa Grape: (narrating) But Ben Haramad, whose heart was filled with greed, and Aaron, whose heart was filled with unforgiveness, didn't even notice the star.

Ben: Okay, Little Drummer Boy, here's the deal: If you and your animals perform for these guys, I'll give you the share of the profits and you'll be free to go.

Aaron: Fine. One show and I'm outta here.

Pa Grape: (narrating) The Bible never mentions the Magi by name or even how many they were, but tradition has it that their names were Melchior, Gaspar, and-

Belthasar (Larry): (pulls out a stick, who has caught on fire) Cuke Skywalker!

Melchior (Bob): Magi, not Jedi.

(Belthasar swings the stick around)

Belthasar: Can I keep my sand-speeder?

(We cut to a camel who has the Sand-Speeder and a lot of myrrh all over him.)

Melchior: Probably not.

Belthasar: (pulls out a fork) May the fork be with you?

Gaspar (Archibald): (annoyed) Please stop.

Belthasar: Okay.

Pa Grape: (narrating) ...And Belthasar. They're on their way to Bethlehem, following the star.

Melchior: I bring gold, a gift for a King.

(Ben's eyes turns into gold as Ben is excited to be hearing it)

Gaspar: I bring Frankincense, a gift for a Priest!

Belthasar: I bring Myrrh, a gift for a Savior!

(Belthasar throws the final Myrrh on top of the Sand-Speeder, but his camel's legs starts to shake, causing him to fall, making a huge mess of Myrrh.)

Belthasar: Whoops. Too much Myrrh.

Gaspar: Too much Sand-Speeder.

Melchior: Now, what are we gonna do? We gotta get a move on!

Ben: Why the rush? (laughs)

Melchior: Well, we're-

Ben: It's the perfect time for an evening show! Perhaps, a little dinner theater.

(We cut to Ali straightening up the chairs as he pulls out the notepad and the pencil, ready to take the order. Then we pan to Bernie, getting ready for the show.)

Bernie: Knock-knock. (Melchior, Gaspar and Belthasar just stare.) You say "Who's there?"

Belthasar: Oh. Who's there?

Bernie: Herod!

Belthasar: What?!

Gaspar: Oh, my!

Melchior: Where is he?!

Bernie: No! You say "Herod who?"

Belthasar: Oh. "Herod" who?

Bernie: "Herod" any good jokes lately? Ha!

(Melchior, Gaspar, and Belthasar just stare)

Ben: Evidently not.

Bernie: (offscreen) That was my best one!

Ben: I gotta find me a better comic.

Melchior: Look, guys. We'd love to stay for the show, but we've gotta be on our way. We're following the star.

(Ben looks up also.)

Ben: Yeah, well-

Belthasar: Hey, Melchior. I don't think my Sand-Speeder has the energy to go on tonight. How am I gonna bring the Myrrh?

(Ben thinks for a moment and has an idea. We stare sinisterly at Joshua, who is shocked at what he's about to do. Ben whispers the plan to Ali.)

Ali: You got it, boss! (to Aaron) Hey, Aaron, I think we left the campfire going back at our camp. Can you help me put it out?

Aaron: Okay.

(As Aaron and Ali exit to put the fire out, Ben laughs evilly)

Ben: Gentlemen, I'll make you a deal. (laughs evilly)

(We cut to Joshua who is sleeping, and Ben is selling him with a lot of money. Then, Ali and Aaron enters)

Aaron: Hey, where's Joshua?

Ben: It seems your camel was in the right place at the right time. (laughs evilly)

Aaron: You sold Joshua?!?!

Ben: You owed me, boy. But I'm not too unreasonable. Here's a little something for your trouble. (throws the coin at Aaron and lands on the ground)

Aaron: (angrily) I don't want your gold! I don't want anything to do with you! (to the animals) Come on, guys! We have to find Joshua!

(Aaron was about to leave, but Ali stops him)

Ali: Wait a minute! You're not going anywhere!

Ben: Oh, let him go. We're done with him! Good riddance! (laughs) Take your donkey too.

Ali: Ha ha! Yeah! Good riddance! Ha ha! Go back to the sand!

(Aaron and the animals walk away. We fade to Aaron and the animals walking on the hill. But they don't know where to find Joshua)

Aaron: Oh, no! Where are they?

Baa-Baa: (baas "The Magi were following the star, Aaron.")

Aaron: That's right, Baa-Baa! The Magi were following the Star! And the star will lead us to Joshua! Come on, guys!

(As Aaron and the animals follow the Star, Pa Grape keeps narrating)

Pa Grape: (narrating) The Bible tells us the night Jesus was born, there are shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks By Night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the Glory of the Lord showed around them and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid, I will bring good news that will cause great joy to all people. Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you, He is the Messiah, the Lord."

(As the shepherds and the flock of sheep are leaving, Aaron looks on amazingly before they keep following the star. When Aaron and his animals stopped, they looked at the town named, Bethlehem. Then as we cut to Aaron and his animals entering the city, they stop for a moment.)

Aaron: Baa-Baa. Samson! Look! The Magi!

(But not only that, Aaron also finds...)

Aaron: Joshua!

(Joshua roars happily as Aaron, and the animals walk up to each other.)

Pa Grape: (narrating) They were so happy to have found each other again that they didn't look where they were going. Suddenly a Chariot came thundering down the street.

Aaron: (gasps)

(Aaron and Samson back up, but Baa-Baa didn't.)

Roman: Hey, look out! I'm running away!

(The Chariot hits Baa-Baa.)

Aaron: No! Baa-Baa!

Baa-Baa: (bleats weakly)

Aaron: Oh, Baa-Baa! You mustn't die! You mustn't! Who can help me?!

(Aaron looks at Joshua and Samson. Aaron decides to look for help)

Aaron: Please somebody help us!

(Aaron sees the Magi and decides to ask them for help.)

Aaron: The Magi! They're wise! They'll be able to save Baa-Baa! (runs through the crowd) Please, I've got to get inside! You must let me through!

Pa Grape: (narrating) And when Aaron came to the entrance to the stable, he could hardly believe what he saw. And she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in the Manger, because there was no room for them in the Inn.

Aaron: (gasps) Melchior! Please help me! Baa-Baa has been injured! You must save him!

Melchior: Little boy, we're Magi. We know Stars much better than we know sheep. There's nothing I can do. (gasps) But there is one who can help you.

(Melchior shows Aaron, the baby named Jesus.)

Aaron: The baby?! I don't understand!

Melchior: It's okay. Go to Him. Our Savior, Priest, and King.

Aaron: I have no gift to bring.

Melchior: Go. Look upon the newborn King.

(Aaron walks over to baby Jesus as he puts Baa-Baa down.)

(The Little Drummer Boy starts playing)

Aaron: Little baby, pa rum pum pum pum

I am a poor boy too, pa rum pum pum pum

I have no gift to bring, pa rum pum pum pum

That’s fit to give a King, pa rum pum pum pum

Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum.

Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum

On my drum?

Then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum,

Me and my drum

Then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum,

Me and my drum

Pa Grape: (narrating) Aaron's heart changed that day, at last he was filled with joy and love and was able to forgive the people who had hurt him.

Junior: (offscreen) But, Grandpa, what about Baa-Baa?

Pa Grape: Along with the shepherds, the Magi, and Aaron, and his animals, two others withdrawn to the newborn king By the light of the Star. And as Aaron finished playing his song for The babe, he heard two voices he was once sure that he would never hear again.

(As Pa Grape narrates, Aaron's parents, who have survived the fire, walk up to meet Aaron.)

Aaron's mother: Aaron honey?

Aaron: (Gasps) Mom?! Dad?!? What!?!? (walks up to his parents and hugs them) I thought you were gone!

Aaron's father: We thought you were too. We thought we had lost you. (heard Baa-Baa's bleat) (gasps) Baa-Baa!

Aaron: Oh, dad! Baa-Baa's hurt! Do you think you can help him?

Aaron's father: Sure, I can! Don't worry, we'll patch him up. I think with a little time and love, he'll be just fine!

Aaron: Thank you, Dad! Thank you!

Aaron's mother: Isn't it wonderful? God has drawn us back together again!

Aaron's father: It's a miracle!

Pa Grape: (narrating) And as Aaron looked at the baby, he thought it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.


(As we fade back to Junior and Pa Grape, the latter finishes the story.)

Pa Grape: (narrating) Far more powerful than what any person could take away from him was the gift of love and forgiveness given to him on the first Christmas morning. The End. (closes the book) Isn't it great that God forgives us, we can forgive others?

Junior: Yeah.

Pa Grape: Huh. I wonder who that could be.

(Pa Grape and Junior went to go answer the door, and it was Laura, Annie, and Percy once again.)

Laura, Annie, and Percy: And the mountains in reply

Echoing their joyous strains.

Glo-ooooo-ooooo--ooooo-ria, in excelsis Deo

Laura, Annie, Percy, and Junior: Glo-ooooo-ooooo--ooooo-ria, in excelsis Deo

Junior: I forgive you, guys!

Percy: Forgive us?

Annie: For what?

Junior: You know, for ditching me and going caroling without me.

Laura: We didn't ditch you. We rang the doorbell, but you didn't answer.

Junior: You did?

Pa Grape: You must have come when I was at the garage getting the light bulb. Junior, you couldn't hear the bell because you had your headphones on.

Laura: (laughs) We thought you have ditched us!

Annie: (giggles) We forgive you, too!

Laura, Annie, Percy, Pa Grape, and Junior: (laughs)

Pa Grape: Oh, that's great.

Junior: But, Grandpa, will you forgive me for thinking it would be boring to spend time with you and read?

Pa Grape: You bet! I forgive you!

Junior: It wasn't boring at all! I loved it! (hugs Pa Grape) And I love you, grandpa!

Pa Grape: I love you too buddy. Say, why don't you come in for some hot chocolate? It's freezing out here!

Annie: I love hot chocolate!

Laura: That would be awesome! Thank you!

Percy: (sneezes)

Junior: Are you okay?

Percy: Oh, I'm fine. I'm just allergic to your new kitty. (walks off)

Junior: Huh? Hey, guys! I've been practicing my drumming! Check this out!

(As we pan to the Manger, we fade to black. During the credits, we're treated to "The Little Drummer Boy" by Bebe & Cece Winans.)