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The Legend of Galaxy Gus (also known as Galaxy Gus) is a ballad song from the 3-2-1 Penguins! episode Moon Menace on Planet Tell-a-Lie!. It is sung by the Penguin crew. This was added as a bonus feature on The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment!.


Café Announcer: Now, put your your tentacles together and give a big old Comet Lounge howdy, to Pecos Penguin and the Polecats.


All: Ah-ooooo! Ah-ooooo!

Zidgel: Well, gather 'round the campfire, and we'll tell you all a tale,

about a lonesome cowpoke who rode the dusty trail.

It started out in Gamma Gulch, a peaceful little place,

until the day some outlaws came a-ridin' in from space.

All: (V.O.) With a ki-yi-yodelee yippee-i-oh-ki-ay!

Zidgel: (V.O.) Ridin' down the Milky Way!

All: (V.O.) Ah-ooooo!

Kevin: Ah!

Vacuum #1: (muffled) Dance, partner!!

Kevin: Beg your pardon?

Vacuum #1: (normal voice) I said "Dance, partner"!

Kevin: Oh, happy to!

Honcho Villa (Uncle Blobb): Ha, ha, ha, ha! Thanks for the donation. C'mon boys, let's vamoose! (trips on marbles) WHOA!! OW!! I told you, no marbles where I'm vamoosing!

Vacuum #2: Sorry, boss.

Honcho Villa: Ha ha! See ya next payday, suckers! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Zidgel: (V.O.) The outlaws rode into the night, laughing all the way.

They promised they'd be back again to steal another day.

The desperate folks of Gamma Gulch were feelin' mighty down.

They knew that something must be done to save their little town!

Cowboy Alien: Well dag-nab it! If that ornery cayuse ain't got us hornswoggled!

Kevin: Um, are you asking me to dance?

Cowboy Alien: This here's the tenth time that Honcho Villa has made off with all our money! Mister Mayor, we demand you do something to protect us!

Mayor (Fidgel): You're absolutely right! First thing tomorrow, I plan to issue a strongly-worded letter of protest! Hmph! Mr. Villa will soon feel the sting of my rapier wit!

Scaly Slim: We're dead meat.

Cowboy Alien: Lookee there! It's an advertisement!

Midgel: Typical. They always land during dinnertime.

Mayor: "Coming soon to your town, the wonder showman of the Solar System, lord of the lariat, baron of balloon animals, the mightiest cowboy west of the Milky Way, Galaxy Gus"!

Pumpkin Kids: Galaxy Gus! Wow!!

Scaly Slim: Great. We need a lawman, we get some two-bit entertainer.

Zidgel: Tale is told in times of old of one man's derring-do.

He's bigger than life, he's bold and brave, his middle name is Stu.

Folks all cheer when he appears, his hair is never mussed.

Blazing down the comet trails, the-

All: (V.O.) -Legend of Galaxy Gus!


With a ki-yi-yodelee yippee-i-oh-ki-ay!

Pumpkin Kid #1: He's here! He's here!

Zidgel: (V.O.) Ridin' down the Milky Way!

Galaxy Gus (Zidgel): Howdy kids! Galaxy Gus at your service! The fastest draw, the twirliest rope, the steeliest eye in the old West sector! And not a bad little Rumba dancer.

Pumpkin Kid #1: Wow, Mr. Gus! You must be the best cowboy in the whole universe!

Galaxy Gus: Well now, li'l orange buckaroo, I wouldn't say that...Wait, yes I would!

Pumpkin Kid #2: Gee, I bet you could save our town from outlaws!

Galaxy Gus: Huh? Oh, uh...sure, sure, if you had any. In fact, savin' is what I do best! Why, just last week, I, um...lassoed a meteor and saved a town twice this size from a fiery doom!

Pumpkin Kids: Wow!!

Galaxy Gus: Tell y'all about it tonight at my big show right here. (fade to nighttime) And remember, young 'uns, always stand tall in the saddle. Helps avoid chafing. (blows and ties balloons) Here ya go, little fella. The dreaded Phlegm Monster of Alpha 5!

Pumpkin Kid #1: For me?!

Galaxy Gus: Of course!...That'll be 50 cents. And kids, don't forget to ask your folks for a Galaxy Gus lunchbox! All credit cards accepted.

Midgel: They're comin' back! Honcho Villa an' his boys are comin' back!

Mayor: What?! But they just cleaned out the bank!

Midgel: I know, but they forgot to take the pens on chains. They say they'll be back in 5 or 6 minutes depending on traffic.

Pumpkin Kid #1: Galaxy Gus will face 'em down!

Galaxy Gus: Yeah! I'll face 'em-huh?!

Pumpkin Kid #1: Savin' is what he does best! He said so!

Midgel: Did you really say that, mister?

Galaxy Gus: Uh, well..(clears throat)..yeah, sorta, uh...

Mayor: That's most commendable of you! Well, gotta go hide. Good luck!

Zidgel: (V.O.) Oh, Galaxy Gus stood tall and proud, his work had now begun.

He quickly knew the thing to do, and the thing to do was-

All: (V.O.) Run!! With a ki-yi-yodelee yippee-i-oh-ki-you!

Zidgel: (V.O.) Galaxy Gus was chicken through and through.

All: (V.O.) Ah-ooooo!

Galaxy Gus: Aah!!

Pumpkin Kid #1: Hey, Mister Gus! You're going the wrong direction, the bad guys are comin' from that-a-way!

Galaxy Gus: Uh...right, little buckaroo, but, uh, y'see, I, uh...remembered I gotta go pose for a new constellation.

Pumpkin Kids: Where ya goin' Galaxy Gus?! Don't leave us! You gotta save us!

Galaxy Gus: Look, kids, you don't understand! I can't face those outlaws!

Pumpkin Kid #1: But you're the greatest hero that ever rode the star trail!

Galaxy Gus: Well, uh, true,'s just....Ah heck, kids. I'm no hero. I'm not even brave.

Pumpkin Kid #1: What d'ya mean?

Galaxy Gus: I'm a fake, a phony, a bonafide two-bit liar. I made up all those stories just to sound important. I can't fight outlaws. I throw up before gym class.

Pumpkin Kid #1: Well, you told the truth. That was brave.

Galaxy Gus: Yeah, sure. Maybe I can pummel 'em with lunchboxes.

All: (V.O.) Ah-ooooo!

Zidgel: (V.O.) Then Honcho Villa and his gang rode in with hollers and hoots,

and there stood Galaxy Gus alone a-shakin' in his boots.

All: (V.O.) With a ki-yi-yodelee yippee-i-oh-ki-yunch!

Zidgel: (V.O.) Galaxy Gus was about to lose his lunch!

Honcho Villa: Heh, heh. Take five, boys. I can take this puffed-up pinto bean by myself. It's just you and me now, cowboy.

(Galaxy Gus gets an idea, and makes a cage out of balloons. He rubs it against his hair to gain static electricity and throws it towards Honcho Villa. The balloon sticks to his head, sending him high into the air.)

Honcho Villa: Hey! Get this thing off of me! Hey, hey! Ah! Let go, you crazy calamari!

(Galaxy Gus shoots a ball at the weather-vane, which pops the balloon on Honcho Villa's head, sending him flying off into space.)

Zidgel: (V.O.) Oh Galaxy Gus, he vowed that day that he would lie no more.

Now he's a bigger hero than he ever was before.

All: (V.O.) With a ki-yi-yodelee yippee-i-oh-ki-ay! Riding down the Milky Way!

Fun Facts


Inside References

  • The Banner that says "Smith's General Store Presents Galaxy Gus Tonight in Person" is a nod to Ron Smith.

Fast Forward

  • The Honcho Villa poster was later seen in The Ballad of Little Joe. Some of the buildings in Gamma Gulch would also be modified for Dodgeball City in the same episode.
  • The town would be seen again in Git Along Little Doggies!.