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This is the transcript for The League of Incredible Vegetables.


Opening Countertop[]

(We open on the countertop.)

Bob: Hi, kids! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: Welcome to VeggieTales!

(QWERTY brings up a message.)

Alfred: (O.S, clears throat) Pardon me, Gentlemen... Might I have a moment?

(Bob and Larry head to Qwerty)

Larry: Archibald... I mean, Alfred!

Alfred: Greetings, Master Larry! Hello, Bob!

Bob: Hello!

Larry: What's up, Alfred?

Alfred: I've received a quite distressing message from Sean Smith of Youngstown, Ohio. "Dear LarryBoy, I'm afraid to be in my room alone at night. "I'm afraid of thunderstorms, bugs and dogs. I'm also afraid of snakes."

Larry: Oooh. Snakes. Yeah, they're creepy.

Alfred: "What can I do when I feel afraid? Your friend, Sean."

Bob: Aw, poor kid. That's a lot to be afraid of. (Larry walks off to the left.) Larry, where are you going?

(Larry brings back a duffle bag.)

Larry: This is a job for LarryBoy! I need a phone booth.

Bob: Huh? Why a phone booth?

Larry: Superheroes change into their super suits in phone booths.

Bob: Larry- there are no phone booths anymore... Ahhh...(holds out his cellphone) Here- You can change behind my cell phone.

Larry: Very funny. Where am I supposed to change?!

Bob: I don't know. Maybe your dressing room?

Larry: (gasps) Good idea!

(Larry heads for said room.)

Alfred: He'll need some assistance. This is a job too big for LarryBoy alone.

Bob: Ahh... What do you mean?

Alfred: Check your dressing room.

Bob: My dressing room? Oh... O.K.

(Bob does just that.)

Alfred: Sean Smith, we give you, "The League of Incredible Vegetables and the Flurry of Fear." Roll film!

(Fade to black)

The League of Incredible Vegetables Act I[]

(Fade to the Bumblyburg Science Museum as Laura floats above a zero gravity pad. Junior just watches from below.)

Laura: C'mon, Junior! It's fun!

Junior: Umm…Zero Gravity Pad? I don't think so. I- I just ate a burrito.

Laura: But don't ya wanna try anything?

(Larry is shown riding in the elevator.)

Larry: Junior! Laura! This little room moves up and down! Talk about Science!

(Junior notices a strange device.)

Junior: Huh? Hmmm... (he walks up to investigate it) Whoa! What's this one do?

Laura: Ooh, it's locked away.

Junior: Must be dangerous.

(Officer Scooter enters the scene.)

Scooter: Aye! You betcha... That dar is the most dangerous item in the whole museum.

Larry: More dangerous than a tiny little room that moves upside down. Doubt it.

Junior: H-How dangerous is it?

Scooter: 'Tis the Fear Dar!

Junior: (gasps)

Scooter: Invented by a mad scientist to detect exactly what someone's afraid of! And uses that fear as a power source.

Laura: Why would someone invent that?

Scooter: Madness! (he goes cross-eyed)

Junior: (gulps)

Scooter: Don't you worry, She's not going anywhere safe and secure behind that glass.

(As they leave, the ceiling cracks. Junior sits and thinks about what he saw.)

Laura: You okay, Junior?

Junior: Kind of scares me, Actually, a lot of things scare me.

Larry: It's okay, Junior. Everybody gets scared sometimes.

Junior: I wish I didn't.

(The ceiling cracks completely, and as music similar to the Mission: Impossible theme plays, three penguins who strongly resemble those from The Toy That Saved Christmas enter wearing spy gear. Once Scooter has left, they drop into the room. Using his goggles which also act as a laser, Penguin 1 cuts a hole in the glass. But he drops a piece of paper. Suddenly, the alarm goes off. Meanwhile, Larry goes back into the elevator as Junior walks back into the room where the fear-dar was.)

Junior: The Fear-dar! Help! Larry?! Larry?!

(The penguins make their way to the elevator, which opens to reveal Larry-Boy.)

LarryBoy: (with Batman voice) The jig is up. (clears his throat) The jig- (coughs) The jiggy... (coughs) That's better. (normal voice) The jig is up, fish breath! (He approaches them, but steps above the zero gravity pad.) Whoa! (He floats above them.) Back off, bird brains!

Junior and Laura: Larry-Boy!

LarryBoy: I am that hero! (he uses his plunger ears to swing above the zero gravity pad and lands in front of them.) Surrender the doodad, penguins. You're surrounded. (he sees that he's actually surrounded instead) Well, actually, I am, but you get the point.

(Penguin 2 uses his laser to cut a hole in the floor, which LarryBoy falls down. But he reels himself back up just as the penguins make their escape. LarryBoy catches one of them.)

LarryBoy: You have to get up pretty early in the morning to-(The penguin he caught hits him with his feet, and he falls down.) Wake me up when the pancakes are ready, mommy.

(The penguins head for the exit, but it shuts. Scooter then enters the scene through the elevator.)

Scooter: That contraption is dangerous! Those penguins mustn't escape!

LarryBoy: Doin' my best here!

(As Scooter falls down the hole, the penguins head back to the room where the device came from and, with a grappling hook, make their escape. LarryBoy stops them by grabbing the Fear-dar.)

LarryBoy: Ooh! Ear ache!

(The Fear-dar slips out of the third penguin's feet. Unfortunately, the penguins catch it.)

LarryBoy: (tangled up) What happened? (the penguins cut a hole in the wall and escape) Oh, no!

Scooter: The Fear-dar is loose! Ahhh!

LarryBoy: Alfred! LarryBoy to Alfred! (Cut to the Larry Cave) I need backup! The Fear-dar has been stolen!

Alfred: Oh, my! The Fear-dar stolen? In the wrong hands, this could be disastrous for Bumblyburg! This is a problem too big for LarryBoy alone. (He moves his hoverchair over to a big red button.) I know just who to call. The League of Incredible Vegetables!

(He presses the button, which turns on the signal, and despite Mayor Blueberry's remark that the signal can't be seen in the daytime, it's perfectly visible. As "The League of Incredible Vegetables" by The Newsboys plays, we're treated to the story's title. As the penguins make their escape, they are stopped by three new superheroes. They are Thingamabob (Bob), Vogue (Petunia), and S-Cape (Mr. Lunt).

Junior: The League of Incredible Vegetables?!

Thingamabob: Incredible vegetables, seize these penguins!

Laura: Wow! Who are they?

Junior: You know how LarryBoy is Bumblyburg's hero?

Laura: Sure.

Junior: Well, other cities have heroes too. And when they join forces, they become the greatest team ever! (Junior talks about each hero, starting with S-Cape.) (V.O.)That's S-Cape. He can get out of anything including perilous situations or fiendish traps.

S-Cape: Or chores. Plus, I got an "S" on my cape! Get it? S-Cape! (chuckles)

(Junior talks about Vogue.)

Junior: (V.O.) Her name's Vogue. That high-tech suit can transform into just about anything, as long as it's fashionable.

(Her suit inflates to look like a beach ball, making one of the penguins bounce off it.)

Laura: Puffy is the new black.

(As Vogue grabs the device, Junior talks about Thingamabob.)

Junior: That's ThingamaBob, master of gadgetry. With any tool a hero can is on his super tool belt. (As Junior talks, ThingamaBob uses his own set of plungers to swing between two trees and catch the penguins with a net. He then uses robotic arms to land safely.)

Laura: Okay, I get it.

Junior: They're amazing! And they've got those super-suits! If I had one of those, I'd never be afraid.

Laura: Really? You think a super-suit would do that for you?

(The League walk up to LarryBoy, who's still trying to reel in his whole rope.)

LarryBoy: Almost got it. (Vogue suddenly trips over the rope and the device flies out of her grip and into the snow. LarryBoy sees one of the penguins run by with the Fear-dar.) Oops.

(The penguins make their getaway on a red sled.)

LarryBoy: ThingamaBob, use the Thingamaboard!

ThingamaBob: We'll see ya at the bottom.

(He and Vogue ride down the hill on their snowboards.)

ThingamaBob: Nice ride.

Vogue: Shoes for every occasion.

(S-Cape is about to follow the penguins himself.)

LarryBoy: Mind if I catch a ride?

S-Cape: What are superfriends for?

(S-Cape pulls LarryBoy along with him.)

Laura: Come on!

Junior: What? Where?!

(After the penguins pass a tree stump, two of them pull out a fake Fear-dar and put the one they took into the stump. They then continue their sled ride.)

S-Cape: We're gonna head them off at the pass. Right, LarryBoy?

(Pan down to LarryBoy, who has icicles on his eyes.)

LarryBoy: My eyeballs are frozen!

(He and S-Cape catch up to them. Junior and Laura watch as the penguins close a gate that ThingamaBob and Vogue are heading straight for. They throw snowballs before heading back down the hill. ThingamaBob and Vogue see the LarryCopter following them, with Alfred at the controls.)

Alfred: A fence! Stop! Stop!

ThingamaBob: Huh? It's like two feet tall. We can jump it.

(He and Vogue get hit in the face with snowballs. Now they can't see where they're going.)

Laura: Oh, no! Junior, you've gotta open that gate!

Junior: B-but what--?!

Laura: Junior!

(As both superheroes slide towards the gate, Junior throws a snowball at it, opening it. The two heroes pass through.)

Laura: Wow! Great shot!

(Both superheroes shake the snow off their faces.)

Vogue: Whew! That was close!

Alfred: Yes, indeed it was.

(S-Cape and LarryBoy catch up with the penguins.)

S-Cape: Freeze, penguins!

(LarryBoy lands headfirst in the snow before getting back up.)

LarryBoy: This ice-capade is over! Clever, huh?

S-Cape: Mine was better.

(Voge and ThingamaBob arrive at the scene of the crime. The penguins hold their flippers up.)

Vogue: Oh, aren't they adorable when they're surrounded?

(Laura and Junior watch as Scooter puts the penguins in his police van. But rather unwisely, he doesn't confiscate the lasers.)

Scooter: March, penguins!

LarryBoy: Hold it! (He confiscates the Fear-dar.) We'll put this back where it'll be safe.

ThingamaBob: I'll take it, LB.

Alfred: That was quite a shot.

Junior: Oh, you saw that?

Alfred: But more importantly, it was quite brave.

Junior: It was? I didn't feel brave. I was actually pretty afraid.

Alfred: Well, we all feel afraid sometimes.

(Junior looks at S-Cape and Vogue.)

Junior: Not if you're a superhero.

Alfred: The Bible tells us when we're afraid, we can put our trust in God.

LarryBoy: Oh, good. Alfred, I see you found Junior and Laura.

Junior: Oh, LarryBoy. We lost Larry in the museum. Do you think he's okay?

LarryBoy: Oh, yeah. He wanted me to tell you he was just fine.

(Vogue pulls up in her own superhero car, which resembles a high-heel shoe.)

Vogue: Anybody need a lift home?

Junior: Wow!

Laura: Cool! I do!

Alfred: Junior, we'd like to have a little talk.

(Batman-esque transition to Scooter driving the penguins to prison. Or maybe the zoo.)

Scooter: In my day, a penguin was a hard working, law abiding bird, she was. I don't see why your kind feels the need to engage in criminal activity when there are so many jobs where you'd flourish. (As Scooter keeps talking, the penguin in the middle cuts a hole in the side of the van. Then they make their escape.) Ice sculptures, tuxedo rental, kickboxing. I mean, sure, you smell like fish and whatnot, but that shouldn't keep ya from contributing to society. Am I right? (Looks back and realizes his mistake.) In hindsight, I probably should have confiscated the lasers.

(The penguins head back to the tree stump and pull out the real Fear-dar. Segue back to the Larry-Cave.)

Junior: Wow, this is a dream come true. I can't believe I'm actually in the LarryBoy cave!

Alfred: It's an honor granted to very few. Junior, we've asked you over here for an important reason.

ThingamaBob: We've been on the lookout for a very special addition to the team.

Junior: The team?

Alfred: Our first "junior" member.

ThingamaBob: We've gotta start raising up young heroes to take our place someday.

S-Cape: Our knees can't hold out forever.

Junior: Are-- Are you talking about me?

Vogue: You may be small, but you've got a big heart.

ThingamaBob: You stepped up and did what was right in a moment of need. It was very brave.

Junior: I don't feel very brave.

Alfred: So, Junior Asparagus, what do you say?

(Junior looks at all the team members, pictures them in a comic book visual style, and smiles.)

Junior: Will I get my own super suit?

Alfred: But of course!

Junior: My...own...supersuit? I'll do it!

(The whole team cheers for their new addition. Segue to a market cleverly named "This Little Piggy" as the penguins bring the device to their boss, Dr. Arvin Flurry, a gourd with a Swedish accent. They walk up to him as he works on some kind of contraption.)

Dr. Flurry: Oh, ze evil planning eez much more fun ven you sing, sing, sing. (His minions present the Fear-dar.) Oh, ya. Eenie, Meenie, Michael. Just vhat I vanted. My long lost Fear-dar. You each earned a fishie. (He gives each of them a fish before hooking his device to his computer.) So, did you run into any trouble? (Although the penguins can't speak, he still understands what they're saying.) Toboggan chase? No kidding. Escaped security? How exciting. Thwarted by ze League if Incredible Vegetables? Zat's...(gasps) Ze League of Incredible Vegetables!? No, no! Zey have arrived too soon! (the penguins shrug as if to say "Why?".) Vhy?

(His device scans him and the computer shows what he fears)

Computer: Name: Dr. Arvin Flurry. Biggest Fear: The League of Incredible Vegetables.

Dr. Flurry: Zat's vy! I'm afraid of ze League! Zey haf been trying to capture me since I stole all of Bumblyburg's ice cream in July! Grand Theft Gelato. No vorries! The Fear-Dar senses your deepest fear and uses it to power up its super freeze ray. Fear equals power. (He starts singing.)

Do you know vhat it's like to be afraid?

To vant to curl up in a ball und hide away?

You see a mouse scamper cross ze floor.

Or hear ze creaking of a door,

You get frightened.

You vant to freeze.

Freeze, freeze!

Vhen I see zose heroes round ze bend,

my svagger meets an untimely end!

Antacid is my only friend.

I freeze, freeze, freeze!

You'd sink vith my evil genius vays,

some modum of decorum stays,

but my knees start knockin,

my eyes glaze,

I freeze, freeze, freeze! (during this song, the penguins dance along)

My confidence shattered!

Look at my teeth chatter! (they do just that)

I can't control my bladder.

Just look vhat it's done to my hair! Oh!

Zat's vhat fear does, my birdies.

It freezes you.

Wiz zis, I vill get rid of ze League und take over Bumblyburg vonce and for al! (The Fear-Dar freezes a fish one of the penguins was about to eat.) Sooo cold. So sad. Bye bye now. I vill use ze League's fears against zem. (chuckles)(One penguin raises his flipper.) Don't interrupt.

Time to find out vhat zose heroes fear,

if it's lightning, bees, or angry deer!

I'll ice zem zere,

zen bring zem here!

Zey're gonna freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze!

(The song ends as Dr. Flurry's egg-shaped contraption floats out of his lair. Segue back to the Larry Cave. ThingamaBob talks to Junior while working on his motorcycle.)

ThingamaBob: Junior, thanks for opening that gate for Vogue and me. We could have gotten hurt.

Junior: You? Never. Not with your awesome toolbelt.

ThingamaBob: Well, it comes in handy, but it can't do everything.

Junior: Sure it can. If it hadn't been for your supersuits, the Fear-Dar would have been stolen.

(A video message from Scooter is brought up on the computer.)

Scooter: The Fear-Dar has been stolen!

Everyone: What?! No! You're kidding!

Scooter: The Fear-Dar we retrieved from the penguins was a fake! Somehow they made a switch!

(Everyone gasps. Cut to black)

Silly Songs with LarryBoy: Supper Hero[]

(Fades in as the title card is shown)

Announcer: And now it is time for Silly Songs with LarryBoy, the part of the show where LarryBoy comes out and sings a Silly Song! We join The League at supper time as they sit down for a meal prepared by Alfred.

LarryBoy: I don't want to eat my brussels sprouts.

League: He doesn't want to eat his brussels sprouts.

LarryBoy: And I really, really don't like sauerkraut.

League: Icky, slimy, stinky sauerkraut.

LarryBoy: My appetite is zero.

League: No need to share a tear-o...

Supper Hero (Jimmy): You need a Supper Hero!

LarryBoy: Uh, what's a Supper Hero?

Supper Hero: You got vittles you don't want to chew?

LarryBoy: Yeah, not too appetizing.

Supper Hero: Don't want to eat what's cooked for you?

LarryBoy: No, not really.

Supper Hero: Then, Citizen, don't fear-o,

I am the Supper Hero!

League: He is the Supper Hero!

Supper Hero: (eating LarryBoy's food) Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy yummy, yum, yum!

League: Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum!

LarryBoy: Thanks! I like this "Supper Hero"!

Supper Hero: This pasta dish has gotten cold!

Alfred: I beg your pardon?!

Supper Hero: This fish stick looks a little old!

ThingamaBob: It's not THAT old!

Supper Hero: You can't go on I must insist.

It's my duty to assist!

Thingamabob: Well, I'm kinda hungry!

Supper Hero: Good Citizen, don't fear-o! I am the Supper Hero!

League: He is the Supper hero.

Supper Hero: (eating more food) Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum yum!

League: Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum.

Thingamabob: I was going to eat that.

Supper Hero: Don't worry, folks, For me its fun

The Supper Hero's jobs not done!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum, yum yum!

S-Cape: Hey!

Supper Hero: Till every supper plate is clean

No matter what type of cuisine!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum, yum yum!

Vogue: Who let him in?

Supper Hero: Hey, is that chocolate? I love chocolate!

League: NO, WAIT!!!

Supper Hero: (eats the chocolate cake whole) Yummy, yummy, yummy, yum, yum, yum, yum!

Yummy, yummy, yum, yum, yum, yum! Ahhh...!

Good citizens, don't fear-o!

And be of good cheer-o!

I love my new career-o!

I am the Supper Hero!

LarryBoy: Dude, he ate our cake.

Supper Hero: So, what do ya say guys? Can I join the league?

Announcer: This has been Silly Songs with LarryBoy. Tune in next time to hear the League say...

League: (O.S.) No.

Supper Hero: Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yum!

(Cut to black)

The League of Incredible Vegetables Act II[]

(Fade back to the museum. While ThingamaBob is inspecting the scene of the crime, LarryBoy, for some reason, is having nacho chips.)

LarryBoy: Scooter, this is unacceptable.

Scooter: Aye. How could I let those penguins escape on me watch?

LarryBoy: Oh, I mean the prices at the museum snack bar. But yeah, that's bad too.

Scooter: I mean, they're flightless!

(ThingamaBob comes across the piece of paper dropped by the penguins.)

ThingamaBob: Hello, what's this?

Scooter: Wow, a piece of paper.

ThingamaBob: No, a clue.

LarryBoy: Gesundheit.

ThingamaBob: It's a checklist. (reads it) Twenty raw fish, one very large battery, 1000 pounds of ice.

LarryBoy: Hmm, sounds like a shopping list.

ThingamaBob: Three penguin sized jumpsuits, one Fear-Dar and a mustache comb. Wait. A Fear-Dar?!

Scooter: A mustache comb?! Whoo.

LarryBoy: This must have belonged to the penguins.

(ThingamaBob's cellphone rings, and he answers it.)

Alfred; Any progress at the museum?

LarryBoy: It's a science museum, Alfred. It's all progress.

Alfred: No. I mean any clues?.

ThingamaBob: We've got a lead, but we don't know where it's leading.

LarryBoy: We've also got really expensive nachos.

Alfred: Well, keep us posted. And hurry! We're getting Junior suited up as we speak.

(Alfred hovers over to the room where Junior is testing various super suits.)

Vogue: Really? That's easier than walking into the next room?

Alfred: You walk it twenty times a day and tell me it's not exhausting.

S-Cape: (O.S.) He's ready!

(The screen shows Junior in the testing room.)

Alfred: The idea, Junior, is to select the one of my many super prototype outfits that works for you specifically.

Junior: Specifically?

Alfred: You know, it should just feel right.

Vogue: And keep you safe.

Alfred: And not explode.

Junior: What?!

Alfred: You'll know it when you wear it. Let's begin with prototype 11-B.

S-Cape: You got it.

(A giant beam above Junior starts up.)

Junior: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. My own supersuit! (A bright beam shines on him. Soon, it turns off and Junior is in a shiny suit.) Ooh, shiny. (Suddenly, the pipes rattle.) What's going on?

S-Cape: Uh, oh.

(It turns out this is a magnetic suit. Suddenly, a bunch of sharp tools fly out of a tool storage and towards Junior. Fortunately, the beam turns back on before they can hit him. Junior is now out of that magnetic suit.)

Junior: What was that?!

Alfred: That was a big no for Magnet-Boy.

(Junior looks frightened.)

Vogue: You okay, Junior? We can take a break if you need.

Junior: I'll be fine. I can do this, as long as I end up with a supersuit.

Alfred: Alright, S-Cape. Let's try a few more.

(As an instrumental version of "The League of Incredible Vegetables" plays, Junior tries on more suits. Next, he tries a striped suit that makes him spin like a twister. That one's a no-go too. Another suit he tries inflates into a beachball. S-Cape throws a dart at the suit to get Junior down. That suit is a no-go either. Next is a suit with a jetpack. Unfortunately, Junior can't control it and he flies around the room until hitting the tool storage. He doesn't get hurt, but that suit is also a no-go. Vogue hits her head on the keyboard in frustration. Next up is a red and white suit. But when Junior jumps, he turns into a cube. The shape-shifting suit is another failure. Finally, he gets a blue and white suit with a mask. This suit allows him to literally bounce off the walls. Junior decides this should be his suit.)

Junior: Now this one I like.

(He, Alfred and Vogue head back into the Larry Cave.)

Alfred: Splendid! You selected my newest model.

Vogue: It looks great on you, Junior.

Junior: I feel so brave. Nothing can touch me now!

(He literally bounces off the walls again.)

Alfred: Ah, no bouncing in the cave! You might break something.

Junior: Sorry. Excited.

Alfred: One caveat: I need to waterproof this suit before you go on a mission. The bouncing mechanism is electrical.

Junior: So?

Vogue: So if you got wet, it would stop working.

Junior: No problem. I've been out of pull-ups for years.

(The computer starts beeping.)

Vogue: That's the League signal.

(The computer shows ThingamaBob driving his motorcycle with LarryBoy in the sidecar.)

ThingamaBob: Downtown Bumblyburg is under attack! To your super vehicles!

LarryBoy: We'll meet you there! (burps) I shouldn't have had those nachos.

(Segue to Dr. Flurry's floating robotic egg floating through Bumblyburg freezing anything in sight.)

Civilian 1: Look, up in the sky! It's a plane!

Civilian 2: It's a spacecraft!

Civilian 1: It's...breakfast?

(As the robotic egg zaps. everyone runs for cover. Suddenly, Scooter arrives.)

Scooter: Stand back, citizens! (to the robot) Show yourself! Or are you chicken?!

Civilian 3: Uh, looks like it's at least from a chicken.

(Dr. Flurry watches from the cockpit.)

Dr. Flurry: Oh, goodie. Ve've got our first volunteer!

(The Fear-Dar scans Scooter and the computer tells Dr. Flurry about him.)

Computer: Name: Officer Scooter. Biggest fear: The dark.

Scooter: Come on! I'm not afraid of ya! I've had appetizers bigger than you! (A robotic hand is brought out and it picks up an empty trash can. It then puts the can on top of him.) Ahhh! Who turned out the lights!? Ahhh-hahh-ahh! I'm afraid of the dark! Mommy! (The Fear-Dar charges up.)

(Cut to Alfred and Junior in the LarryCopter.)

Junior: When do I get a super vehicle?

Alfred: Let's take this one step at a time, shall we?

(Junior sees the giant robot floating above the city.)

Junior: What is that?

Alfred: Oh, my.

(The League arrives at the scene of the crime.)

Scooter: Mommy!

Dr. Flurry: Filling up on fear.... and ready.

(Once the Fear-Dar is charged, it zaps Scooter and freezes him.)

Scooter: Brrrr! That's cold!

(Everyone watches in shock. A huge screen on the robot turns on.)

Dr. Flurry: Velcome, League of Incredible Vegetables! It is I, Dr. Flurry.

ThingamaBob: Dr. Flurry!

LarryBoy: That guy gives me a brain freeze.

Dr. Flurry: Und I'm about to freeze all of Bumblyburg vis fear! Unless, of course, you find a vay to stop me!

LarryBoy: Stop this, Dr. Flurry!

(He fires a plunger ear at the robot, but it does no good.)

Dr. Flurry: (laughs)

(He drives his robot above another street, taking LarryBoy with him.)

LarryBoy: Didn't.. think.. this.. through!

(Dr. Flurry freezes a few innocent bystanders.)

Vogue: We're coming for you, LarryBoy!

S-Cape: S-Cape away!

ThingamaBob: League of Incredible Vegetables...Engage!

Junior: Whoa. So brave!

(ThingamaBob runs up to the robot and, just like Thor, pulls out a hammer. But instead, he just faceplants into the robot.)

ThingamaBob: That's not eggshell.

(LarryBoy swings around and pulls ThingamaBob out of the robot wall. Eventually, both heroes are flung off the robot. Fortunately, S-Cape picks them up before they can hit the tarmac.)

S-Cape: I can also get you out of anything.

(The robot tries zapping them.)

LarryBoy: Look out! FearDar!

(LarryBoy falls out of S-Cape's grip, but he lands in Vogue's car.)

LarryBoy: Nice catch, Vogue. Wow. It smells terrific in here.

Vogue: It's cinnamon potpourri.

LarryBoy: My supercar smells like socks.

Vogue: Take over!

LarryBoy: Take over what? (LarryBoy gasps as Vogue gets out.) The wheel! (LarryBoy grabs the wheel and watches Vogue use her suit's built in wings.) Goodness. She's so decisive.

(Once S-Cape puts down ThingamaBob, the Fear-Dar scans him.)

Computer: Name: ThingamaBob. Biggest fear: Monkeys.

(The robot lets out said animal.)

ThingamaBob: Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Cheeky monkey! Freaky monkey!

(The Fear-Dar charges up, but rather slowly.)

Dr. Flurry: Vhat? He should be more afraid zen zat! Zat's not enough fear to freeze anysing!

(ThingamaBob uses his plunger tools to reel up to the rooftops. But he swings back down toward the monkey. Fortunately, Vogue picks him up as the monkey heads for a place called Bananarama. Vogue is in disbelief.)

Vogue: Monkeys? Really?

ThingamaBob: They're so...unpredictable.

Vogue: Alfred, how does that thing work?

Alfred: I can't find anything. (He looks up Dr. Flurry's blog.) It's a top-secret villainous device. (He comes across a video explaining how the device works. A video that Flurry was actually quite foolish enough to upload.) Oh, wait. He talks about it on his blog.

Dr. Flurry: (in video) Zen after figuring out vhat you are afraid of, ze Fear-Dar uses zat fear as energy to fuel its freeze ray. Kids, don't try zis at home.

Alfred: Goodness me. That thing is fueled by fear.

Vogue: You can't scare me! (she turns around and heads back to the robot.)

(The Fear-Dar scans Vogue.)

Vogue: Huh?

Computer: Name: Vogue. Biggest fear: Bad hair.

(The robot zaps Vogue, messing up her hair. When Vogue sees her hair all messed up, she screams, letting ThingamaBob fall, but she quickly grabs him.)

Vogue: Sorry.

ThingamaBob: It's just hair!

Vogue: Easy for you to say!

ThingamaBob: Hey!

(In the control room, Dr. Flurry is growing frustrated.)

Dr. Flurry: Vhat is ze point of having my own Fear-Dar if my nemeses von't be frozen in fear?! It's a vaste!

Junior: He can't catch the League. Those are some amazing supersuits!

Alfred: LarryBoy, circle around and distract him while S-Cape tries to find a way in!

(As LarryBoy approaches the robot, the Fear-Dar scans him.)

Computer: Name: LarryBoy. Biggest fear: Balloons popping.

Dr. Flurry: (in disbelief) Seriously? Vell, here goes.

(As he lets out a bunch of balloons, S-Cape notices the open door.)

S-Cape: I may have found a way inside, LarryBoy!

LarryBoy: I'm on my way. Beacuse I am that he-hee-hee-hee...

(Before he can finish his sentence, the balloons start popping, making him panic.)

Vogue: What's the matter, LarryBoy?

LarryBoy: Bad fifth birthday party! Lots of popping!

Vogue: I know you're scared, but you've gotta move!

LarryBoy: I know. I know.

(But he just stands there, letting the Fear-Dar charge rapidly. Fortunately, S-Cape and ThingamaBob are there to encourage him.)

S-Cape: Come on, LarryBoy! Move!

ThingamaBob: You can do it, buddy!

LarryBoy: move!

(The Fear-Dar fully charges.)

Junior: Move!

S-Cape: You can do it!

(LarryBoy dodges each blast from the freezing ray.)

LarryBoy: That's loud!

(Dr. Flurry grows increasingly frustrated.)

Dr. Flurry: Zhey're unstoppable! Unfreezeable! (Sees his penguins are out of their seats.) And zeriously, doesn't anybody believe in zeatbelts?

(LarryBoy successfully escapes the balloon pile.)

Junior: He did it!

Alfred: He did.

Junior: He didn't have to be afraid!

Alfred: Of course not.

Junior: Because of his supersuit!

Alfred: Because of his-- What? Junior!

(Junior foolishly gets out of the helicopter and down to the city streets.)

Vogue and ThingamaBob: Junior?!

(Two pea kids watch the falling asparagus.)

Girl pea: Look, up in the sky! It's a torpedo!

Boy pea: No, it's an asparagus.

Dr. Flurry: Vhat? Anozer von? Tiny heroes just falling from ze sky now?

Junior: Yahooooo! (he starts bouncing around Bumblyburg) Wheeeee!!

S-Cape: Wow!

Girl pea: Look at him ricochet!

(And thus, Junior has received his own superhero name; Ricochet. He suddenly bounces off a fire hydrant.)

Alfred: Junior, get back to the LarryCopter!

(But Ricochet just keeps bouncing around. Suddenly, he stops in a puddle, making his supersuit short-circuit. Fortunately, he doesn't get electrocuted. Unfortunately, he can no longer bounce high or around the city.)

Alfred: Oh, no!

Ricochet: I can't bounce. The suit isn't working!

(The Fear-Dar scans him.)

Vogue: Don't panic, Junior!

Computer: Name: Ricochet. Biggest fear: Pretty much everything.

Dr. Flurry: Oh, zis von is a keeper.

(The device gets fully charged.)

Vogue: Come on, Junior. Run!

ThingamaBob: S-Cape!

S-Cape: I'm too far away!

LarryBoy: I'm not! Not Junior! Not on my wa--!

(Before he can finish his sentence, the freeze ray hits him and he gets frozen.)

Ricochet: LarryBoy!

Alfred: Oh my!

Ricochet: LarryBoy! Can you hear me!?

(Although he's frozen, LarryBoy can still speak, but just barely.)

Ricochet: What?!

LarryBoy: Run! (3x)

(Ricochet dodges another freeze ray as the robot picks up a frozen LarryBoy and brings him into the control room. Dr. Flurry presses a lever.)

Computer: Activating scrambling sequence.

(The robot then zips out of town.)

Alfred: What? Where did he go?!

ThingamaBob: Holy evaporating egg!

Alfred: League, we've got to find LarryBoy! Back to the Larry Cave to regroup!

(The helicopter lets down a plunger that the rest of the League grabs onto, even though they could take their own vehicles. S-Cape follows close behind. Iris into the Larry Cave as the team looks over a map of Bumblyburg.)

ThingamaBob: Now, if I were a mad scientist and I had a frozen LarryBoy, where would I put him?

Vogue: Somewhere cold.

ThingamaBob: A little more specific.

S-Cape: Somewhere cold that can fit a giant egg.

Vogue: What's this?

ThingamaBob: It's just a shopping list.

Vogue: I know what a shopping list is. I practically invented shopping lists. I mean, what's this?

ThingamaBob: That's the logo for This Little Piggy Grocery.

Vogue: But that place closed down years ago.

S-Cape: Let's go!

(Everyone is about to leave, but Alfred stops them.)

Alfred: Wait! Has anyone seen Junior?

(Junior goes into the suit testing room to mope about what just happened.)

Alfred: When I said you were brave, I meant it. My mind hasn't changed.

Junior: LarryBoy would still be here if it wasn't for me. You saw how afraid I was.

Alfred: Everyone gets afraid sometimes, Junior.

Junior: Not the League.

Alfred: Yes, the League too. The reason they didn't freeze up is because they know how to deal with their fear.

Junior: I know. I know. They've got these amazing supersuits. I trusted in mine and I was still afraid.

Alfred: Junior, the League doesn't put their trust in their supersuits.

Junior: What?

Alfred: Supersuits will fail them, but there's only One who never fails. One who is bigger than anything you fear.

(Music starts up as Alfred gets in the tube which gives him a cane and top hat.)

Alfred: (singing) When he fought the giant Philistine Goliath, that scary, armored brute!

Oh, my!

Was tiny, little David in any manner aided by a supersuit?

Junior: Umm..., no?

Alfred: Correct! (singing) Goliath was much stronger. His biceps three times longer, but David never fussed!

It wasn't his own power. He counted on that hour. So whom did David trust?

Junior: Uh... I'm thinking you're gonna say...God?

Alfred: Bingo!

Trust in God!

Junior: Not in my supersuit?

Alfred: Nope!

Both: Trust in God! (solo)

Alfred: When you feel the boot, trust in God!

Junior: Against the frozen brute?

Alfred: Absolutely!

Advice you can't dispute,

when fear is taking root,

with him you're in cahoot


Junior: When you

(Fade to ThingamaBob, S-Cape and Vogue approaching Dr. Flurry's lair.)

S-Cape: Vogue, you should totally make your outfit white so you can hide in all this ice.

Vogue: I can't. It's after Labor Day.

(Editor's note: But that's in early September! There's no way climate change can cause snowfall at that time of year!)

ThingamaBob: This place looks abandoned.

S-Cape: Oh, no!

Vogue: What is it?

S-Cape: My greatest weakness!

ThingamaBob: Kryptonite?

(S-Cape finds newspapers with coupons.)

S-Cape: No, coupons! Two for one Go-Gurts, which they'll double at Food City. Man, that's a lot of Go-Gurts.

(Little do they know they're being watched on security TVs by the penguins.)

ThingamaBob: S-Cape we don't have time for this now!

(Eenie, the penguin with the red name tag, gets everyone's attention.)

Dr. Flurry: Calm down Eenie! I know zey are here. In fact, I vas counting on it.

(He presses a button, which makes his robot lift out of the abandoned market.)

ThingamaBob: Here we go!

Vogue: At the ready!

(All three heroes get ready to fight. ThingamaBob brings out his tools while Vogue switches her suit to armor mode. Suddenly, the giant robot starts cracking. Suddenly, it turns into a giant robotic penguin.)

Dr. Flurry: (laughs) A pengvin! Nice verk, Michael. Reminds me of your big, bad cousin Steve. Time to chill.

(The penguin bot's beak opens, revealing the Fear-Dar.)

ThingamaBob: Okay, now I'm scared!

(The robot freezes our heroes. Meanwhile, Alfred and Ricochet arrive at the scene in the helicopter.)

Ricochet: Thanks for coming after me, Alfred.

Alfred: We're going to need all the help we can get if we're going to stop that....(he spots the...) giant robot penguin!? (He sees a robot arm pick up each of the frozen League members.) Oh, no! He's frozen the entire League! Now nothing can stop him!

Ricochet: No, Alfred. He's frozen almost the entire League. There's one more!

(Cut to inside the robot as the penguins put their frozen foes in storage bays.)

Dr. Flurry: Underbart! I have finally done it! All of ze League is frozen! (two of the penguins give each other a high-five (or high flipper)) Vhat a relief! Who vants coffee? (Eenie gets his boss's attention.) Stop yelling already. (He sees Ricochet bouncing toward his robot.) Vhat?! Anozer von?! Oh, I remember zis little guy. Zis is going to be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

(Ricochet bounces around the robot for a few seconds before stopping.)

Ricochet: Okay, Alfred. Here we go!

Alfred: (through radio) It's the best chance we've got! And remember--

Ricochet: I know. Don't get the suit wet. (Ricochet bounces off the robot before bouncing away from it, making it follow him.) Wa-hoo! Quadruple bounce!

(He bounces off the trees with the robot following close behind.)

Alfred: (through radio) I'm thinking for future reference, a helmet might be a good idea!

(Ricochet just keeps running with the robot behind him.)

Ricochet: Now!

(The LarryCopter lifts up from behind the trees. Alfred switches to autopilot and fires a plunger at the robot.)

Alfred: I never get to do this part! (And he gets out of the helicopter and slides down the rope and lands on the robot's head.) And I shall never do it again!

(The robot then freezes the helicopter.)

Ricochet: Uh oh. That didn't hold him very long.

(In the robot, Dr. Flurry sees he's running low on fear fuel.)

Dr. Flurry: Almost out of fear?! Already!? I didn't make zis sing very efficient.

(Alfred slinks along the side of the robot before going in through its beak.)

Alfred: I found a way in! Keep him busy, Junior!

Ricochet: I'm trying! And call me Ricochet!

(Alfred sneaks into the control room.)

Dr. Flurry: I vish zat kid vould stop zipping back und forth! It's too much for my tummy.

(The League watches as Alfred walks up to the thermostat. He then switches it from cold to warm. Meanwhile, Ricochet leads the penguin-bot into Bumblyburg.)

Dr. Flurry: I mean, he's like a monkey out zere! (notices the room temperature has changed) Iz it hot in here to you? (to Alfred) Vhat do you sink, Alfred? Is it too toasty? (realizes who he's talking to)

(The robot keeps following our young hero through the city streets.)

Ricochet: I can't do this much longer! Alfred, have you got Dr. Flurry yet?!

Alfred: I have him right where I want him!

Dr. Flurry: You do?

LarryBoy: (O.S.) Alfred?

Alfred: Not now, LarryBoy. Your plan is foiled, Dr. Flurry!

ThingamaBob: (O.S.) Alfred!

Alfred: Because it takes more than a little ice to stop the League.

All heroes: (O.S.) Alfred!

(He sees our heroes almost unfrozen.)

Alfred: Oh, I guess that's more than a little ice.

(The penguins confront Alfred.)

Alfred: Uh, oh. Angry birds.

LarryBoy: Alfred, duck!

Alfred: I thought they were penguins.

(As two penguins kick him across the control room, one of them turns the thermostat back to cold. Eventually, the robot has Ricochet trapped in a dead-end alley. The robot keeps following him, despite breaking off its own arms between two buildings.)

Ricochet: Uh oh. Double-back. Here goes nothin'! (He bounces between to two buildings. Unfortunately, after hitting a drain pipe. he gets stuck in a snow pile. To make matters worse, he gets splashed with water from the pipe, making his suit wet again.) No! No! Not now!

Dr. Flurry: Ah ha! Ze fraidy boy has novhere to run! A lot uf good your supersuits are now, League!

(As he laughs crazily, the League glares at him. Suddenly, he hits the brake, making the robot stop suddenly. Because the flippers have broken off, the robot can't hold onto the two buildings between it, meaning it's in danger of falling over.)

Ricochet: My supersuit isn't working! It isn't working! Alfred? Alfred, can you hear me?! What do I do? (the beak opens up) I...(thinks) Wait. I know what to do! It doesn't matter how scary you are! When I'm afraid, I can trust in God!

(The robot has just finished scanning Ricochet.)

Computer: Name: Ricochet. Biggest fear: Nothing.

Ricochet: God is bigger than you! And I trust Him!

(The robot runs out of power.)

Dr. Flurry: I don't understand! He vas so frightened before! Vhat could have happened!?

Alfred: I believe Junior has found a reliable place to put his trust.

Ricochet: I'm not afraid of you!

(He throws a tiny snowball at the Fear-Dar. This causes the whole robot to short-circuit. Everyone inside the penguin stumbles around.)

LarryBoy: Look out! Don't run over the penguin!

(He crashes into Vogue, setting them both free from their ice block prisons.)

LarryBoy: I'm free!

(He lands headfirst on ThingamaBob's ice block, freeing him too. Quickly, S-Cape is unfrozen too.)

Dr. Flurry: The League, unfrozen!

(The robot stumbles around in the alley.)

Alfred: Everyone, out!

(LarryBoy pulls off the door, ThingamaBob uses a grappling hook and rope to ride down while holding one of the penguins, S-Cape picks up Alfred and another penguin and flies them out and Vogue takes the third penguin out of the robot before inflating her suit into a ball to guarantee a safe landing. Suddenly, the robot falls forward towards our heroes.)

Ricochet: Watch out!

(As everyone gets out of the way, LarryBoy gets Dr. Flurry out of the control room before the robot comes crashing down, causing an earthquake, freeing the frozen bystanders.)

Civilian 3: Hooray I'm free!

(The penguins hug Vogue.)

Vogue: Aw, they're so adorable when they're rescued!

Dr. Flurry: LarryBoy, after everyzing I did to you, you rescued me!

LarryBoy: See? I'm not so scary.

Dr. Flurry: Can vee hang out some now?

(The police arrive)

LarryBoy: Nah. You're kind of going to jail.

(As the police arrest Dr. Flurry and put him in the van, the League cheers for their young hero. Soon, this story makes the news, as the newspaper reads "Local boy helps League save the day!" Cut back to the Larry cave as the League is about to reward Ricochet.)

Alfred: For incredibly heroic acts in the line of duty...

LarryBoy: When the rest of the League was frozen...

ThingamaBob: You trusted God and overcame your fear!

Alfred: Junior Asparagus, I hereby name you an official member of the League of Incredible Vegetables!

Ricochet: Not a junior member?

Alfred: Not anymore, Ricochet.

Ricochet: Woohoo!

(He bounces around the cave excitedly.)

Alfred: And one more thing. (The League presents a blue jet-ski for Ricochet.) Your super-vehicle!

Ricochet: A jet-ski? But what about the water?

Alfred: Who said anything about water?

(Cut to the whole League in their vehicles as their theme song plays. And it turns out Ricochet's jet-ski can fly, that way he doesn't have to worry about water.)

ThingamaBob: The League of Incredible Vegetables, away!

(They all speed off to fight more crime as the camera pans up to show S-Cape and Ricochet flying in front of the League signal. And the story ends.)

Closing Countertop[]

(Cut back to the countertop with Bob and Larry, now as ThingamaBob and LarryBoy.)

ThingamaBob: Ah, a job well done! I feel super!

LarryBoy: You look super.

ThingamaBob: You know, I've been missin' out all these years.

LarryBoy: Missing out?

ThingamaBob: Well, you've been LarryBoy for so long, getting to dress up and battle villains. There really is something to this superhero thing. Woohoo! (He uses his grappling hook to swing around before coming back down.) Ahh! That's awesome!

LarryBoy: It sure is. I wonder if--

ThingamaBob: You wanna wrestle?

LarryBoy: Do I wanna...what?

ThingamaBob: Wrestle! You wanna wrestle? I could take ya.

LarryBoy: You could take me?

ThingamaBob: Yeah! I know you're taller, but I have a lower center of gravity.

(He tackles LarryBoy. LarryBoy then runs off to the left.)

LarryBoy: What are you doing?

ThingamaBob: We can't wrestle with you running away!

LarryBoy: I don't wanna wrestle!

(Alfred calls the two heroes.)

Alfred: Bob? Larry? What's going on?

LarryBoy: Make him stop!

(ThingamaBob tackles LarryBoy again.)

Alfred: Oh. Superhero syndrome. SHS, I should have warned you.

ThingamaBob: Superhero syndrome?

Alfred: Yes. It can be quite energizing to play a superhero for the first time. It can take a while to get back to normal.

LarryBoy: Oh, yeah. I remember. I won the dance-a-thon after the Fib from Outer Space!.

ThingamaBob: Oh, yeah. Dancing could be fun. (he starts dancing)

LarryBoy: It's time to talk about what we learned today.

(The What We Have Learned song plays, ThingamaBob and LarryBoy dance along to it.)

Vocalists: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today

God has a lot to say in his book

ThingamaBob: I love that song!

LarryBoy: Really?

(As the second half of the song plays, they continue dancing before bringing up a verse.)

Vocalists: You see we know that God's word is for everyone

Now that our song is done we'll take a look

ThingamaBob: Ahh, that's great!

(QWERTY pulls up a verse that reads...)

LarryBoy: "When I am afraid, I put my trust in You. Psalm 56:3."

ThingamaBob: So, Sean, whenever you feel afraid, you can put your trust in God.

LarryBoy: And when you realize that God is bigger than anything you can fear, it'll help you to not feel scared.

Alfred: Well done, Master Larry! ThingamaBob! Such an important lesson for all of us to learn.

LarryBoy: That's all the time we have for today. Always remember. God made you special.

ThingamaBob: And He loves you very much.

All: Bye!

ThingamaBob: I'm goin' jogging!

(As the credits roll, they are presented like a comic book. During the credits, we're treated to "The League of Incredible Vegetables" by The Newsboys.)

(End of transcript.)