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The Jail Cell is a recurring setting used in VeggieTales.

The cell has benches for prisoners to rest, a barred up window, and a furnace.


It was originally used a jail for London, England in The Star of Christmas when Cavis and Millward were arrested for stealing the Star.

It was then used again as the jail for DodgeBall City for The Ballad of Little Joe when Little Joe was arrested for stealing money, even though he didn't. A window was added in that episode.

Then the set was remodeled for Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler when Don was arrested for damaging the Food Factory. It was redesigned in that episode, even though the layout was kept.

Fun Facts

  • According to Brian Roberts on the DVD commentary for Sheerluck, he preferred the original model of the Jail Cell from Little Joe as the bricks were modeled instead of textures.