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The Island of the Care-a-Beans

Cindy Kenney


February 19, 2008

The Island of the Care-a-Beans is the first book of the VeggieTales Mission Possible series.


Let the special child in your life be the star in this exciting VeggieTales@ Mission Possible series with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber! Every child wants to be the star in their own adventure! In this new, VeggieTales® Mission Possible series, kids get to be the star in every book! In this first exciting story, your child will jump on board the "Get Up'n Go Machine" and learn the importance of caring about others. The Island of the Care-a-Beans is in danger of sinking into the ocean! Bob the Tomato is worried silly. Larry the Cucumber is looking for a superhero. But all this adventure really needs is that special child in your life!