The Imposters

Tim Hodge


Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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The Imposters is the first half of the tenth episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


At Bob and Larry's house, Larry is playing "Baseball 3 Billion" at the same time that Bob is vacuuming the floor, while Bob tells Larry that he wishes that he'd use a plate when he snacks, because there are crumbs everywhere. Because of the volume of the vacuum, Larry can't hear what Bob is saying, even when Bob repeats what he said. Larry ends up misunderstanding, thinking that Bob called him dumb, telling him that that's a mean thing to say, while Bob also misunderstands, thinking that Larry called him Bean Boy, saying, "Well, I never!" In return, Larry misunderstands once again, thinking that Bob said, "Pie pepper." This time, Bob turns off the vacuum while Larry asks Bob why he called him names, but Bob tells Larry that he didn't, because name-calling is a mean thing to do, adding that they're friends and that friends never call each other names. Larry agrees with Bob, before asking him what he was trying to say, Bob answering that he has to get the spot and asks Larry to lift his feet, which confuses Larry. At Motato's lair, Motato has invented a new invention called a Storm Generator Device of Meanness, saying that it is almost ready, and that forecast calls for rain, wind and name-calling. The only thing left that Motato needs to complete his invention is a weather-measuring machine, becoming dismayed when he realizes that the weather-measuring machine is not included with the invention.

Motato then starts wondering where he can get a weather-measuring machine, further wondering who is so boring, bland and such a stick in the mud that they would own a weather-measuring machine. One Radish tells Motato that it's not nice to call Bob names, and Motato answers that he's not a nice person, before realizing what the Radish told him. The Radish then lets Motato know that Bob has a weather-measuring machine, and Motato adds that Bob would never let him borrow it, while the Radish tells Motato that it's too bad that he didn't look like Bob so that he could just walk into his house and take it. This gives Motato the idea that he could disguise himself as Bob. Back at Bob and Larry's house, Bob looks under the couch looking for something at the same time that Larry comes by holding a plate of cookies, as Bob asks him if he's seen his weather-measuring machine, Larry telling him that it's in his bedroom. Bob is about to ask Larry why he put it in his bedroom, but decides not to give it any more mind. While Bob goes upstairs, Motato shows up at the front door before he makes a Bob disguise, saying that "with this Bob disguise, I shall have no problem at all stealing the weather-measuring machine!" Motato then puts the Bob mask on his face and enters the house before greeting Larry, who is sitting on the chair while eating cookies. Larry is confused when he sees Motato, thinking that he's Bob and telling him that he just went upstairs, also asking what's wrong with his voice. Motato answers that he has a cold, then asks Larry where the weather-measuring machine is. Larry says that he just told him, which is in Larry's bedroom, which is upstairs. Because of this, Motato starts to go upstairs while still wearing his Bob mask.

Upstairs in Larry's room, Bob is able to find his weather-measuring machine in Larry's bathtub, which Bob is confused about, asking who puts a weather-measuring machine in their bathtub. After Bob leaves, Motato enters the room trying to find the weather-measuring machine, wondering where he would put it if he were Larry, before realizing that he would put it in the bathtub. Bob then enters the living room again after getting his weather-measuring machine back, which Larry says was fast, before Bob asks him who he was talking to, which Larry is confused about. Motato looks in the bathtub, but is disappointed to see that the weather-measuring machine is gone, wondering where it is, before he puts his disguise back on again. Bob tells Larry that he's making a sandwich and asks Larry if he wants anything while he's up, though Larry tells Bob that he's good. After Bob enters the kitchen, Motato enters the living room before asking where the weather-measuring machine is, before noticing it on Bob's chair. Motato is able to obtain the weather-measuring machine, before Larry tells him that he just went in the kitchen, before Bob calls out that he just went into the kitchen, which Larry is even more confused about. Motato then tells Larry that he just left 10 of whatever thing he wanted in his bedroom, which Larry is excited to hear, thinking that it's 10 banjos, before he rushes upstairs, leaving Motato free to leave the house while carrying the weather-measuring machine. Bob comes back into the room while carrying a sandwich, becoming surprised when he sees that his weather-measuring machine is missing, wondering where it went, before Larry also comes back into the room, wondering where his 10 banjos are, which the two of them are confused about.

Back at Motato's lair, Motato has placed the weather-measuring machine on top of his Storm Generator of Meanness, saying that it is now complete, saying that it's time for some bad weather. When Motato turns it on, the machine tells him to "enter password," which Motato is frustrated about, realizing that he has to retrieve the password from Bob, but would never give it to him. The Radish then suggests to Motato that Bob would give the password to Larry, pulling out a Larry disguise. Back at Bob and Larry's house, Bob is reading a book, when Motato enters the House wearing his Larry disguise, calling Bob 'Bob-tholomew', introducing himself as 'Wacky Larry' and asking Bob if he's seen any good movies lately. Motato almost gives away his plan before quickly catching himself and asking Bob what the password is to the weather-measuring machine. Bob tells Motato that he knows the password, which is "Sockman76." Motato is ecstatic when Bob gives him the password, then says that he did know that because he's Larry, thanking Bob, just as his Larry disguise falls off, but he quickly picks it back up before Bob can even notice. Motato then tells himself that this is his chance to make Bob say mean things, before he, still under his disguise, asks Bob if he thinks that Mayor Archibald is a bit of an oddball, but Bob tells 'Larry' that it's not nice to call people oddballs. Motato still goes on, telling Bob to think about it, before he starts mimicking Mayor Archibald, which this time, Bob is able to agree with. At that moment, Larry is heard asking Bob who he's talking to, which Bob becomes suspicious about as Motato starts to leave.

Bob is able to recognize Motato when he turns around to leave, before Larry shows up, when Bob tells Larry about what happened, explaining that Motato was here dressed as Larry, and that he told him the password to his weather machine and that he got him to call Mayor Archibald an oddball, then tells Larry to turn into LarryBoy. However, Larry is more concerned that Bob called Mayor Archibald an oddball, and then he tells Bob that calling people names is what mean people do. Bob pleads to Larry to become LarryBoy, but Larry refuses, thinking that Bob is looking for a scapegoat, not believing that Motato made Bob do it. Bob then comes up with an idea, as he gets a Motato disguise and peeks in the door to see Larry playing video games. Bob tells himself that he hates to resort to trickery, but the Motato mask is the only way to get LarryBoy into action. Bob then puts glue on the Motato disguise and puts it on, before he enters the house, telling Larry, "Look at me, I'm Motato! I'm going to go... build a fountain of lava or something!" However, Larry sees right through Bob's disguise, before Bob tries passing himself off as Motato, claiming that he knows no such person named Bob and that he's Motato. Bob, while pretending to be Motato, then says that he likes calling people names, saying that Mayor Archibald is an oddball and that Larry is an oddball, but when he says that Officer Wedge is an oddball, Officer Wedge suddenly shows up. When Officer Wedge enters the house and sees Bob in his Motato disguise, he completely falls for the disguise, telling 'Motato' that he's under arrest and that he shouldn't call people names like 'oddball'. Bob tries to tell Officer Wedge that he's not Motato, but when he tries to remove his Motato disguise, the disguise is stuck to his nose and won't come off. Officer Wedge then arrests Bob and takes him away, while still under the impression that Bob is Motato, while Larry is still distracted from playing his video games.

Back at Motato's lair, after Motato has the machine turned on, the machine tells him to enter the password, which Motato does, which is "Sockman76." This time, the machine accepts the password and says to press the power button, which Motato is confused about, saying that he doesn't see a power button. Motato then calls out to the Radishes that he needs Bob, and asks where he is. One Radish then turns on a screen, which shows that Officer Wedge has arrested Bob, while Motato says that they must intercept them, then tells another Radish to set up a free pie stand, saying that Officer Wedge cannot pass up a free pie. Officer Wedge still drives off, while Bob tries telling him that he's not Motato and that he glued the mask to his nose and that it won't come off, but Officer Wedge still doesn't believe him. At that moment, the Radishes are running the free pie stand, while one of them calls out to get free pie, which Officer Wedge is interested to hear, before he stops in front of the free pie stand to get a free pie. When one Radish offers a free pie to Officer Wedge, Officer Wedge thinks that it seems kind of suspicious, at the same time that the monster truck pulls up the police car and tows it away with Bob still in the police car, after Bob calls out to Officer Wedge about what's happening, but Officer Wedge is too late to stop his police car from getting taken away, before calling on his walkie-talkie and says, "Get me LarryBoy!"

The monster truck brings Officer Wedge's police car to Motato's lair, just as Bob comes out and meets up with Motato, who tells Bob that he loves the new look on him, complimenting him for being quite a handsome fellow. After pulling on the disguise a few times, Bob is finally able to remove the disguise as it hits Motato, sending him flying off-screen, before Bob angrily tells Motato that he knew it was him. Motato compliments Bob for being clever, then tells Bob to show him how to turn on his weather-measuring machine that he stole from him so that he generate a storm of meanness. Bob then comes up with an idea on how to outsmart Motato, telling Motato that the machine is actually hard to turn on, while Motato says that he knew that it couldn't be that he didn't know what he was doing, then tells Bob to make it work now. Bob then comes up to the machine as he starts tinkering it with him, moving to a different position while doing so when Motato tries looking over his shoulder to see what he's doing. Motato impatiently tells Bob to let him see, but Bob tells him to wait until he's finished, before he resumes tampering with the machine once again. Bob then finishes working on the machine and tells Motato that the on button should work with ease now, which is perfect for using a storm to make people say mean things. Motato is excited, thanking Bob for his help, then asks Bob what he does now, and Bob tells him to push the big red button. Motato is about to push the button, when Bob stops him, telling him that he's going to stand over there, which Bob does, before finally telling Motato to push the button. Motato then says that he presents the Storm Generator of Meanness, before he pushes the red button, which activates the machine as it produces a dark cloud, which then appears above Motato and sends out a lightning bolt which electrocutes Motato.

After Motato gets electrocuted by the machine, he says to Bob that he's generous, smart, and kind, which he is surprised to hear when he says these words, while Bob is happy that the reversal of the Storm Generator is successful, explaining that he reversed the polarity to create a storm of kindness, and that Motato will now only say nice things. Despite this, Motato then politely calls for the Radishes to fight as they start to approach Bob in a threatening matter. When Bob is surrounded, one Radish is about to make the first move, when LarryBoy and Officer Wedge show up wearing Radish disguises, then remove their disguises, which the Radishes are surprised to see. LarryBoy uses his Super Suction Ear to throw one Radish into the toilet, while Officer Wedge sits on another Radish before that Radish can escape, while the other Radishes run away. Bob then tells Officer Wedge to "handcuff this hot potato," which Officer Wedge does, while Motato tells Officer Wedge that he is a brave and handsome public servant. Bob tells LarryBoy that Motato's bad influence got him to call people names and got him arrested, but LarryBoy stops him, telling him that they should sing about it. Because of this, Bob and LarryBoy start singing a song about how we should be kind to people around us, whether they are nice to us or not, and that we should not be mean to them or call them names. After the song ends, Officer Wedge has Motato put in his squad car, agreeing that we shouldn't call people bad names, before Bob comes up with an idea, which is that they should call each other good names. LarryBoy then tells Bob that he's a real pal, while Bob tells LarryBoy that he's his best friend, while Officer Wedge says that he likes pie, which Bob and LarryBoy laugh about.


Fun Facts


  • Some of the "names" Bob and Larry called out are:
    • Dumb
    • Bean boy (See Inside References)
    • Pie pepper


  • The title card is wrongly depicted when compared to the episode. These include:
    • Motato's right eye is pink, when it is normally green.
    • The cardboard disguise is smiling, while he has a neutral expression. The left eye has an iris, while in the episode, it does not.
  • Larry knows Bob imitating Motato, yet he does not recognize Motato imitating Bob. Also, Wedge should know that Bob is under the disguise, as he should know the voices are not the same.
  • Officer Wedge eats the whole pie with the tin.
  • Bob actually calls LarryBoy "Larry" in front of both Motato and Officer Wedge. Doug TenNapel stated this was a mistake.


  • James Covell was not credited for the episode.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • "Reverse the polarity" is a quote from the novel Edison's Conquest of Mars, which means the opposite of normal polarity. This line was previously used in Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier.

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