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The Hopperena is the 30th Silly Song and was featured in 'Twas the Night Before Easter.

Presented as "The Latest Dance Craze with Jean-Claude and Philippe", the French Peas invent a new dance craze (a spoof of the Macarena), which Archibald becomes a big fan of.


The Announcer: And now it's time for The Latest Dance Craze: with Jean Claude and Phillipe, the part of the show where Jean Claude and Phillipe come out and teach us the latest dance craze.

Jean Claude: 'ello boys and girls! I am Jean Claude Pea.

Phillipe: And I am Phillipe!

Jean Claude: Get ready to learn the latest dance craze sweeping the nation.

Phillipe: So, Jean Claude, where do we start?

Jean Claude: After you, Phillipe. After you.

Phillipe: (singing) We're a couple of chipper little French peas.

Jean Claude: Most of the veggies totally agree-e.

Phillipe: And when we're feeling really really happy...

Together: We do the Hopperena! (end singing)

Jean Claude: You may ask yourself, "What is the Hopperena?"

Phillipe: "And how do I do the Hopperena? What am I missing out on? Will people like me if I fail to grasp it? Should I just eat a bon-bon and go back to bed?"

Jean Claude: That's totally normal. Calm down, and we will show you. (singing) You don't need much to do the Hopperena.

Phillipe: It won't take too much time-a to explain-a.

Jean Claude: Fuzzy slippers on your feet,

Phillipe: Bunny ears upon your brain,

Together: Now do the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Okay! Now that we've got on bunny slippers and ears, what we're going to do is take a hop to the left.

(They hop to the left)

Phillipe: Left!

Jean Claude: Beautiful! Now take a hop to the right.

(They hop to the right)

Phillipe: Right!

Jean Claude: Tres bien! You've got it! Hop to the left.

Phillipe: We do the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Then hop to the right.

Phillipe: I love the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Back to the left.

Phillipe: And do it once again-a.

Together: Oh, hopperena!

Jean Claude: That's it! Amazing! You have mastered the dance so quickly!

Phillipe: Let's keep going!

Jean Claude: Hop to the left.

(Archibald the Asparagus looks through the door confusedly)

Phillipe: (offscreen) We do the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: Then hop to the right.

Archibald: Hold it!

Jean Claude: Hop.

Phillipe: Hop.

Archibald: Stop the music! What are you doing?!

(The peas continue to bounce up and down, saying "hop." quietly)

Archibald: Hop to the left, hop to the right, hop to the left, hop to the right again? This isn't a dance, it's hopscotch!

Jean Claude: That's Hopperena.

(Phillipe nods proudly)

Archibald: The dance has to be more involved. You need more steps, more room for interpretation.

(The peas look at Archibald blankly)

Phillipe: We have... bunny ears.

Jean Claude: You think it's so easy? Let's see you do it.

Archibald: Alright, then.

(Music resumes playing and Archibald hops to the left and to the right. Jean Claude takes off his bunny ears.)

Jean Claude: No, no, no, no, no, You need the ears and feet.

(Phillipe puts his slippers on Archibald as Jean Claude puts his ears on Archibald's head)

(Music resumes)

Jean Claude: (singing) Archibald is a serious asparagus.

Phillipe: I believe you'd probably agree with us.

Jean Claude: The best way to not be a sourpuss...

Together: Do the Hopperena!

Jean Claude: Hop to the left.

Phillipe: He does the Hopperena.

Jean Claude: He hops to the right.

Phillipe: Try not-a to complain-a.

Jean Claude: Back to the left.

Phillipe: And do it once again-a.

Together: Hey, hopperena!

Archibald: This is actually quite fun! Let's see... I hop to the left.

Jean Claude: Hoppy hopperena!

Phillipe: Then hop to the right.

Archibald: I love the Hopperena!

Jean Claude: Back to the left.

Archibald: I'll do it once again-a. Hey Hopperena! (laughs) Oh, ha ha, haha! This is quite fun. Ha, ha, ha, haha! La, ha, ha, haha!

Jean Claude: Ahm, can I have my ears back?

Archibald: Ha, ha, ha, haha!

(Archibald climbs onto exercise ball, continuing to hum while the music plays. The peas look on.)

Phillipe: Okay, that's enough, thank you!

Archibald: (continues to laugh while the other exercise ball is knocked down and he bounces into the waltzing diagram) This is very pleasant!

The Announcer: (Archibald's laughter and bouncing continues in the background) This has been The Latest Dance Craze with Jean Claude and Phillipe. Tune in next time to hear Jean Claude say...

Jean Claude: I am embarrassed for you.

Fun Facts

  • The song is a parody of The Macarena.
  • This is also the first Silly Song Archibald enjoys that is not written by himself.
  • In some shots, the Peas' bodies clip through the slippers.
  • This is the first Silly Song since Where Have All the Staplers Gone? to be animated by Huhu Studios.