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The Grapes of Wrath
Directed by

Phil Vischer

Written by

Phil Vischer

Music by

Kurt Heinecke




10 minutes and 19 seconds

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The Grapes of Wrath is a story told by Larry the Cucumber in the VeggieTales episode God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!. It is a parody of the John Steinbeck classic The Grapes of Wrath and it mentions a verse from the parable of the Unforgiving Servant.


One day, a wrathful family of four sour grapes named Pa Grape, Ma Grape, Tom Grape, and Rosie Grape are riding around in their car. They are grapes who live their lives insulting and belittling people. After Pa Grape runs into a tree stump and launches Tom and Rosie out of the car, Rosie & Tom start blaming each other for who made the car crash. Pa butts in and tells Rosie to apologize to Tom for calling him "boy," because he is eighteen years old so that would mean that she should have used the term "man." After apologizing to her older brother for calling him "boy," Rosie then spots Junior Asparagus outside his house playing. The family begin to assume that he is a bean who is wearing cheese on his head. Junior then speaks up, saying that he is an asparagus and that he is not wearing cheese on his head, but a yellow hat. He takes off his hat, exposing his sprouts. The grapes begin to mock him saying that he glued peas to his head, which upsets him to tears. Mr. Asparagus comes out wondering what's going on and Junior tells him the situation. He then confronts the grapes and chastises them for what they just did to his son because it was mean and it hurts other people's feelings when they say mean stuff like they just did. The grapes apologize for their wrongdoing, and Mr. Asparagus asks Junior to forgive the grapes after their sincere apology. Junior forgives the grapes and Mr. Asparagus tells Junior to come inside for dinner.

Tom and Rosie, overhearing Junior's name, begin to laugh and make fun of his name. Insulted and enraged, Junior comes to confront Tom and Rosie, but is hit by a gardening hoe, which makes him fall back into his toy truck, which then rolls into his sandbox, which makes Junior fly up in the air and finally land in the sandbox. This causes Tom and Rosie to laugh some more, but Mr. Asparagus, Pa and Ma Grape are not impressed with them. After Tom and Rosie apologize again, Bob and Larry intervene in the story and say that Junior forgives the grapes again. Junior is reluctant to forgive the grapes after insulting his name, but the grapes are really sorry again and Larry mentions that when we offend God and say we're sorry to him, he will forgive us no matter what. Junior then asks Bob and Larry how many times he needs to forgive the grapes.

Not knowing how many times to forgive someone, Bob and Larry go to Qwerty on how many times we need to forgive them according to the Bible with Bob asking if it's 7 times. Qwerty pulls up Matthew 18:22. "Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but 70 times 7." Larry asks Bob if he knows what 70×7 is. Bob says he does not know the answer and asks Larry. It turns out he does not know either. Bob then asks everyone from the story what the answer is. After Tom, Ma & Pa try out some answers, Rosie correctly says the answer is 490. Junior then forgives the grapes, and the grapes say that they will change their names since they will no longer be mean. Mr. Asparagus suggests that the Grapes should be called the "Grapes of Math" since their daughter has got some great math skills. The grapes are happy with the new name and they drive off to share their niceness with the rest of the world, while Junior and his dad go inside for supper.

Fun Facts[]


  • Despite the segment being named after the John Steinbeck novel, it bares absolutely no similarities to the book other than the title and also having four characters who go by "Ma", "Pa", "Tom", and "Rosie". This parody is SO different from the actual book that Bob even asks Larry on two separate occasions "Are you sure that's how the story goes?" The Grapes otherwise appear to be inspired by the Beverly Hillbillies, who also drive a black vintage truck with an elevated rear seat.
  • The segment reverses the personalities of the characters from the book, In the VeggieTales sketch, Ma, Pa, Tom, and Rosie are mean and sour bullies who have to learn about forgiveness and giving sincere apologies. The characters they were named after (The Joad family) were rather normal, good-hearted, and thoughtful people.
  • "Rosie" is a shorter name for "Rose of Sharon" (a main character from the original Grapes of Wrath novel).
  • The idea for this episode was actually conceived by Mike prior to production on Where's God When I'm S-Scared?.
  • This segment appeared on God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!Happy Together! and Growing Faithful Kids!. On the former, it is paired with Larry's Lagoon.
  • The classroom edition of this has The Water Buffalo Song.
  • Ma Grape never moves from the car throughout the whole segment.

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