Comedy of Errors

Tod Carter


Kirby Atkins


23 minutes

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Comedy of Errors is the seventh episode from the first season of 3-2-1 Penguins!


At nighttime, Michelle is watching a scary television show Dr. Pimento's Scare Fest. She gets frighted and she runs away and sings a song to herself. Jason asks what she was doing. Michelle, embarrassed to admit she was singing, replies that she was just looking for dust on the floor. Jason states that she was hiding, but he doesn't know why she was singing. Michelle tells Jason that the song comforts her whenever she's scared. Her brother, however, thinks it's funny. Grandmum later explains to the two that sharing other people's secrets can hurt someone.

Fun Facts


Inside References

  • The way Michelle got scared when watching a scary T.V. show is similar to how Junior Asparagus got scared before.
  • The verse quoted is "Proverbs

Real World References

  • Dr. Pimento's voice is similar to Igor.
  • The title shares the same name with one of William Shakespheare's plays.



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