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The Galeezle (sometimes credited as the Galeezel) is a device used by Fidgel. It is designed to grab things and shrink them down from its regular size. Fidgel uses it frequently on Jason and Michelle. The Metric Magnetic Matter Disperser is one of the main components.



Prototype Galeezle

The Galeezle was invented by Bert Bertman during his years at the Academy. He used it to make himself grow larger, but failed. He later built a better version, but never used it after he vanished. After his disappearance, Fidgel obtained it, and kept it ever since.


The Galeezle's main function is to shrink the user or object to a small size. Fidgel first operates it by releasing the claw, and he then reels it in. In the original episodes, it never indicated if it can make things grow in larger size since the mission abruptly ends as a dream. But this was later confirmed in the television episodes.

Other uses

Other than shrinking things, the Galeezle can be use to grab things, like when Kevin tried to rescue Jason from Uncle Blobb.

It even manged to swapped others' bodies, like when Fidgel was testing it on Kevin, and Zidgel was in contact with him and swapped minds.


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