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Jean-Claude and Phillipe
  • Gender: Males
  • Species: Peas

Phillipe & Jean-Claude are The French Peas in VeggieTales.


In Jean-Claude's debut episode, he was one of the main Philistines along with Christophe, where they were fighting against the Israelites with their greatest weapon, Goliath. However, they have defeated thanks to Dave.

In the next episode, he was paired up with Phillipe and they were guarding the walls the Jericho. They discovered that Joshua and the Israelites wanted to cross the wall, but the peas refuse them to and dropped slushies on top of them. But they were defeated when the walls came down, crushing them along with the rubble.


Jean-Claude and Phillipe are very cheeky and mischievous.

Physical Appearance

Jean-Claude and Phillipe are green peas with freckles. Because they look very alike, it's hard to tell who is whom. The difference with them is their voices, as Jean-Claude's voice is low and raspy, while Phillipe's is high and smooth.

For VeggieTales in the City and VeggieTales in the House, they gained a different appearance so viewers can figure out which one is which. Jean-Claude is bright green and has a red nose with a mustache. He also gained cartoony-type eyes and eyebrows. Phillipe is dark green and has an orange nose with a french-style mustache. He also gained a thin unibrow.

Finally, in The VeggieTales Show; they go back to their original design.


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Voice Actors



Christophe Pea

  • Chris Olsen (Dave and the Giant Pickle to Very Silly Songs!)
  • Phil Vischer (Beauty and the Beet only)

Fun Facts

  • The French Peas are based on the Frenchmen from the "Monty Python" series.
  • During production on "Josh and the Big Wall", a former staff member who is French-Canadian was offended that they're French and the bad guys. However, they showed the episode to actual French people and they thought it was funny.
  • In Dave and the Giant Pickle, before Phillipe Pea debuted, there was another french pea named Christophe. He was voiced by Chris Olsen, and has made very few cameos since his debut, his last one being Beauty and the Beet.
    • However, given that he was paired with Jean-Claude in Dave and the Giant Pickle, Christophe can easily be mistaken for an early version of Phillipe.
  • In the series, it's never been classified if both peas are related or not. Phil Vischer stated they're not.
  • In the Larry and Mr. Lunt commentary for Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, Larry reveals that the French Peas actually speak with Swedish accents.



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