This is for the list of the founders of Bumblyburg in the different Larry-Boy series.

Obadiah Bumbly

"Today, we give thanks for our safe arrival on these beautiful and bountiful shores."
— After arrive the foundations of the soon Bumblyburg



Obadiah Bumbly
  • Species: Cucumber

Obadiah Bumbly is the founder of Bumblyburg in the main Larry-Boy series. He is portrayed by Larry.


In the early 1700s, his ship the Cauliflower landed while finding a new land to reside, and declared it as the new resting grounds. He was also responsible for starting the town, which became the founding for the city of Bumblyburg.

He was later known for banishing Ephraim Apply when he tried to take over the then-village.

A statue was dedicated to him after his death.

He was only seen in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple.

Fun Facts

  • Originally, Obidiah was going to be a potato, and then a blueberry, making him more of a relative. The staff decided to make him being played by Larry instead.
  • Originally, the statue had a pitchfork.

Sir Lester Bumbly

Sir Lester Bumbly
  • Species: Possibly Asparagus

Sir Lester Bumbly is one of the founders of Bumblyburg in Larry-Boy: The Cartoon Adventures.


Not much is said about Sir Lester, though according to Bumblyburg's history, he and his shipmate Sir Mortimer Burg founded the land after getting lost on a trip to Italy.

A statue is dedicated to him at Bumblyburg Park. Awful Alvin's lair is hidden underneath the statue, and it's equipped with a secret camera for Alvin to spy on.

Though he is no longer alive, Lester's statue can be seen at Bumblyburg Park in numerous episodes.

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