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"Food as Big as Your Head"
— slogan


The Food Factory is a recently constructed restaurant, and it was built across the street from Cafe LaMancha.


Don had a nightmare that it was going to take his business, so he tried crazy ideas to lure his customers back.

In Don's vision, he sees the factory as a giant monster, and it was his duty to vanquish the beast. However, the only thing he damaged from the restaurant is just part of the wind sails.

The sails are in the shape of spatulas, and contains a burger, a box of fries, a hotdog, and a pizza.

Fun Facts


  • Brian Roberts states the slogan was based on a Mexican restaurant in Chicago where they claim they have burritos the size as your head.
  • The Food Factory is based off the Cheesecake Factory, mixed with the windmill from the original Don Quixote story.
  • This is the fourth factory Mr. Nezzer owns in the series.
  • Chuck Vollmer designed the "dream" Food Factory's movements based on a gorilla, where it uses the small buildings on the side to lift itself off the ground.