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The End of Silliness?

Mike Nawrocki


Jon Gadsby


Mike Nawrocki

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


November 24, 1998


37 minutes

The End of Silliness?, also known as Silly Sing-Along 2 is the eleventh episode of VeggieTales and the second sing along video.

This episode takes places after the events of Madame Blueberry


Because one of Larry's silly songs was so silly and confusing, Archibald has cancelled Silly Songs with Larry. Feeling depressed, he goes down to Jimmy's ice cream parlor to drown his sorrows. While there, Jimmy tries and fails to cheer up Larry by showing him past Silly Songs.

Archibald later appears with his wife and at first tries to avoid being recognized by Larry, but eventually he reveals himself and introduces Mr. Lunt's love song, "His Cheeseburger." Now understanding the reason for Larry's distress, Jimmy becomes angry and stands up for Larry, stating that he would feel the same way if he were in Larry's position.

Archibald apologizes and reads Larry a petition from millions of fans who all say that the misunderstanding from the "The Song of the Cebu" incident should be forgiven and forget. Archibald then lets Larry know that he can perform Silly Songs again. Overjoyed, Larry is given the honor of releasing a new song.

Fun Facts


  • This marks the last appearnce of Lovely to date.