"You don't mean..."
"Yes, it's my fault! All my fault! I'm the one to blame!"
— Jimmy and Archibald
The End of Silliness?

Mike Nawrocki


Jon Gadsby


Mike Nawrocki

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


Word Entertainment


November 24th, 1998


37 minutes

Previous episode

Madame Blueberry

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Larry-Boy and
the Rumor Weed

The End of Silliness?, also known as Silly Sing-Along 2, is the eleventh episode of VeggieTales and the second sing along video.

This episode is set in after the events of Madame Blueberry.


Sometime after the previous episode (Madame Blueberry) in which Archibald Asparagus had cancelled Silly Songs with Larry, Larry, having detoured to Jimmy's ice cream parlor on a stormy night, is in a state of depression over the new change, and gives himself an ice cream headache after drowning his sorrows in ice cream sundaes. Inside the ice cream parlor, Jimmy is washing some plates. After flashing back to the events during and after "The Song of the Cebú," Larry begins to toss and turn in great stress, which gives Jimmy no choice but to sedate him as the scene cuts off.

As the scene returns, Jimmy is able to snap Larry out of his stress after sedating him and asks if he's okay. Larry replies such and tells Jimmy to press G7, explaining how he was performing "The Song of the Cebú" when things went awry.

At the end of the song, Jimmy laughs, finding the song funny, but Larry's angry stare quickly puts him off of laughing any more. After Larry tells him it wasn't his fault that Photo Hut had mixed up his slides, Jimmy assures him messing up on one song isn't the end of the world. Soon after, a mysterious man in a trench coat, followed by a woman wearing a red dress and red hair, walks in. However, the man's face is obscured by the turned-up collar of his coat, before he places his briefcase on the counter. Jimmy then tells the man and the woman that he'll be with them in a minute before he goes back to the jukebox and pushes a few more buttons on it. As he returns to service the man and woman who just entered, the jukebox plays some more songs.

Larry is now more down than ever, singing "It Isn't Any Trouble to Just S-M-I-L-E" while sobbing, which Jimmy admits seems to be a result of choosing the wrong song. The mysterious man is at first stern but becomes mildly sympathetic once he sees how Larry feels. Jimmy plays more songs on the jukebox and is amused by them, however, Larry is still unhappy. When Jimmy wants to know why Larry is so down in the dumps, the mysterious man reveals himself as Archibald Asparagus, saying that he'll tell him what's going on. Larry is surprised, but also furious, that Archibald has appeared. Archibald approaches the jukebox and brings up the previous episode's song, including the part that saw Archibald declare "Silly Songs with Larry" to be cancelled, which horrifies Larry.

Jimmy becomes shocked and appalled at Archibald's treatment of Larry and says that he too would feel the same way if someone took his songs away. Archibald attempts to explain himself, saying that he believed he was acting in the public's best interest, while Jimmy can only give him a rather scornful look. Archibald opens up the briefcase that he had brought with him and reveals a petition that 167,512 fans had posted, asking that "Silly Songs with Larry" be brought back and that Archibald forgive and forget "The Song of the Cebú" incident. Archibald hops on the counter and elaborates that the silliness is just beginning, before fainting. Picking himself back up, he tells Larry not to be too silly. Larry is finally cheered up as he plays a new silly song on the jukebox.



Home media

It was first released November 24th, 1998 by Word Entertainment. On May 23rd, 2000, Lyrick Studios and Word Entertainment reprinted it. On June 18th, 2002, Warner Home Video reprinted it. On November 9th, 2004, Sony Wonder released it on DVD as part of The Complete Silly Song Collection. On September 18th, 2007, it was reprinted on DVD.

Fun Facts




Lyrick Studios VHS and Warner Home Video VHS Title Card

  • The Lyrick Studios VHS release changed the title card to say "The End of Silliness?: More Really Silly Songs!". However, VHS Screener copies and the DVD release retained the original "Silly Sing-Along 2: The End of Silliness?" title card from the Word Entertainment VHS release.
  • This show was first released on DVD in 2004 as part of The Complete Silly Song Collection. It was given a separate DVD release on September 18, 2007.
    • This got nominated for the 2000 Long Form Music Video of the Year by GMA Dove Award.
  • For a limited time upon the episode's release, calling 673-9050 would prompt the caller to dial a set of numbers. Dialling either one of the two combinations would play one of two songs:


  • The settings menu shows Larry with Barbara Manatee, even though that song's not in the DVD.
  • In the DVD-Rom section, it shows pictures from God Is Bigger and The Hairbrush Song, but those songs aren't on the video.
  • According to what may be the only edition of the Veggie Gazette on Big Idea's website, Larry had been in the parlour for hours and only talking "say-boo" when Jimmy tried to cheer him up. If that's the case, were there other customers at the parlor who left the establishment over being unable to put up with Larry? Wouldn't Jimmy have asked him to leave at some point as well?
  • Larry asks Jimmy if Scallions Two and Three got hurt in the song, even though 1. Jimmy wasn't in that episode, and 2. Larry was there watching them and should have known what happened.
  • The rain suddenly stops after Archibald opens his suitcase.
  • Larry seems more relieved that he got his segment back than that he was completely vindicated when Archibald made a scandal of himself by his wily attempt to cancel Larry's segment and introduce someone else in his place all over one silly mistake that, allegedly, wasn't even Larry's fault either.
    • Archibald stating in the episode before last that he's "gonna have to talk to Bob about this" would also raise a question of whether or not he and Bob were colluding to derail Larry's music career. If that's the case, they both should've gotten in trouble with the show or perhaps fired on the spot. It's unclear whether or not the incident forever stained Larry's relationship with either of the two, though it could be seen that it did.
  • Although not a goof, there are some shots where Larry's seen without his tooth.


  • As the scene returns following the theme song, Jimmy and Larry are both seen clipping into their seats.
  • When Larry tells Jimmy to play G7, there's some black from the rain animation on Larry.
  • As Larry is explaining the messup on "The Song of the Cebú from "Josh and the Big Wall!" to Jimmy, his nose clips into the table.

Inside References

  • The number G-7 could be referring either to the seventh episode of VeggieTales (excluding the ones between Dave and Larry-Boy since they don't include the countertop), or the seventh Silly Song in the entire series. (See Real-World References)

Real World-References

  • As stated by Mike Nawrocki, the opening scene of Jimmy's restaurant is a spoof of a painting with a similar scene called Nighthawks.
  • G7 was the button combination used in the 1998 film "Dirty Work". (See Inside References)
  • Foto Hut (Photo Hut) was a photography chain that started in 1972.

Fast Forward

  • Jimmy's line, "Wanna talk about it?" would be echoed again.
  • On a similar note, Archibald would say "It's my fault! All my fault! I'm the one to blame!" again.
  • Moose Lake would later be the location of the children's museum in Minnesota Cuke as well as the home of Mr. Lunt's cousin in Jonah.

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