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The Doom Funnel Rescue

33 minutes

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The Doom Funnel Rescue! is the fifth direct-to-video episode for 3-2-1 Penguins!


Some mail gets delivered to Grandmum's cottage. Jason challenges Michelle to a race to the mailbox. She thinks about this for a few seconds, and after she starts to run, agrees. Jason, running after her, tells her that it's no fair that she got a headstart. But then Grandmum came in and told them that to not hold good to those who deserve it. Then Jason reads his letter from Trever. Then he finds a mouse named Preston and makes a house for him and shows him his space stuff and then Michelle sees the mouse and then they argue about him liking space stuff or culture. Then he gets galezelled by the Penguins. Then they run out of gas and stop at the gas station. Then Kevin gets a robot named B.I.N.G and everybody uses him/her to show the Penguins new things. Then they get a call from Professor Wordsworth then they bring him in to try to save his home. Then B.I.N.G uses duct tape to save the colony from getting sucked in by the Doom Funnel. Then Kevin gives B.I.N.G to the Professor and then Jason comes back home looking for Preston and then he finds him with Michelle and then they say their prayers when they went to bed. Then the Penguins sing The Story Of The Spaceship Driving Man.


This is the only direct-to-home video where all of the Penguins stay in the ship the whole mission.