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The Don't-Touchables

Doug Peterson

Illustrated by

Ron Eddy
John Trent


February 26, 2004

The Don't Touchables is the second book in the Mess Detectives series. It features a lesson in sharing.


The Mess Detectives, starring Bob and Larry, are back again to sort through another mess and help kids learn a lesson about sharing.

Case #239 - 11:23 am:

Veggie Detectives, Bob and Larry are called to the scene of another messy crime, but when they arrive at the home of Percy Pea, they discover he's burning mad. Percy doesn't want his little brother to EVER touch his stuff! His Magnetic Man action figure is missing and he thinks Li'l Pea took it. But, did Li'l Pea really do it? See how the messy truth comes out in this case of the Don't-Touchables.

Kids will enjoy being a part of the investigation as Bob and Larry uncover the messy mystery and learn a lesson about how to share with others.




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