The Dinkletown Christmas Parade! was an online story game that was on the official website.


It's almost Christmas in Dinkletown, and everybody is getting ready to celebrate the annual Christmas parade. This year, Larry is planning to make the best costume.

First, Larry asks his best friend Bob for some glue. Bob gives it to him, then asks him if his costume is going to be covered in action figures and candy. Larry comments that that's tempting, but states that there's more to Christmas than just those. Later, he asks Jimmy and Jerry if they have any sticks from the fort they built last summer. Jerry asked Larry if he's going to dress up as Santa Claus. Larry says no. Jerry then thinks Larry'll dress up as sticks. Finally, Larry asks Pa Grape if he has any string. The old grape lets him have some, and asks if he is going to be a Christmas tree. Larry says no, and that he'll just have to wait and see. After getting all the supplies he needs, Larry builds his special parade costume.

Later that night, the Christmas parade is starting. Everyone is there, except for Larry. Bob decides to find out where his best friend is, and he finds him stuck in the snow by the workshop due to his heavy costume. Larry explains that his costume is a nativity scene, the event where Jesus was born. Bob is surprised about this, and compliments his buddy about what he did. After rescuing him out of the snow, Bob, Larry, and the citizens of Dinkletown start their Christmas parade, and Bob and Larry saying "Merry Christmas!" to each other.

How to play

Use your mouse to drag the certain items Larry might need, and use the mouse to help Bob find Larry.

Fun Facts


  • The game is no longer available after the website was revamped. However, the game can still be found at Internet Archives.


  • On the online version, after you give Larry the items when he's talking to the other characters, it skips to the next scene. The one included on the DVD has Larry thanking the characters for the items he needs.
  • The map of Dinkletown is different compared to how it was from The Toy That Saved Christmas. Some of the changes are:
    • More houses around the center.
    • Buzz Saw Louie's house is absent.
    • Mr. Nezzer's Toy Factory is absent.
    • A playground, general store, and workshop are added.


  • Larry's eyes became smaller when he asks the viewers to drag the items on the work bench.

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