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The Companion Ship
Directed by

Craig George

Produced by


Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


March 25, 2016


11 minutes

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The Lost Tooth

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The Companion Ship is the second half of the tenth episode from the third season of VeggieTales in the House.


Bob and Larry are hard at work, as Larry asks Bob what they're doing, Bob answering that they're going to build a boat. When Larry asks why, Bob answers that it's because they're going to go boating out on the lake. When Larry asks why again, Bob irritably tells Larry that it's because it was his idea, before Larry claims that he knew that and compliments himself for the the great idea. Bob then pulls out a piece of paper, which are the instructions, saying that he'll build the front while Larry builds the back, then says that with a little hard work, they'll be done in half the time, then asks Larry if it sounds good, Larry answering, "Sounds great!" Bob takes the saw from Larry as Larry prepares to hammer a piece of wood, saying that this should be fun, but when he hammers the wood, he says that this is so much work, while Bob has already finished the front of the boat in no time. When Bob asks Larry how it's going, Larry lies, saying that it's going fine while he hammers the wood with the hammer, before Bob tells him to make sure that his half is finished by tomorrow morning so they can go out on the lake. Larry is now seen hammering the wood with a lobster while saying, "No problema!" but when he notices that he's using a lobster instead of a hammer, he throws the lobster away and picks up the hammer again and hammers the wood once again.

After Bob has gone back inside the house again, Larry puts down the hammer, saying that the boat will build itself, then asks if it's a thing. Larry then starts to read a comic book, well into the night, until it is now morning, where Larry is now asleep, until he is awakened by the rooster crowing, surprising him and asking what that was. Bacon Bill is trying to crow like a rooster, but he coughs while saying that the cold he has is the worst. Larry then realizes that the boat didn't build itself and that it isn't a thing. Because of that, Larry quickly and hurriedly tries to get the back of the boat built, just as Bob comes out of the house, asking Larry if he's ready for a day out on the lake. Larry has just gotten the back of the boat hastily built, saying, "You bet I am!" Bob is uncertain about whether Larry really is ready, while Larry tries assuring Bob that he is ready. Bob and Larry have taken the boat to the lake, while Bob says, "All aboard for the first voyage of the Companion Ship!", before he and Larry place the boat in the water then get in the boat as they start rowing their boat on the lake. However, the sound of wood creaking is suddenly heard, as Bob asks what that sound was, though Larry tries denying hearing anything and suggests that they go fishing instead, while Bob says, "Now you're speaking my language!" Larry then says that the first to catch a fish is king of the universe, as he and Larry prepare to cast their lines, but their fishing hooks end up getting hooked to each other, as they try to pull on their fishing poles. Another wood creaking sound is heard, while Bob realizes that the noise is back, before casting his line forward, throwing Larry until he falls into the water. Bob pulls Larry back onto the boat, while Larry now has a fish in his mouth and says, "King of the universe!" After Larry spits the fish back out, Bob asks Larry what he wants to do now, Larry suggesting "fish-calling", which Bob says that he's never heard of.

Larry tells Bob that it's great and for him to watch, as he sticks his head in the water and starts calling for fish, but unfortunately, while Larry is fish-calling, a leak suddenly appears in the boat, as Bob tells Larry that there's something wrong with the boat. Bob pulls Larry back into the boat again and tells him that the boat is leaking, while Larry asks "Who installed that feature?", Bob saying that they're going to sink. Larry says that he's on it as he sits on the leak, but that causes the water to shoot from his invisible ears, which tickles Larry. Another leak suddenly appears as Larry jumps on that leak to plug it, but two more leaks appear as Larry tries in vain to plug them, while Bob asks Larry why his side of the boat is completely falling apart. Before Larry can explain, the boat completely falls apart as Bob and Larry both fall into the water. Bob and Larry manage to get to shore, while Bob complains that he got saltwater and sand in his mouth, before Larry spits out a fish after that, then spits out two more fish. Bob is about to ask Larry if he worked on his half of the boat, when Larry spits out another fish that lands on his nose, before Larry also spits out another one, certain that that was the last one he spat out. This time, Bob asks Larry if he worked on his half of the boat at all, Larry saying that he thought about working on his half and that he just waited and waited some more, then it was too late. Bob tells Larry that Proverbs 18:9 says, "Whoever is slack or lazy in his work, is brother to him who destroys", Larry saying that he doesn't have a brother, but Bob tells him to imagine that a nearby coconut destroyed their boat. Larry then yells "Not cool, coconut!", which Bob agrees with then tells Larry that by being lazy, he's just as not cool as the coconut. Of course, Larry says that it doesn't make sense, claiming the whole thing to be "coconuts" and that the boat is in great shape.

However, the sound of a cannon shot is heard, before a cannonball flies out and hits the boat, making a huge hole in the bottom, while Larry says, "That evil coconut called for backup!" Bob tells Larry that that was no coconut, before he and Larry look to see a pirate cannon, before it is revealed that the pirate cannon was being manned by Motato and two of his Radish pirates. The first Radish compliments Motato for a nice shot, though Motato says that he was aiming for him, then says, "Let's pirate them away!" The Radishes then run out at Bob and Larry, while Larry panics and says, "Pirates!" before Bob asks what they do. Larry suggests that they get away on their boat, but when he picks it up and throws it into the water, the boat instantly sinks, due to both the hole in the bottom and how shoddily built it was beforehand. Because of that, Bob and Larry end up captured and put in a cage by Motato and the Radishes. Bob tells Larry that they wouldn't be in this mess if he had worked harder on his half of the boat, though Larry quips that it seems like the boat is good enough for the Radishes, just as the Radishes bring the shoddily-built boat back onto the shore. Bob asks the Radishes if they're going to use their boat to build a giant pirate ship and go around pirating things. Motato and the Radishes can only laugh at Bob's question, Motato saying that that idea is "coconuts", while the first Radish adds that it would take so much work, before the second Radish says that they're going to save it for firewood. Motato tells Bob and Larry that if he wanted a pirate ship, then he would just steal one, because it's way less work. The first Radish then says that they don't want to work that hard, before Motato and the Radishes start singing about letting others do the work in building and cleaning, while they are free to laze about and do whatever they want.

After the song ends, Motato compliments the Radishes for their singing, then says that after a long day of working hard at not working hard, they rest, before Motato and the Radishes bid goodnight to each other then go to sleep. Larry quips that the song that Motato and the Radishes sang sounded awfully familiar, realizing that those are the same excuses he used to be lazy and not work on the boat, before he further realizes that he's just as lazy as a pirate. When Larry tries getting Bob's attention, Bob suddenly says "Eureeka!" then removes one of the cage bars, while Larry asks Bob how he did that, Bob answering that while the pirates were singing, he was filing the bar down with a coin. Larry compliments Bob for saving them both with his hard work, while Bob says "Let's get out of here!" Bob tries to squeeze through the space where he removed the cage bar, but he can't fit because his bones are too big, before Larry suggests to Bob that he file down another bar with the coin, which Bob thinks is a great idea. Unfortunately, the coin slips out of Bob's grasp and rolls right out of the cage, then stops, before a Buffalorange comes by and eats the coin before leaving, while Bob says, "Then that happened" Larry decides to try as he is able to pop out of the cage, then apologizes to Bob, saying that if he had done his share of the work, they wouldn't be in this mess, but this time, he'll work super hard and get them out of here. Bob tells Larry to find a key and get him out, while Larry looks down at Motato and the Radishes, who are still asleep. Larry sees that one of the Radishes is holding the cage key, before he picks up a stick, intending to use it to gently lift the key from the sleeping Radish's grasp, but accidentally pokes the Radish with the stick, which shocks Larry. Larry tries again in retrieving the key with the stick, but keeps poking the sleeping Radish repeatedly, though the Radish still sleeps on.

Larry is even more frustrated, but tells himself to calm down, before trying again real slow, but this time, he accidentally brings the stick over the fire, causing part of it to catch fire, which causes Larry to throw the stick away before it lands in the lake. Seeing that Plan A failed, Larry then crawls like a caterpillar up to the sleeping Radish that has the key, before successfully getting the key. However, the sleeping Radish suddenly jumps up and grabs the key again while still asleep, but Larry is able to spin the Radish around, until he flies off and runs into the fence, while still sleeping on without a second thought. Larry then comes back to the cage while holding the key, while Bob tells him to get him out of the cage. Larry then starts tapping the key in the space between the door and the cage, until Bob lightly scolds him, which causes Larry to remember what he was actually supposed to do, before using the key to unlock the cage, freeing Bob, before Larry then says, "Let's get to work!" This time, Bob and Larry are both hard at work as they are building a brand new boat to replace the one that was shoddily-built, while also installing a motor into their new boat, which Larry attaches using a wrench. Soon, Bob and Larry have finished building their new boat, just as the dawn comes, while Motato and the Radishes are still asleep, before they awakened by the sound of a boat motor starting up. When they wake up, one of the Radishes asks what "that awful racket" is, while Motato says that he needs his eight hours, before noticing Bob and Larry getting into their new boat, the first Radish saying that they could use it as firewood for weeks. Motato instead says that now it's a boat worth stealing and that he must have it, so the Radishes run out to confront Bob and Larry.

Larry tells Bob that it's time to go, because the Radishes are approaching them, so Bob is able to get in the boat with Larry, before they both zoom across the lake in their boat while Larry says, "Another day, another dangerous peril averted!" but Bob tells Larry that they haven't escaped just yet, before they both look to see Motato and the Radishes pursuing them while riding on giant lobsters. Larry tells Bob to take the wheel, which Bob does, just as Larry starts to pull a board out from the boat, then holds out an oar and jumps out of the boat while he has a rope tied to his waist, before he starts doing wakeboarding, with Motato and the Radishes in hot pursuit. When the Radishes catch up to Larry, Larry gives the oar to them while asking them to hold it for him, which they do, before Larry tells Bob to punch it, which Bob does, as the boat zooms away, pulling Larry away, leaving the Radishes behind. When Motato, who was behind the Radishes, tells Bob and Larry that they won't get away that easily, he ends up running into the oar that the Radishes were inadvertently holding, while Larry tells them "We're gettin' away from ya! And it's very easy!" Motato angrily tells the Radishes to go after them, but when their lobsters don't do anything, Motato asks why the lobsters aren't moving. The second Radish asks the first Radish if he fed the lobsters, the first Radish tells the second lobster that he thought that he would feed them, while Motato is surprised when he hears that none of the Radishes fed the lobsters, telling them they were supposed to work together so that he wouldn't have to work at all. The second Radish says that the lobsters look hungry, while Motato tries to vain to tell the lobsters to giddyup, but they still don't do anything, but when he angrily tells the lobsters to get moving or else he'll feed them to the lobsters, the lobster that Motato is mounted on whacks Motato with his tail, which sends Motato flying until he lands in the water. The Radishes try to placate their lobsters, but they also get sent flying into the water as well. Meanwhile, Bob compliments Larry for his good hard work after pulling him back into the boat once they've escaped from Motato and the Radishes, while Larry says that now they have the awesome boat they always wanted, before they both say "Here's to the Companion Ship!" then high-five each other.



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