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The Chocolate Bunny Factory is a business plant owned and run by Mr. Nezzer.

This is where Mr. Nezzer's famous chocolate bunnies are manufactured.

It contains lots of robotic arms and machinery for the employees to built the bunnies. Every morning, Laura arrives there at least before 8 AM to deliver the milk.

If the bunnies are built right, they get sent to Laura's delivery truck. However, if they are built wrong, the "bad" bunnies get sent to the furnace. Rack, Shack, and Benny were sent there when they didn't obey Mr. Nezzer's order to bow down to his bunny statue, but God saved them from being burnt, leading Mr. Nezzer to realize the error of his ways.

According to George, they produce around 14,638 bunnies every day.

Fun Facts

  • The factory itself is based after Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Nezzer's office was based after the office Phil Vischer had from their original location at the screw factory.
  • According to Vischer, Chris Olsen built the entire factory by himself and it took him weeks to complete.