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The Case of the Missing Monocle
Directed by

Craig George

Produced by


Written by

Ethan Nicolle

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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The Case of the Missing Monocle is the second half of the sixth episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


In the town center, Mayor Archibald is pacing around frantically while saying that this is terrible and asking what he's going to do because he's lost his monocle today of all days. He then says that the Tom Celeriac Awards Ceremony starts in ten minutes then asks how he's supposed to give his speech if he can't see. Bob then says that as Tom Celeriac's biggest fan, he can't let this event get cancelled and tells Mayor Archibald that he needs to find his monocle, which is he's alerted the greatest detective in town, which is revealed to be Madame Clueberry, while Larry says that he's here too. Madame Blueberry then corrects Bob that it's Madame Clueberry, then says that Larry is her apprentice, while calling him Lawrence, while Larry greets Bob and says that he's a detective. Madame Clueberry then comes up to Mayor Archibald and asks him to describe his monocle to her, which Mayor Archibald does, saying that "it's small, round, and made of glass, about the size of my eye."

Madame Clueberry writes down what Mayor Archibald said then hands the paper to him while asking if the sketch resembles the monocle's general likeness. Mayor Archibald looks at the paper and says, "That's large, square, and made of croissants", which prompts Madame Clueberry to take the paper back from Mayor Archibald while saying that she has no time for art criticism then asks Larry to take the sketch around and ask questions while claiming that "someone out there knows something". Larry then suggests to Madame Clueberry that they ask Mayor Archibald where he went today and that they could retrace his steps to see if it fell off, which Madame Clueberry claims that she was about to suggest. Madame Clueberry then asks Mayor Archibald where he's been today, Mayor Archibald answering that he spoke at the school earlier, before Madame Clueberry then says, "Then to the school we must go!" Bob tells Mayor Archibald to go with Madame Clueberry and Larry, while he stays and keeps Tom Celeriac busy when he arrives. Madame Clueberry then says, "Let's go find that monocle!", before she and Larry start singing a song about being the best at finding lost or misplaced things. After the song ends, Tom Celeriac drives up in his monster truck, while Bob approaches him in amazement. Tom Celeriac then says that he's here for the awards ceremony before Bob tells him that there's been a slight delay so asks him to come over to his house and sign all his stuff, which Tom is disappointed to hear.

At the school, Mr. Beanbum is asking Madame Clueberry to make it quick because he's got papers to grade, apples to eat, and pencils to sharpen. Madame Clueberry then asks Mayor Archibald to reenact what he did in the classroom while Larry suggests that they put a placeholder monocle on Mayor Archibald and that if it falls off, then they'll know where he lost the real monocle then says that they'll need something small and round. However, Madame Clueberry tells Larry not to get her off track, but Mayor Archibald agrees with Larry's suggestion, and picks up a cookie, noting that it's about the size of his monocle, while Mr. Beanbum tells him that his mother made that cookie and for Mayor Archibald to be careful with it. Mayor Archibald then puts the cookie on his eye and says that it fits, before Madame Clueberry tells him to continue. Mayor Archibald then reenacts the lecture that he gave to the class, which is being a good student, then says that Proverbs 12:15 says, "The way of a fool is right in their own eyes, but the wise heed advice". Larry and Madame Clueberry face each other, while Madame Clueberry tells Larry that she hopes that he's taking notes, before Mayor Archibald continues with his lecture, adding that a good teacher can still learn from their students and that being right in your own eyes leads to blindness. Mr. Beanbum then adds, "Like putting cookies in your eyes!", which are cookies that his mom made. Madame Clueberry then inspects Mayor Archibald's face and says that it looks like that the placeholder monocle hasn't fallen out the entire time then concludes that the school is not where Mayor Archibald lost his monocle before asking Mayor Archibald where he went next, Mayor Archibald answering that he went to the playground for recess.

Back at Bob and Larry's house, in Bob's room, Tom Celeriac tells Bob that he's signed his lunchboxes, his pajamas, his fruit snacks from 1985, and his limited edition puffy pants then asks Bob if there's anything else. Bob chuckles bashfully then answers that he was just thinking that since they're sitting around, he always wanted to learn how to turn a corner and go up on two wheels in car chases like Tom does. Tom Celeriac is interested when he hears that Bob wants to learn to be like him, which Bob confirms, before Tom Celeriac then agrees because he has nothing else to do. Tom Celeriac then says, "Let's roll, Tomato!" while Bob becomes excited, saying, "This is the best day of my life!" before he follows after Tom. At the playground, Madame Clueberry and Larry are on the swings, while Mayor Archibald is pushing Larry as Madame Clueberry reiterates that Mayor Archibald pushed a few kids on the swing, went down the slide, and played tetherball, then asks Mayor Archibald if there's anything he did that could have knocked the monocle loose. Mayor Archibald says that he can't think of anything, but upon getting hit by the tetherball, remembers that they did play dodgeball, which causes Madame Clueberry to come to the conclusion that the monocle was knocked off playing dodgeball then excitedly yells, "Solved!" Mayor Archibald then asks Madame Clueberry if she's sure because he still has no monocle, only a cookie, while Mr. Beanbum is heard yelling off-screen about his cookie, before Larry then says that they have to test the theory.

Soon, Larry and Madame Clueberry are throwing a barrage of dodgeballs at Mayor Archibald as he dodges each of the balls thrown at him, before one dodgeball hits him in the face. Larry says that the cookie hasn't moved, while Madame Clueberry insists that it must be where the monocle fell off then asks how else it could have happened. Mayor Archibald dodges more dodgeballs while telling Madame Clueberry that Larry could be right because his monocle has never been knocked off. Madame Clueberry looks through his magnifying glass again while Larry asks her if he can suggest that they go to the next place that Mayor Archibald went, but Madame Clueberry tells him to leave the detective work to the detectives which is her, before she asks Mayor Archibald what Larry asked her earlier. Mayor Archibald then says that the next place he went was Pa Grape's store, while Larry then suggests that they can check the security tapes to see if Mayor Archibald was wearing his monocle when he entered the store, which Madame Clueberry begrudgingly agrees to. In town, Bob is driving a monster truck through town on two wheels while under the tutelage of Tom Celeriac and saying "This is the double-best day of my life!" Tom Celeriac praises Bob for his good driving, then asks him what he wants to learn next, Bob answering that he wants to learn how to walk calmly away from explosions while wearing sunglasses in slow-motion, which Tom Celeriac agrees to, which Bob is even more excited about as he drives the monster truck past Pa Grape's store.

Inside the store, Pa Grape is showing Larry, Madame Clueberry, and Mayor Archibald's today's security footage as he rewinds it, then shows Mayor Archibald entering the store with his monocle on, which Mayor Archibald is excited to see. Madame Clueberry then asks Mayor Archibald why he didn't say so, before Larry asks Pa to skip forward to see if Mayor Archibald has it on when he leaves. Pa does as Larry asks, before stopping on the shot of Mayor Archibald running towards the door with no monocle on. Larry then says, "You know what this means", before Madame Clueberry concludes, "The monocle is in the store!" At Mr. Lunt's shop, Bob and Tom Celeriac is talking with Mr. Lunt about teaching Bob to walk away from explosions calmly, while Mr. Lunt says that he has sliced ham, roller skates, and staplers, but Bob tells him that none of those things explode. Mr. Lunt then suggests a really big balloon, which Tom Celeriac decides will work and says that when it pops, they'll walk away from it calmly, while Bob adds, "In slow-motion!" Tom Celeriac then puts on sunglasses and gives one pair to Bob, which Bob is even more excited to see then puts on the sunglasses while proclaiming that "this is gonna be so cool!" Mr. Lunt then starts inflating the balloon with a vacuum, while Tom Celeriac quips that "When he said that balloon was really big, he wasn't joking", while Mr. Lunt tells Bob and Tom Celeriac to get ready for it then says, "Here comes the boom!" However, the balloon suddenly slips off the nozzle and whizzes around until knocking into Bob and Tom Celeriac, while Mr. Lunt tells that it'll be two dollars when they land and if they land, while Bob and Tom Celeriac are still flying in the air on the balloon.

Back inside Pa Grape's store, Mayor Archibald explains that he grabbed a pack of gum then stepped on a banana peel, which he does, then also explains that he took off right here and landed on a rake, as he steps on the rake, which hits him in the face. Mayor Archibald next explains that he staggered right into a shopping cart as he also jumps into a shopping cart which then rolls down the aisles, as Mayor Archibald next explains that the cart hit a stack of cans and launched him into a cake, as he lands face-first in a pie. Madame Clueberry then concludes that the monocle must be in the pie, while Larry asks, "Didn't he say 'cake'?" Mayor Archibald says that he did and that he specifically remembers that it was a cake and not a pie. Madame Clueberry then says, "Find the cake, find the monocle!" before Larry then requests "Cake security footage", but Pa tells him that he doesn't need it because he knows where the cake is. Madame Clueberry tells Pa to bring the cake to them, but Pa says that he can't because he ate it, which Larry, Madame Clueberry, and Mayor Archibald are surprised to hear, while Madame Clueberry is surprised that Pa ate an entire cake while Pa says that he was hungry. Madame Clueberry then reiterates all of the steps that they took when Mayor Archibald had the placeholder monocle, leading back to when they arrived at Pa Grape's store, further saying that the Mayor's face was in a cake and that Pa admitted to eating that same cake. Because of that, Madame Clueberry then comes to the conclusion that the monocle is inside Pa Grape's stomach when he ate the cake and claims that the case is solved then asks if anyone knows the Heimlich Maneuver.

However, Larry then asks Mayor Archibald why he didn't eat any of the cake and that he loves cake, though Madame Clueberry tries telling Larry that the case is solved and that she knows he's learning, but that means they stop investigating. Mayor Archibald then says that he doesn't love that cake because he's allergic to the frosting, before a flashback starts up, as Mayor Archibald explains that after he wiped his face off, he realized he was running late. Mayor Archibald then narrates that he still had some of that frosting in his nose and that he began to sneeze, which he does in the flashback, the sneezes violently propelling him backwards. After the flashback asks, Larry asks "What if the monocle came off while he was sneezing?" before Madame Clueberry then tells Pa that she needs some of that frosting, which Pa does as he takes some of the frosting out from under his hat and gives it to Madame Clueberry. Madame Clueberry then places the frosting onto Mayor Archibald's nose, which causes Mayor Archibald to sneeze, the force of the sneeze causing the cookie to fly off of his eye while he flies backwards, as the cookie then lands in the lobster tank next to a lobster which holds up Mayor Archibald's monocle. Larry and Madame Clueberry are happy that they've found the monocle, while Pa is relieved. Mayor Archibald is happy that he's found his monocle but when he tries to get it back, the lobster won't let go of the monocle. At the town center, Mayor Archibald is now standing before a crowd and tells them that thanks to Madame Clueberry and Larry, he will read the speech on which he worked so hard. Because of that, Mayor Archibald picks up the lobster which is still holding his monocle.

Madame Clueberry then asks where Bob and Tom Celeriac are, just as Bob and Tom Celeriac still fly past on the balloon. Tom Celeriac tells Bob that they're about to crash and that when they do, to remember to walk away calmly, while Bob adds "In slow-motion!" as he and Tom put on their sunglasses. Bob and Tom then land on the ground and walk away calmly in slow-motion, while behind them, the balloon crashes and explodes, which Larry is surprised to see. Bob and Tom Celeriac then come up to Larry and Madame Clueberry, just as Mayor Archibald starts to read his speech, while still holding the lobster holding on to his monocle, the speech going, "Mr. Celeriac, I present to you the coveted Excellence in Mustachiness Award!" then says to hold for applause, while the lobster gives the award to Tom Celeriac. Tom thanks Mayor Archibald for the award, but says that he wants Bob to have it, because Bob has a "mustachiness" all his own, which Bob is surprised to hear, before Tom Celeriac tells him that it's for his collection. Bob is even more excited when Tom Celeriac gives him the award, claiming it to be "the quadruple-best day of my life!" Madame Clueberry then says that "a teacher can learn a lot from his or her students if they aren't wise in their own eyes" then congratulates Larry for doing a good job and tells him that he may be her assistant on any case, which Larry is excited to hear. At that moment, Madame Clueberry's phone starts ringing as she wonders where it is, thinking it to be another case to solve. Madame Clueberry starts looking for her phone, not realizing that it has fallen onto the ground in front of Larry.



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