The Best Christmas Gift: Songs and More is an album released by Big Idea and the sixth Christmas-themed album from VeggieTales that includes songs from the episode of the same name and other Christmas-themed songs from other VeggieTales Christmas episodes and albums in the past.


  1. Christmas Foods (from 'The Best Christmas Gift')
  2. Junior Shepherd (from 'The Best Christmas Gift')
  3. Wisemen (from 'The Best Christmas Gift')
  4. Kingdom of God (from 'The Best Christmas Gift')
  5. Let There Be Joy (from 'The Best Christmas Gift')
  6. O Goliath (from 'The Best Christmas Gift')
  7. Was He a Boy Like Me? (from 'The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree')
  8. Away in a Manger (from 'A Very Veggie Christmas')
  9. Can't Believe It's Christmas (from 'The Toy That Saved Christmas')
  10. Oh, Santa! (from 'The Toy That Saved Christmas')
  11. Wrapped Myself Up for Christmas (from 'Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas')
  12. Feliz Navidad (from 'A Very Veggie Christmas')


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