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The Barbershop of Seville is one of the best barbershops in Spain, and it's run by Leo and Figaro.

Underneath of the building are catacombs that lead to the secrets of Samson's Hairbrush.

It only appeared in the first Minnesota Cuke episode.


As you noticed, a lot of portraits were used in the barbershop. Here's the list of pictures seen inside.

  • Above the door entrance is a map of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • There are two above the window. The first is a palm tree, while the second is a picture of a carrot with a beard (possibly Scooter) on a umbrella.
  • The one above the cash register is a portrait of the barbers' mother.
  • The main portrait inside is a picture of the Big Idea staff as carrots, giving David Pitts a haircut who is on the right, with Tim Hodge being on the left all alone.
  • On the right, there are portraits of a poodle and Oscar.
  • Across the entrance, there's a portrait of Blind Lemon, and still lives a pot of dandelions and fruit in a cone basket.

Fun Facts

  • Despite being in Spain, the barbers are Italian. Tim Hodge states this is because he thought Seville was in Italy. But he wanted the Italian homage towards two barbers that he experienced in Lombard, Illinois, and also to the Italian opera "The Barbershop of Seville".