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The Animal Song is a song from the VeggieTales in the House episode, Off the Rails. It is sung by Larry the Cucumber


Larry: Here's a song about ducks

Quack, quack, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit

No, wait, it's a song about frogs

Ribbit, ribbit, oink, oink, oink

No, maybe I was singin' 'bout hogs

Dogs and frogs and barks and ribbits

I guess I barked

When I should've meowed


What's this song about now?

Oh, I know.

It's a song about a cat

Meow, meow

Hold on, I'm wrong

It's moo, moo, moo

Look, a bird

Tweet-tweet, bow-wow

Where was I now?

It's a bird, dog, cat

Frog, duck, hog, cow

I'm kinda in doubt

What I'm singin' about

Not sure what this song's about now