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Planet Tell-a-Lie is a planet located far in outer space.


Peace rested upon the planet until the moon began falling toward the surface. This was caused due to its king pressing the red button that shouldn't be touched. Thanks to what he did, he asked everyone to lie for him to ensure he doesn't get in trouble. The inhabitants' constant lying only caused the moon to fall faster and faster.

The Rockhopper crew arrived to figure out the cause of the moon falling. They tried to talk to the inhabitants, but their constant lying was no help.

Just when the moon was only one lie away, the dart king confessed to what he had done. His confession caused the moon to begin to rise. Everyone else began telling the truth, and the moon rose back to its normal orbit.

The Surface and Inhabitants

The surface of the planet is similar to the first fourth planets of our Solar System, where it's hard and rocky. It's unknown what gases it contains, though it's assumed it's similar to oxygen.

Like Planet Arrinar, it has a ring. In this case, it's shaped like a dartboard.

The inhabitants of the planet resemble darts. They were never named on screen, though on the script, they are known as Tell-a-Liars (incorrectly Tell-a-Liers).


Unlike most planets, the moon of Tell-a-Lie is much bigger than the planet itself. Also, it's somewhat controlled by the dart king as it has some of gravitational field mechanism. Once the moon is released, it'll fall onto the planet if anyone tries to lie.