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The Takeasaurus (real name Blaine) is a harmless monster who resides in the Koi Pond. He takes the name "Takeasaurus" because he likes taking things.


When Motato was disgusted on others giving things, he decided to unleash a wrath to cause chaos and to take over the universe. So he conjures a beast that resides in the Koi Pond; the Takeasaurus. Unfortunately, the dinosaur doesn't corporate and starts taking his mustache.

He later took many things that belonged to Bob and Larry, including the Larry-Suit. Without his alter ego, Larry decides the best solution is to go into the Koi Pond to talk with his mommy, which he got him scold for his actions with his mom telling him to give all the things he took back. He responds that Motato told him to do steal things. To make up his actions to his mom, the Takeasaurus gave his mom a flower, which she accepts and they went back home in the pond.


The Takeasaurus is a hot-tempered bully, but also a cowardly wimp. He is also very childish and rambunctious, and likes to laugh a lot.

Physical Appearance

The Takeasaurus is a giant green watermelon dinosaur who is around the same height as some of the residence of the House (eg Larry).


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