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This is the episode transcript for Sweetpea Beauty.


Opening Countertop[]

(Larry stands in front of a mirror with a rack of hats next to it.)

Larry: Oh, hi, kids, Larry the Cucumber here! What do you think of this one? Hey, batter, batter, hey, batter, batter. Cool? Hmm. Howdy, folks, home on the range, dogie, dogie, dogie. (sighs) Nah.

Petunia: (humming)

Larry: 11 score and 14 years ago.... Oh, it's no use. Nothing's workin'. I look terrible.

Petunia: Hey, Larry, whatcha doing?

Larry: Oh, hi, Petunia. Bob's getting the next show ready and I'm just trying to find my look.

Petunia: Your look?

Larry: Yeah, my look. Look! See? I can't find my look! Unless you can't look at goofy as a look.

Petunia: What? You don't look goofy, you look like you a fedora. You look nice. Besides-

Annie: Hats! I love hats! Nice hat!

Larry: You think? Nope. Not working. (he is seen wearing the Larry-Boy mask) At least this covers my face.

QWERTY: Greetings, ladies.

Annie: Hi, QWERTY. Wow, you can talk?

Petunia: I love your new voice chip, QWERTY!

QWERTY: Ah, it's nothing really, just something I pick up with my latest operating system. Do you like it?

Petunia: Oh, yes. It's very sophisticated.

QWERTY: You're just saying that.

Annie: QWERTY, do you have a message for us?

QWERTY: Affirmative. (Open up message) Lauren Thomas of Garden Grove, California.

Lauren: Hi, Petunia, hi, Annie.

Petunia/Annie: Hi, Lauren!

Lauren: Hi, Larry.

Larry-Boy: Hi, Lauren.

Lauren: Can you guys help me with my question?

Petunia: We'll sure try.

Lauren: Well, it's just that, I got this braces and I have glasses and sometimes, I don't very good about myself. Can you guys help me?

Petunia: You know, Lauren, I think we may have a couple of stories that may help both you and Larry.

Lauren: You need help too, Larry?

Larry: Boy, do I ever?

Larry: What do you think about this one, Lauren?

Lauren: Do you have a beret?

Larry: You see?

Petunia: Okay, I think Bob has those stories ready now.

Annie: Roll Film!


(Scene fade to black and fade to the countertop where Bob holds the book)

Bob: And now, the story of Snoodlerella. (Scene shows the Mountains of Rockie Ma-Goo) Not far from the place where Snoodleburg sits past the gilda-manjoo where the food river splits, if you travel by boat through the valley of goot, flies another small town the end of your root. (Scene switched the town of Snoostein) Its the village of Snoostein where most people say if you visit there once, you're likely to stay. The Snoodles are friendly, the weather is pleasant, and if it's your birthday they'll give you a present.

Citizens: (Singing) Snoodle Birthday to you!

Citizen: Thank you.

Bob: And like most tales you hear with the happy beginning, that end on the note with you once again grinning, mennal may be a bit wenceful and bleak, for one Snoodle in Snoostein, a woomb will now speak. There once lived the step Snoodle the pompus in vain, she had no exceptions for anything plain. It's not along story from this poetic Novella, starting one of her daughters whose named Snoodlerella.

(Title card for Snoodlerella appears, then dissappears.)

Snoodlerella's evil stepmother: Child, I wont have that hair and pitiful dress. any daughter of mine should be glad to impress. (Snoodlerella tries to fly but fails) Straighten your glasses, fix that thing on your head, just look at your sisters.

Bob: The StepSnoodle said.

The StepSnoodle: If you're too attend tonight's grand Snoodle ball, which the king himself hosts on this first day of fall. I insisted for the sake for our good family name, you revise your appearance!

Stepsister Snoodle 1: Which it's totally lame! (Two Daughters laughing)

Bob: Poor, Snoodlerella, with glasses and braces, uncontrollable hair and comburst some graces.

Snoodlerella: I wish I were pretty.

Bob: She said feeling blue.

Snoodlerella: But I'll never look like my two sisters do.

Stepsister Snoodle 2: Totally true. (Two girls giggle)

The StepSnoodle: Regardless!

Bob: She bellowed and intern the house shook.

The StepSnoodle: There's got to be something we can do with your looks. I've hired a berry, of kinect experties, who empolys woodland creatures with pospetic degrees. Now go to your room.

Bob: She said quite severe.

The StepSnoodle: And wait there until they all arrive here.

(Two sisters giggle)

Bob: So, poor Snoodlerella went off to her room, feeling ugly, and lonely, and sad, I presume.

(Snoodlerella closed the room door)

Snoodlerela: Do you think I'm pretty?

Bob: She asked her stuffed bear.

Snoodlerella: I want to be pretty, it just isn't fair. I want to be noticed.

Bob: She told her stuffed dove.

Snoodlerella: I want to be treasured and cherished and loved.

(She got up and looked at her mirror)

Bob: But she didn't feel pretty, and tired of trying, she laid down in bed and just started to cry.

(Snoodlerella crying)

Bob: She wept on her pillow an hour or more. Till by and by came, a soft knock on her door.

(A knock is heard. Snoodlerella sniffles)

Snoodlerella's fairy godmother 'Allo?

Bob: Asked the woman, or should I say berry, in a voice that was kind, and gentle, and marry.

Snoodlerella's godmother: Are you Snoodlerella?

Bob: Though she knew it was her.

Snoodlerella's godmother: I am your godmother, please to meet you, I'm sure.

Snoodlerella: My StepSnoodle told me.

Bob: She said with self pity.

Snoodlerella: That you and your ducks that make me look pretty?

Snoodlerella's godmother: Absolutely we will.

Bob: And the ducks added.

Ducks: Quack!

(a suitcase is set down, it is revealed to be a makeup station. It has a comb and scissors)

Snoodlerella's godmother: Climb up in this chair, close your eyes and sit back.

(Snoodlerella did just that)

Bob: First, they're styling with skill and with these those ducks and godmother brought her hair to its neats.

(Ducks quacking)

Bob: And, then, with the official with yogurt and cactus, oh, this fashion team had plenty of practice. Next, came with makeup, the finest postmatic, no doubt that these ducks have fine two pospetic. And finally, wardrobe. The clothes make the girl, most expert to greed the high fashion world. And when they have finished, most girls know the feeling, fold dramatic, the effect requires revealing.

Snoodlerella: Is that me?!

Bob: She asked them.

Snoodlerella: I look really different.

Bob: She said as she wondered where the other girl went. Where was that Snoodle with glasses and braces, uncontrollable hair with combert some graces.

StepSnoodle: Time's up!

Bob: The StepSnoodle yelled as she barched in her room.

StepSnoodle: Our carriage is here about done I presume.

Bob: And she led out a scream.

StepSnoodle: (screams)

Bob: As loud as she could, and declared with a gasp.

StepSnoodle: (gasp) She looks pretty good!

Snoodlerella's godmother: But, of course.

Stepsister Snoodle 2: Well.....

Bob: Her godparent added as she packed up her gear.

Snoodlerella's godmother: My work only last until midnight, my dear. When the cuckoo strikes 12, no matter the place, you'll return to your old clothes, hairstyle, and face.

Bob: With that, Snoodlerella, her StepSnoodle and all climbed into the carriage and rode off to the ball.

(A carriage is shown with Bob, who apparently now has hands, leading the carriage to the ball.)

(Scene changes to the Snoodle ball.)

Bob: And what a ball it was! The whole town came to dance.

The Knight: Would you happen to know if you're Rombo by chance.

Snoodlerella: I'm not sure if I do, but I'll give it a try.

Bob: She replied the Knight, though a little bit shy. So, onto the dance floor, Snoodlerella and Knight went stepping and swaying to her sisters delight.

Stepsister Snoodle 1: What? We're standing here. Uh, hello!

The man: Good evening, ladies. I'll go get some touch.

Bob: She polkaed, and twisted, and tangoed and sambaed, she waltzed and she too stepped and shimmied and salsaed. She hulaed, and limboed and kangaed and shuffled, she jived and square danced. She cha-chaed and hussled. With all that exertion, she needed some punch. A girl who get thirsty from dancing so much.

Snoodlerella: Hi!

(The StepSnoodle and Stepsisters turned away and miffed at her her)

The man: Well, hello, again, ladies, I.... have an early morning meeting. Good evening.

(StepSnoodle and Sister miffed and walked away)

Bob: Alone in the punch bowl, she grabbed her cool drink and she sipped on her cup and started to think.

Snoodlerella: I guess looking different can cause quite a sture. Am I beautiful? Really?

Bob: She asked, still not sure.

Snoodlerella: I still don't feel pretty.

Bob: Then the clock chimed above.

(A cuckoo clock chimes.)

Snoodlerella: I still don't feel cherished, or nerchered or loved.

Bob: Again, there she stood, with glasses and braces, uncontrollable hair and comber some graces. So back to herself, and that hall, all alone. She sat down her cup, and turned to go home.

???: Excuse me, young lady.

Bob: The voice said.

???: If I might with permission of course, I've the last dance tonight?

Snoodlerella: With me?

Bob: She asked startled she turned to the voice.

Snoodlerella: You must be mistaken. I'm an awfully poor choice.

???: Who told you you're awful?

Bob: He asked.

???: How do you know?

Snoodlerella: Can't you see for yourself? The whole world tells me so.

Bob: Then onto the dance floor, walked the Kng as he said:--

(The mysterious voice is revealed to be the King.)

The King: Would you like to hear what I think instead?

Bob: Then the hall filled with music. As the king took her hand, she asked.

Snoodlerella: Your Majesty, please, I don't understand.

The King: I think you're beautiful.

Bob: The king said as he smiled.

The King: I treasured you deeply, you're lovely, my child. I think you're beautiful. Your hair with your braces, your glasses and clothes, no comber some graces, and many more trades, which I can speak of, there's nothing about you, I don't truly loved. You're kind and you're honest, you're funny and smart, you're really quite charming, you have a good heart.

Snoodlerella: Your Majesty?

Bob: She asked as a tear came in view.

Snoodlerella: I like to believe you. Is that really true?

The King: Of course, it is true. Every word that I say, daughter, I a the king and I made you that way. I delighted your beauty, a wonderfully made. I know you prefer us foundation was laid. You're precious to me, every hair on your head, daughter, here, and believe.

Bob: With the Snoodle king said, then the music grew soft and came to an end, when the cuckoo struck 12:00 once again. She smiled as she stood in that hall all alone.

Snoodlerella: I'm beautiful.

Bob: She said and turned to go home.

(Snoodlerella went to go home and the crown fall off)

(Sun is shining in the morning)

Bob: Now the end of a note with you once again grinning from this lyrical tale with the happy beginning, whose middle was wistful and sad to recall, you must here what happened ever after the ball. If ever stood, StepSnoodle or her two sisters growlsed about the style of her hair or any old fitting blowse, Snoodlerella, she shrug, and remember one thing, that one special night when she danced with the king.

(The king comes out with the crown Snoodlerella lost, Snoodlerella was happy to see the king and came down to meet him.)

(End of Segement)


(Scene fade to black and fade to Veggie Shopping Network)

Announcer: Next up on Veggie Shopping Network...Pants.

(screen shows the pants price while the bottom of the screen shows the remaining number of pants)

Larry: Welcome viewers, what comes next?

A pair of pants with stripes or checks

Dig in your wallet, dump out your purse

Who'll be the one to buy the first...pair...?

(Jimmy and Jerry show up on silts with pants on)

All three: You can wear 'em if you're big

You can wear 'em if you're small

They're pants if you're shorts

And shorts if you're tall

You can wear 'em in the spring

You can wear 'em in the fall

They're pants if you're shorts

And shorts if you're tall

Pa Grape: Sold five so far, down to twenty!

Larry: Look what you get

For a little bit of money

(shows a picture of Archibald and Scooter wearing the same pair of pants with the caption reading SIMULATION)

Down to your feet

And up to your tummy

(2D Animated pairs of pants show up)

Pairs of Pants: Pants (9x)

Larry: If you buy right now, tonight

We'll throw you a set of Ginsu Knives

A pair of pants could change your life

One easy payment, $9.95

(Jimmy and Jerry show up again)

See the tag on the back

One size fits all

Jimmy: They're pants if you're shorts

Jerry: And shorts if you're tall

Larry: You can wear 'em to the farm

You can wear 'em to the mall

Jimmy: They're pants if you're shorts

Jerry: And shorts if you're tall

Pa Grape: 16 more, were down to 4!

Larry: You can't buy these in any store

They're just like your granddaddy wore

(Shows Jimmy and Jerry dancing, with the Pants showing up)

Pairs of Pants: Pants (9x)

All three: PAAAANNNNTTTTSSSS (simultaneously) ; 2x)

(Shows up a picture of a squid wearing pants, with x's on the six arms)

Larry: Pants have six legs, less than a squid

(shows a picture of a dog, sticking its tongue out)

It's a verb for a dog

(shows a picture of Junior wearing pants)

And a noun for a kid

With a pair of pants, you're not alone

(shows a picture of a dancing cow, with the sign HOME)

You can dance with your pants 'till the cows come home

This pair of pants will win your heart

Pa Grape: We accept most credit cards

Jimmy: A stretchy waist, elastic band

Make these your "buffet eatin' pants"!

Jerry: Trousers, slacks, or corduroys

Pants bestow a special joy

Larry: As seen on the screen of your TV

These pants can hide unsightly knees

Jimmy: This pair is made with high grade vinyl

Pa Grape: Don't hesitate, all sales are final

Larry: To summarize, you might recall

Larry, Jimmy, and Jerry: They're pants if you're shorts and shorts if you're TAALLLLLL

Pairs of Pants: Pants (9x) (simultaneously)

Pa Grape: 4, 3, 2, 1

(Pa Grape taking the pants from both Jimmy and Jerry)

Going, going, going, DONE!

Larry: We're outta pants, we gotta run!

(The Pants show up for a second)

Pair of Pants: PANTS!

(Jimmy looks at Jerry's silts)

Jimmy: You've got some skinny legs.

Pair of Pants: PANTS!

(fades to back)

Sweetpea Beauty[]

(Scene fade to the castle)

Choir: Most Faire (Most Faire)

Most Faire (Most Faire)

Welcome to the Most Faire Fair

Mr. Lunt: Up there, in her tower so pretty but sour is Queen Blueberry

Maintain and her beauty has become the duty of Queen Blueberry

She wear anything with the necance of bling to disguise, she's no longer 19

Radent to spice for deep down inside her head, see,

she's not fit for a queen.

Jimmy: La, la, la, la, la, la, la.

Mr. Lunt: Come one, come all, to the Most Faire Fair, the yearly fair here in the kingdom of Most Faire. Tomorrow, the most beautiful kingdom will be named. How much do you want to bet it's the queen, again?

Queen Blueberry: Assistant! Assistant!

Scallion #1: I'm here, your Majesty!

Scallion #2: Grab the rope, Eddie!

Queen Blueberry: This head dress is squishing my head!

Eddie: Then, why wear it?

Queen Blueberry: Because, it looks spectacular. Can you move it a little to the left?

(Scallion #3 turns the crane.)

Queen Blueberry: Oh! I need more concener, no?

Eddie: Queen!

(the rope snaps)

Queen Blueberry: Oh!

Mr. Lunt: She yearns for true beauty but the mirror's refusing to show her what she wants to see

That her crashing sounds mean her castle is bound to break into pieces tonight

If the queen doesn't change soon then Most Faire is doomed and we'll all have to bid you- (gets hit by the crown)

Good night Ow.

Eddie: Prince Larry, are you alright?

Larry: Yeah, I'm fine, but, I can't say the same for the castle.

Queen Blueberry: What a shame. It was a lovely hat.

Eddie: Queen Blueberry, don't you think this is a bit much, just to look beautiful?

Queen Blueberry: I must be named ze most beautiful in ze kingdom to my rasti Most Faire Fair, according my Grand-berry's beauty decree.

Eddie: If I may say so, my Queen, you do hold the power to change the decree.

Queen Blueberry: And why would I need to change ze decree? Am I not ze most beautiful?!

Frank: You're amazing!

Eddie: Oh, your made of puppies and rainbows!

(We pan over the picture of Queen Blueberry's Grandberry)

Queen Blueberry: Besides, my grandberry would never have passed ze beauty decree, if appearance was not ze most important thing eez ze kingdom!

(Queen Blueberry wears a crown on her head and start walking to the mirror crying)

Queen Blueberry: Oh, Grandberry, what am I to do?! I...(Queen Blueberry starts banging on the mirror) must...(second time) be...(third time) ze...(fourth time) most...(fifth time) BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! (Queen Blueberry bangs the mirror one more time and the drawer appeared.) "Ze key to Beauty"?

Eddie: Queen Blueberry, I don't know if you should touch that.

(Queen Blueberry turns the key and closes the drawer and the mirror comes to life)

Queen Blueberry: Ooh!

The Magic Mirror: You rang?

Queen Blueberry: Oh, ze mirror speaks!

Frank: Must be from Sharper Image!

The Magic Mirror: I am at your service. Ask me anything, Queen. Anything.

Queen Blueberry: Am I ze most beautiful in ze kingdom of Most Faire?

The Magic Mirror: Why, if my beauty, you mean the most decorated or wearing the finest, then yes, you are. But a true beauty is your seek, then your answer is Sweetpea Beauty.

Queen Blueberry: Sweetpea Beauty?

(Cut to Prince Larry looking for Sweetpea Beauty.)

Larry: Sweetpea! Oh, Sweetpea Beauty!

Mr. Lunt: But no one told the queen that missed the forest filled of green that blueberry's son,

Prince Larry, pond the Sweetpea, his best freend.

Over underhills of gold....

Jimmy: Ministrel Dave, you said "freend".

Ministrel Dave: Yes, it rhymes with "queen" and "green". Ministrel songs are supposed to rhyme.

Jimmy: But, freend isn't the word.

Ministrel Dave: I was going to say spleen, but that would've taken the song in the whole different direction.

(Prince Larry still looks for Sweetpea and he finally founds her. And we cut to Sweetpea Beauty (Petunia) looking up the sky.)

Larry: Sweetpea! Sorry I'm late. I'm almost got crushed by a falling headdress. Again.

Sweetpea: Isn't the most gorgeous day?

Larry: If you don't mind the mud. That was quite the rainstorm last night.

Sweetpea: But if it never rained, we couldn't make mudcastles!

(Sweetpea shows Prince Larry the mudcastles she made)

Larry: You're so odd and awesome all at the same time.

Sweetpea Beauty: Can you hear the bees so pleasing? With this buzzing in my ear

And though the skunks' scent is repelling, we've been loyal friends for years

And if I've never peeled an onion, I wouldn't value all my tears

There's so much more here to explore here

Larry: Ow. Sweetpea, how do you see so much good in everything?

Sweetpea: It's God who sees the beauty in everything. I just choose to agree with him. My father taught me that God gave everything a purpose, but we can only see it if we look deeper in the ways something, or someone looks on the outside. Look here.

Underneath the soil worms crawling make the flowers smell so sweet

And the muddy rivers flowing is the way to cool my feet

What I thought were imperfection makes the world God calls complete

There's so much more here to adore here

It's more beautiful (Larry: It's kind of- Ow!)

It's more wonderful (Larry: It does seem wonderful)

And each discovery seems better than the last (Larry: I think I just might see it now)

It's so captivating to see what my creator sees (Larry: Does he see me?)

His love for me makes this whole world more beautiful (Larry: So beautiful)

And I listen as God whispers

Sweetpea and Larry: You're beautiful to me

(Sweetpea giggles as Gaspard walks away.)

Larry: Nothing like getting close to nature.

Sweetpea: Come with me. I want to show you a book my father and I've been reading.

Larry: I smell like a wet dog.

(Cut to Queen Blueberry, the Magical Mirror, Eddie, Frank, and Barry as Queen Blueberry starts crying again.)

The Magical Mirror: There, there, Queen Blueberry, it's nothing it can't be fixed.

Queen Blueberry: Can't be fixed?! I am no longer ze most beautiful in ze kingdom! Zat means someone else is going to be queen! (crying)

The Magical Mirror: Well, not necessarily.

Queen Blueberry: What?

The Magical Mirror: Um, by the way, your mascara is running.

(Queen Blueberry looks through the mirror realizing that the Magical Mirror is right.)

Queen Blueberry: Oh! Scallions! Leave me!

Eddie: But, your Majesty, I don't think you should trust this mirror!

Queen Blueberry: Away! I do not want you to see me like this!

Eddie: As you wish.

(The Scallions left as the Magical Mirror chuckles)

Queen Blueberry: Oh, Mirror, zis is terrible news!

The Magical Mirror: So what if there's one girl prettier than you it's easier to banish one girl?

Queen Blueberry: (Gasp) Really?!

The Magical Mirror: I do it every few decades.

Queen Blueberry: But you just sprang to life!

The Magical Mirror: Ah, so you don't know your history? I have helped your grandmother and your mother let me help you. You will once again be the most fair of all.

(The camera shows of The Magical Mirror giving Queen Blueberry the reflection.)

Queen Blueberry: Oh, but how?

The Magical Mirror: Try my special espresso. It's a secret recipe that brings out the best in you.

Queen Blueberry: What do you mean?

The Magical Mirror: Whatever is inside your heart is how you will finally look on the outside.

Queen Blueberry: Oh, my heart is so pretty!

(Queen Blueberry sips the espresso as the Magical Mirror grins evilly)

Queen Blueberry: Tastes funny. (She looks over to the mirror) Ah, yes. Zis Sweetpea shall be banished! (The Magical Mirror snickers as we see Queen Blueberry's reflection. She has eyebrows, buckteeth and pimples.)

Queen Blueberry: What's so funny?

The Magical Mirror: Oh, I'll tell you later.

(We cut back to Sweetpea and Larry meeting Sweetpea's father (Pa Grape)).

Sweetpea: Father!

Sweetpea's father: Howdy, Sweetpea. Prince Larry. Could you give me a hand moving a chunk of the castle.

Prince Larry: Man, this place keeps falling apart.

Sweetpea's father: Somebody's gotta start taking care of it instead of just worrying about her looks.

Sweetpea: Daddy!

Prince Larry: What's wrong with trying to look fabulous? It's a royal family tradition!

Sweetpea: I'll get that book I wanted to show you!

(Sweetpea went to go get the Bible as Prince Larry smells the fresh air. Then Sweetpea's father accidentally turns the crank which causes to launch Prince Larry to the garden.)

Sweetpea's father: Oops.

(Sweetpea comes back with the Bible.)

Sweetpea: Here it is. In Proverbs, "Charm is deceptive and beauty does not last, but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised".

Larry: What does that mean?

Sweetpea's father: It means there are more important things than how you look on the outside.

Sweetpea: In other words, how beautiful is your heart.

Larry: I thought hearts are all squishy and lumpy.

Sweetpea's father: It's inside of your heart, Yeesh!

Sweetpea: It just seems to me that since God made us, His definition of beautiful is the one that's really true! And you have a salad on your head.

(We see Queen Blueberry and the Magical Mirror looking down at Sweetpea's father, Sweetpea, and Prince Larry.)

The Magical Mirror: Look, Sweetpea is befriending the Prince.

(Queen Blueberry notices that the Magical Mirror has hands since he touched her.)

Queen Blueberry: Oh! You have hands! When did you grow hands?!

The Magical Mirror: (embarrased) I, uh, always had hands. You just didn't notice.

Queen Blueberry: I think I'd notice a mirror with hands.

The Magical Mirror: But you're missing the point. Sweetpea is attempting to trick her way into your kingdom through your son.

Queen Blueberry: Yes, she is, and we will banish her!

(The eyebrows are growing on Queen Blueberry's forehead.)

The Magical Mirror: You get more beautiful every day.

Queen Blueberry: So, how do you banish someone?

(The Magical Mirror grins evilly as Minstrel Dave begin to sing.)

Mr. Lunt: And sooooooooooooooooooo, The Queen gave ear to evil words.

Jimmy: Evil words.

Mr. Lunt: And that is where this tale gets worse.

Jimmy: So much worse.

Mr. Lunt: For Sweetpea is our hero still. She's going to get chased-

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: -Over that hill.

Sweetpea: I am?

Mr Lunt: Just giving you a head start. Scram, kid!

Mr Lunt and Jimmy: She's banished, she banished.

The lovely Sweetpea banished.

She has done nothing wrong

as we shall be telling this song.

Mr Lunt: -The Queen has done

Jimmy: -Nothing new.

Mr Lunt: But threatened by-

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: -this ingenue.

Mr Lunt: There's nothing desperate-

Mr Lunt and Jimmy: -she won't do. So Sweetpea is gone.

(We now see Sweetpea in a tower)

Mr Lunt: However...

Jimmy: There's a however?

Mr. Lunt: There's always a however in princess stories.

However, little did the scallions know that high towers aren't enough to hold.

That kindness of a godly girl whose heart alone-

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: -could change the world.

Mr. Lunt: However...

Jimmy: Another however?

Mr Lunt and Jimmy: She's banished, she's banished.

The lovely Sweetpea banished.

But she escaped unharmed

the scallions sounded the alarm.

Mr Lunt: The queen has made a-

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: -Solemn vow.

Mr Lunt: To rid herself of-

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: -Sweetpea now.

Mr Lunt: No pretty girls-

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: -will be Allowed.

Guard 1 (Archibald Asparagus): And stay out!

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: Now that Sweetpea's gone!

Guard 1 (Archibald Asparagus): You fellows really don't understand the concept of personal space.

Jimmy and Mr. Lunt: Personal space!

(We cut to Sweetpea on a raft as Gaspard follows her and gets on the raft.)

Sweetpea: Oh, hello, Gaspard.

Gaspard: (barking)

Sweetpea: I can't swim right now. I'm very sad.

(Gaspard barks questionably.)

Sweetpea: Because the queen's guards banished me from the kingdom, and I don't understand why! I've never done anything to her!

(Gaspard barks shamefully for Sweetpea.)

Sweetpea: And now I'm lost, deeper into the forest that I've ever been before! What will I eat?! Where will I sleep?!?

(The raft bumps into the house and it gives Sweetpea an idea.)

Sweetpea: Oh, I suppose I'll sleep here. Thanks, Gaspard!

(Gaspard barks "You're welcome" as Sweetpea enters the house.)

Sweetpea: Hello? Is anyone home?

(Then, Sweetpea notices there's food on the table.)

Sweetpea: Oh, dinner!

(Sweetpea grabs the spoon and notices that the bowl is to hot a la Goldilocks and the Three Bears.)

Sweetpea: Ooh, this bowl is too hot.

(Sweetpea tries another bowl.)

Sweetpea: This bowl is too cold!

(Sweetpea tries another bowl, but instead of the bowl being just right, the socks are on the food.)

Sweetpea: And this bowl is just-(Sweetpea picks up the sock in disgust.) Ew! Cleaning the laundry?

(Sweetpea is relieved that she is safe.)

Sweetpea: Oh, now that's more like it.

(When Sweetpea was about to take a nap, she felt someone inside the blanket.)

???: *Muffled* Get off my mattress now! Get off!

Sweetpea: Huh?! What?!

(Then, the blanket revealed the snow pea out.)

Sweetpea: A pea under the mattress?! No wonder I couldn't sleep!

Greeny (Jean-Claude): Not "a pea", intruder, seven peas! I am Greeny

(Gaudy shows up in the scene.)

Greeny: And this is Gaudy, Gravy, Guder...

Guder (Phillipe): How do?

Greeny: Gopher, Gusto, and Unbrilliant!

Unbrilliant: I can fit an acorn in my bellybutton!

(The acorn pops out of Unbrilliant's bellybutton)

Greeny: We are ze Seven Snow Peas!

Sweetpea: Why, you're adorable!

Greeny: We know. Our adorableness is why we were banished.

Guder: Zat queen does not like anyzing distracting people from her beauty.

Greeny: Something's wrong with Most Faire. Every generation, ze royal family starts out okay, but then they start banishing ze beautiful people.

Gaudy (Christoph Pea): Ze go banishing crazy!

Guder: Eet's like a hobby!

Greeny: And Zat's when ze kingdom starts falling apart!

Guder: If only we weren't so adorable! Oh, ze humanity!

Greeny: I blame ze bouncing. When we bounce, it's so cute, you could kick yourself.

(The Snow Peas bouncing on the wall as Sweetpea smiles.)

Sweetpea: Well, thank goodness I found you! Do you have anything I could eat?

Gaudy: No, but zere's an apple tree down by ze castle wall! Who's up for a hike!

Sweetpea: Wait a second, you know how to get back to Most Faire?

Greeny: Of course, but we're not allowed inside.

Gaudy: We are banished!

Guder: It's like a hobby!

Unbrilliant: Acorn!

(An Acorn pops out of Unbrilliant's bellybutton once again.)

Sweetpea: But there are eight of us. That's more than the queens guards!

Greeny: Gopher, why didn't you zink of zat?

(Gopher shrugs as we cut to the kingdom. Eddie was knocking on the door.)

Eddie: Your Majesty! Your Majesty, please!

Queen Blueberry: (yawns) You're interrupting my beauty sleep!

Eddie: Uh...

Queen Blueberry: What news do you bring up Sweetpea?

Eddie: Uh, she...she escaped far into the forest!

Queen Blueberry: Escaped?! Will she be able to return?

Barry: We can't be certain.

Queen Blueberry: What?!?!? Away with you all!

Eddie: But, your Majesty....

Queen Blueberry: AWAY!!!!

(The Scallions leave. The mirror, who now has legs walks up and gives them an evil look. We now cut to outside her room)

Eddie: Something's not quite right about that mirror

Scallion #2: What do we do?

Eddie: To the archives!

Mirror: You will never be at peace as long as you know where she is now. More Beautiful than you.

Queen Blueberry: But what can I do?

Mirror: I'm afraid Sweetpea will return

Queen Blueberry: And where do I banish her zen? She makes friends in every corner of ze world! She has won ze heart of my only son.

Mirror: Then you do not banish her. You finish her

(a drawer opens and a cup is revealed. He takes the cup and shows it to Queen Blueberry)

Queen Blueberry: What do you mean?

Mirror: This special hot apple cider will call Sweetpea to sleep forever.

Queen Blueberry: Where did you get zat?

Mirror: Family recipe. Trust me. One sip and she's asleep. And if she never awakens, she can never rule.

Queen Blueberry: But.. But she would never know another sunrise. She would never know love!

Mirror: But if she becomes queen, it is you who she will banish.

Queen Blueberry: I never zhought of zat. Talk about ungrateful

Guard 1: Your Majesty, we captured tresspassers

Queen Blueberry: What? Who is it?

Guard 2 (Jerry Gourd): It's Sweetpea and those adorable jumping beans that were banished years ago.

Greeny: Beans? Please we are peas. Do I look like a lego?

Guard 2: They're so cute, I could kick myself. Should I throw them in the dungeon?

(The mirror and Queen Blueberry look at each other for a moment then the queen looks back at the guards)

Queen Blueberry: Guards, let zem go.

Guard 1 and Sweetpea: What?

Queen Blueberry: All is forgiven. I shall make amends by hosting a dinner... In Sweetpea's honor!

Greeny: I have to say this plan worked better than I expected.

The Seven Peas: (cheer) We're free! We're Free! We're back in Most Faire!

Mirror: Dinner it is, your Majesty.

Queen Blueberry: Tonight, we shall end this!

(a poof sound then is heard. The mirror gives a look then laughs)

Queen Blueberry: You laugh at very strange moments

(She then leaves to get ready for the dinner. The camera moves over tot he minstrels)

Minstrel Dave: Forsaking Sweetpea forever

The Queen took a villainous stand

For no one remained who knew of this scheme

Could warn the Prince of her plan

Minstrel 2: Except us.

Minstrel Dave: Oh yeah! We know about that, don't we? Let's go get the Prince!

(we cut to inside the castle at the dinner table)

Sweetpea: (yawns) Sorry I'm so sleepy. It must be this big turkey dinner. I think I'll go to bed

Queen Blueberry: Nonsense. Here let us welcome you back to Most Faire with a toast

Sweetpea: I always burn toast

Queen Blueberry: A drink. Some hot apple cider to relax you. You want to be well rested for the announcement as the Most Faire Fair

(Gaspard growls at Queen Blueberry and she is surprised)

Queen Blueberry: Aah! What is zhat thing?!

Sweetpea: Oh dont let his looks fool you. That's Gaspard. He always helps me when I'm in danger. There's no danger here, buddy. So what announcement?

(as the two are talking the mirror tries to rearrange the drinks so sweetpea could drink the one that will make her fall asleep forever)

Queen Blueberry: Why ze announcement of who in ze kingdom is most beautiful. It happens once a year and it happens tomorrow

Sweetpea: Oh. I dont care about that sort of thing.

Queen Blueberry: You-you dont?

Sweetpea: No. God made us each beautiful in a special, unique way. Why would we think one of us is better than the others?

Queen Blueberry: You-You think I am as beautiful as you?

Sweetpea: It's whats on the inside that counts. I mean let me be honest. I haven't agreed with your decisions recently. But there must be much good in you for you raised such a kind and generious son.

Queen Blueberry: He is remarkablely like myself.

Sweetpea: And you showed my father such kindness by hiring him when he couldn't find any work

Queen Blueberry: I am awesome that way

Mirror: Stay focused! Don't let her change your mind.

Sweetpea: So I choose to trust that you have a good heart.

Queen Blueberry: You... What?

Sweetpea: God says that outward beauty will not last but beauty on the inside is what truly matters.

Mirror: Don't listen to her!

Sweetpea: That's far more important than how you'll look don't you think?

Queen Blueberry: Why, now that you mention it, I-

Sweetpea: And you welcomed me back into the kingdom, didn't you? For that, I salute you!

Queen Blueberry: Sweetpea, wait!

Sweetpea: To the queen, the most fair of all. (she takes a sip of her drink)

Queen Blueberry: Sweetpea!

(Sweetpea falls to the table, asleep. Her drink falls from the table and onto the floor. The Mirror laugh evilly)

Mirror: We did it!

Queen Blueberry: What have I done?

Mirror: Now the crown will be mine!

Queen Blueberry: Why do you care about ze crown?

Eddie: That's been his plan along!

Queen Blueberry: My Advisors!

Eddie: Something about that mirror didn't set right, your majesty. So we checked the kingdom's history and uncovered an interesting fact. The Mirror has been after the crown since the days of your grandberry! He tricked her into signing the beauty degree, knowing one day he could overthrow the monarchy!

Queen Blueberry: What?! Zen why were you helping me?

Mirror: I wasn't helping you, Queen Blueberry. Or should I say, Lady Blueberry.

Queen Blueberry: What? I am still Queen!

Mirror: But you are no longer the most beautiful.

(as he says that, her reflection is now back to her uglyness)

Queen Blueberry: (gasps) What?!)

Mirror: And thanks to you, the only other who could possibly have taken the crown is out of the picture!

(Queen Blueberry looks at Sweetpea)

Queen Blueberry: Sweetpea...

Mirror: And now I will rule! So hand over that crown!

Larry: Not if I have anything to say about!

Minstrel Dave: Or sing about it!

Mirror: Prince Larry?

Queen Blueberry: Son!

Advisors: Minstrels!

Larry: You didn't deceive us all! Some of us know what true beauty is! So step aside, Mirror! You will not take the crown!

Mirror: Just watch me!

(As the mirror was about the take the crown, Gaspard appears underneath it and growls at him. He runs away with the crown)

Mirror: The Crown!

(The mirror grabs Sweetpea and heads out to chase Gaspard with the Crown)

Larry: Sweetpea!

Queen Blueberry: Son!

Advisors: Minstrels!

Minstrels: Action scene! La la! la la la la la la la! (scatting)

(Gaspard hops on the castle while the Mirror climbs up)

Larry: You're destroying the castle!

Mirror: The crumbling castle is much better for throwing!

(He throws a piece of wood at the group and they duck)

Larry: You almost hit me!

Mirror: That's the idea!

(He now has a rock in his hand, He throws it at Prince Larry but he misses as Larry climbs down)

Minstrels: As Great Prince Larry ducked in fear, one details how he behaved in loud and clear.

Minstrel Pete: The Princely is a Noble man

Minstrels: The prince has a plan

Minstrel Dave: What was he thinking? (Minstrel 2: What was he thinking?)

Minstrels: (scatting)

(Gaspard is now at top of the castle)

Minstrel 2: Clean sweep!

Larry: They're right. I need a plan. If only I had someway to dodge these rocks. I wish I were more bouncy.

Greeny: (offscreen) Did somebody say bouncy?

(Prince Larry looks down to find the 7 snow peas. The peas start to bounce to the castle)

Guard 2: Bouncing. That is so cute

(Prince Larry is now seen dodging some rocks)

Queen Blueberry: Larry, be careful! I don't want you to get hurt!

Larry: I won't get hurt, mom!

Greeny: Incoming!

(The mirror throws a rock down. The pea saves Larry from getting hit by it)

Larry: Ow!

(The Mirror keeps climbing up while carrying Sweetpea)

Minstrels: (scatting)

Queen Blueberry: But I do want you to stop him from getting that crown!

(As the mirror tries to reach for the crown, Larry bounces on the peas and bounces really high until he reaches where he can see Gaspard and the Mirror)

Larry: You might as well give up, Mirror! You're never gonna reach that-

(it was too late, the Mirror grabbed the crown from Gaspard and he falls)

Larry: -Crown...

Mirror: Don't anybody move!

Minstrels and Snow Peas: (scatting)

Larry: Mom, he's gonna drop Sweetpea!

Mirror: Face it, Blueberry! You will never be as beautiful as Sweetpea! As long as she lives...

Larry: Mom, do something!

Queen Blueberry: She was right.

Mirror: Wha?

Queen Blueberry: She was right all along. I have been so ugly in my heart. Not caring for anyone or anything but myself. Zat is no way to lead a kingdom. I am no longer fit for ze crown.

Sweetpea: (wakes up) You are now, Queen Blueberry!

Mirror: You woke up?

Sweetpea: You see there is beauty inside of you. God made you so beautiful and you're finally beginning to see it.

Queen Blueberry: You drank ze wrong drink!

Sweetpea: Turkey dinners always make me sleepy.

Mirror: Well then, what happened to the real drink?

(It is revealed that Scallion #2 was the one who drank the sleeping drink. He is seen snoring)

Queen Blueberry: Mirror, I don't for that crown anymore! I order you to let zat girl go!

Mirror: As you wish.

Queen Blueberry: Wait! I should has pharsed that differently.

(it was too late. The mirror lets go of Sweetpea Beauty and she falls down the castle)

Sweetpea: (screaming)

(Everyone looks in horror as Sweetpea is falling)

Sweetpea: (screaming)

(Prince Larry runs out to catch Sweetpea and bounces on the peas. The peas take the too down of the castle and the two land in a bush. Everyone cheers happily that the two made it)

Mirror: No! Fine! You may have saved Sweetpea but I still have the crown! (he then looks to see Unbrillant with the crown)

Unbrillant: I can shoot an acorn out my bellybutton!

Mirror: Where?

(The acorn comes out of his bellybutton and hits the Mirror. The Mirror looks to see)

Mirror: No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (He falls down the castle and he breaks)

Minstrels: Wah wah wah wah!

(Everyone cheers as the mirror is defeated. Queen Blueberry looks at the damaged castle)

Queen Blueberry: Look at what I have done.

Eddie: But your Majesty, you have been tricked.

Queen Blueberry: No. I was consumed with myself long before ze mirror spoke. I made my own choices and I have allowed everyzhing around me to grow ugly.

Eddie: What will we do now?

Queen Blueberry: We will rebuild zis kingdom but we will make it truly beautiful on ze inside as God says.

Eddie: You will end the mistakes of your mother and grandmother.

Queen Blueberry: And I will do it with ze help of my son and his best friend, Sweetpea.

(Scene now changes to daytime)

All: It's more beautiful

It's more wonderful

Like each new day before me is better than the last

It's so captivating to see what my creator sees

His love for me makes this whole world more beautiful

And I listen as God whispers

That's beautiful to me

Peas: I listen as God whispers

You're beautiful

Minstrel Dave: Blueberry found reason to wear the crown

And reveal her true beauty within

All: The kingdom's much brighter with God's love inside

And a dream

That is a fit for a queen

She is fit for a queen

Minstrel Pete: However...

Minstrel Dave: No however.

(irises close out)

Closing Countertop[]

(We fade back to Larry, Petunia, and Annie on the countertop)

Annie: Wow! That was great!

Larry: Okay, I know those were some princess stories, but i think I get the picture.

Petunia: Anyone can learn a thing or two from a princess story, Larry.

Annie: Snoodlerella learned that she was beautiful, because the King, her creator, made her that way and that's how she saw her.

Petunia: And Queen Blueberry and Sweetpea Beauty learned that to be the queen God wanted her to be and she needs to stop worrying so much about what she looked like on the outside, and concentrate on being kind and wise on the inside.

Larry: What do you say we find out if Qwerty has a verse for us today?

Petunia and Annie: Sure!

Singers: And so what we have learned applies to our lives today.

God has a lot to say in His book.

Petunia: I don't know why Bob doesn't like this song.

Annie: It's catchy.

Singers: You see, we know that God’s word is for everyone.

And now that our song is done, we'll take a look.

(Qwerty reveals the verse, and it reads...)

Petunia: "For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. -1 Samuel 16:7b."

Larry: So, I wouldn't worry so much about how I look on the outside. (Larry puts on a cowboy hat) Whether I wear a cowboy hat...(He puts on a baseball hat.) or the baseball hat...(He wears the same paper bag mask he wore in Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella.) or my paper sack that changes expressions.

(Larry shows Petunia and Annie the paper bag mask with the surprised face, which surprises them.)

Annie: Whoa! How's it do that?

(Larry takes off the paper bag mask as he shrugs.)

Larry: What matters is what's on the inside. That's what God sees.

Petunia: That's right, Larry!

Lauren: And I'm beautiful just the way God made me!

Larry: That's right, Lauren! You sure are! By the way, I love your grill.

Lauren: Thanks, Larry!

Petunia: Well, that's all the time we have for today. Always remember...

Annie: God made you special...

Larry: ...and He loves you very much!

Everyone: Bye!!!

(During the credits, we're treated to "Beautiful For Me" by Nichole Ellyse Nordeman.)

(end of transcript)