Sweetpea Beauty

Mike Nawrocki


Leslie Ferrell
Mike Nawrocki
Dan Krech
John Morch


Mike Nawrocki
Mark Steele

Music by

Kurt Heinecke


Vivendi Entertainment
(Mass market)
Word Entertainment
(Christian market)


July 31st, 2010


50 minutes

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Sweetpea Beauty is the thirty-eighth VeggieTales episode.

The first story, "Snoodlerella," a sequel to A Snoodle's Tale, is a retelling of the fairy tale Cinderella; while the second story is loosely based after Sleeping Beauty.


Opening Countertop

Larry is trying on different hats on. As he tries on the baseball cap, he greets the viewers and introduces himself.


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Fun Facts


  • Don't judge a book by its cover.


  • This is the first episode animated by Hawaii Animation Studios.
  • This episode is notorious for having some of the most errors, which before that was God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! If counted, in this episode there are 87.
    • In addition, this episode is known to have the weakest animation and poorest design of the characters, which would also be a problem in It's a Meaningful Life, but would be fixed afterwards.
  • This is the only episode of the series not to feature Bob in the countertop segments, but instead featuring Annie and Petunia. However, Bob is seen on the Countertop for Snoodlerella after Annie says "Roll Film."
    • If you count this episode, it can make up the third episode in the series (following Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen and Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed) not to feature Bob. Unlike the first two episodes not to include him, however in this episode, Bob is only seen two times in the first segment "Snoodlerella", where he pulls out the book and starts narrating the story from the countertop, and also soon cameo appears as a Snoodle who drives the horse to the ball. So far besides that, he does not appear in the second segment "Sweetpea Beauty" nor the Silly Song segment.
  • In some airings of the episode on TBN and Smile of a Child, the Snoodlerella segment and the Silly Song were removed.


  • The fairy godmother tells Snoodlerella to close her eyes when they start styling her, but as they start, her eyes are back open.
  • Somehow, when Sweetpea is dropped by the mirror, she falls at a constant speed, instead of just simply accelerating.
  • In newer releases of the episode, the lightning bolt that strikes when the Mirror grabs the crown is removed for unknown reasons.


* - An error that was fixed in later releases of the episode, as seen on streaming sites and new episode collections

  • Larry's mirror reflection is in a worse rendering quality.
  • Throughout the countertop scenes, the reflections in the mirror make absolutely no sense.
  • When Larry says "Home on the range", his refection's mouth clips through his body.
  • When Petunia walks past the mirror, a black object can be seen for a split second.
  • Larry's reflection suddenly moves a bit to the left when the camera stops panning.
  • When Larry looks back at the mirror, his tooth is missing and his eyes clip through the fedora.
  • When Larry says "Hi Lauren," his mouth doesn't move.
  • The Larryboy mask disappears between shots when Larry says "What do you think of this one, Lauren?"
  • Annie's mouth is out of sync when she says "Roll film"
  • During the Snoodle Birthday Song, the Snoodle playing the trumpet is completely rigid, the only thing moving being his hands and the trumpet, which snaps back and forth between two positions.
  • Though the Step-Snoodle has one side of the newspaper facing Snoodlerella, a shot later she flips the newspaper over to reveal the same side to Snoodlerella.
  • Snoodlerella's sisters freeze and glitch for a split second.
  • A small glitch is visible on Step-Snoodle's eyelid.
  • When the Step-Snoodle pokes Snoodlerella's hair, she vibrates for a second.
  • The two sisters' hair clips into each other while Snoodlerella is walking up the stairs.
  • When Snoodlerella's looking at herself in the mirror, her eyelids move back up before she blinks.
  • Her reflection is also in lower render quality.
  • Snoodlerella and her plushies clip through the bed when she jumps on it.
  • When the camera pans up to the machine in Snoodlerella, it lags briefly.
  • When Snoodlerella looks back at the mirror, she glitches for a split second.
  • The first sister's eyelids glitch out before the shot switches again.
  • The Snoodle who's driving the carriage's animation is unfinished.
  • The ladel at the punch bowl clips through the bowl and the cup.
  • Snoodlerella takes a cup of the drink, but the drink is invisible.
  • When Snoodlerella says "Can't you see for yourself?", her bottom eyelids are missing.
  • The lighting of the right background candlestick only appears when the King stops walking.
  • Jimmy is coloured wrongly for the entirety of Pants.
  • During Pants when Jimmy stretches the waist, his right foot fuzzes out for a second.
  • When Pa Grape says "All sales are final" his mouth has a shadow.
  • When Pa Grape says "Going, going, going, done!", his mouth doesn't move.
  • Throughout the Sweetpea Beauty segment, the bells on Mr Lunt's clothes stretch along with him.
  • While Mr Lunt is first singing, the smoke effects of the brush and mirror going up are in the wrong place.
  • When Mr Lunt pops up in front of the tent, there's a white glitch visible clipping through the back of his hat.
  • The mirror switches locations in one shot when first introduced to Queen Blueberry. *
  • When the crown falls out of the castle in the opening, there are no effects of the castle crumbling. *
  • The crown's shadow is visible before it falls onto the building.
  • When the camera switches back to Mr Lunt singing, all of the background characters are floating.
  • When the Queen and her advisors walk down the hallway, her crown can be seen floating about six feet behind her and glitching terribly. 
  • When the first scallion says "I don't know if you should touch that", his mouth is out of sync.
  • In the shot where Mr Lunt and Jimmy are walking down the hill, Jimmy doesn't walk down, but instead levitates until he stops walking and drops.
  • When Larry says "Again", his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Larry falls into the mud, the stains on his clothes and face are a different colour from the rest of the mud.
  • Larry pulls the hedgehog quill out of his butt, then seemingly puts it back in when the sound effect is heard. *
  • During the scene with the worms, the camera shudders between shots.
  • The texture of the stone by the river has visible pixels.
  • The stone Sweetpea picks up appears between shots. It's also floating.
  • When the stone bounces on the water, the water splashing effect is in the wrong place.
  • When Larry gets hit by the stone, the lighting behind Sweetpea changes.
  • The three-layered-ball tree is a 2D sprite with a visible outline, since when Sweetpea and Larry walk behind it, they disappear behind it.
  • The leaking mascara disappears between shots. *
  • When the mirror releases his drawers, the wood texture at the left glitches slightly.
  • The lighting in the castle is incredibly wonky and seemingly changes slightly every shot.
  • Throughout the entire episode, the four things which make Queen Blueberry progressively uglier (teeth, pimples, eyebrows, hair tufts) alternate between existing and vanishing. This is slightly fixed in newer releases, but there are still some instances of it happening there.
  • Certain shots alter between grown crops and blank soil. For instance, one shot shows soil with plants in them, but some shots after that show the soil without anything planted on it.
  • The mirror's mouth is textured differently when he talks in some shots.
  • Pa Grape pulls the lever which activates the catapult, even though the lever doesn't move. *
  • At one point, where Mr. Lunt is singing in front of the tower, the top of his hat comes off and glitches.
  • When Sweetpea walks in with the Bible, her mouth is frozen in a weird position.
  • When Sweetpea starts running from the guards, her dress clips through the floor.
  • In one of the shots of Sweetpea running, the background is blurry and in terrible quality.
  • When Sweetpea is at the Peas' house looking at the porridge, the lump on the bed disappears.
  • When the Seventh Pea falls out of the fireplace, he doesn't roll onto the ground, but instead hovers slightly above it.
  • While the peas start talking, the pea farthest at the back is floating.
  • When Sweetpea says "But there are 8 of us", two thin yellow lines appear at the sides of the screen.
  • While the Queen is talking and moves back to the mirror, her reflection's mouth doesn't move.
  • When the Mirror retracts his drawers, they're now gold, when they were previously wooden.
  • The drink in the cup is completely frozen, it doesn't move or have any physics whatsoever.
  • A weird outline cuts out some of Sweetpea's hair when she says "I always burn toast".
  • When Gaspard jumps onto the table, the glasses of cider disappear.
  • After Gaspard switches around the drinks, Queen Blueberry blinks and her eyeliner phases through her eyelids.
  • About halfway through Sweetpea's speech, Queen Blueberry starts floating above the chair.
  • When Queen Blueberry is backing away from the mirror, her pupils vanish just before the scene changes.
  • When the scallions chant "Minstrels!", their mouths have shadows.
  • After the Mirror says "That's the idea!", the quality of the animation drops for the next shot.
  • The Queen gains her crown back in specific shots but loses it afterward while The Mirror still has it.
  • The rocks that The Mirror throws at Larry don't appear in most shots where Larry is avoiding them. *
  • When the camera switches the Jimmy and Mr Lunt, the last part of the shot is literally unfinished and instead the animation just reverses.
  • The screen lags when the Mirror walks to the turret to start climbing.
  • While the Queen is saying "But I do want you to stop him from getting that crown", Larry and the Peas climb up the tower, but don't actually touch the ground. Instead they levitate slightly above it.
  • When the second scallion falls asleep, the drink's straw somehow doesn't fall, as if it was stuck to the glass.
  • When the Mirror says "As you wish", the metal antenna thing behind him vanishes.
  • When Larry and Sweetpea poke their heads out of the bush, they look like they're behind it, but then Larry suddenly teleports inside the bush, with his clothes clipping through it.
  • The Mirror's mouth moves at a slower rate when he starts talking again.
  • The Seventh pea's teeth are missing when he starts speaking.
  • After the Minstrels finish singing, the following scene is in a worse animation quality.
  • During the last part of the Sweetpea segment, the background characters are floating for half of the shots.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Sharper Image is a American product company brand, formerly associated with retails. The company went bankrupt in 2008, but it still sells products online.
  • The hat that Larry wears as Petunia passes by him is Abraham Lincoln's hat. He even recites a part from his speech.

Fast Forward

  • The Baseball hat that Larry wears in the beginning of this episode would later be seen in the next episode.

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