• Species: Tomato
  • Eye color: Blue

Supermato is a new superhero who works for the League of Veggie Heroes. He is the alter ego of Bob.


After working on the sidelines with Larry-Boy, Bob wanted to be a superhero. His pal tries to tell him there's a lot required to being a hero, but Bob eagerly wants to be one though. He also wants to be the leader of the team, but Larry-Boy tells him that he is.

Physical Appearance and abilities

Supermato is a red tomato with blue eyes. His original costume was a porkpie hat with red and blue ribbons tied to it and two monocles over his eyes.

Once he became an official member, he gained a yellow spandex mask with wings on the side, and a yellow supersuit. Starting with VeggieTales in the City, he only wears the mask.


Fun Facts

  • His costume is similar to ThingamaBob.
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