This list is for characters who only appear in 3-2-1 Penguins!, listed in chronological order.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad


Mr. and Mrs. Conrad are the parents of Jason and Michelle. They send their kids to Grandmum because they're going on a business trip, according to Ron Smith. They were only seen in Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn, though they're mentioned a few times in later episodes.

Fun Facts

  • They're the only human adults besides Grandmum to be in the series.

Squid Girl

Squid Girl is a pink humanoid alien. She mostly often appears in The Comet Lounge.

There were some episodes where she seems to have a relationship with Zidgel.

Fun Facts

  • She was never mentioned by name in the show, but it is revealed in concept art.
  • Some fans called her "Sally Lite", which the name originated from deviantART user ZootyCutie.

The Scarecrow

When the Rockhopper crew were trying to find Cavitus who stole the Royal Egg, they founded a robotic scarecrow who tries to point them where they went. Michelle immediately think they should go left, but Fidgel says to wait and see if he's actually pointing the right direction.

The robotic scarecrow stands on a small asteroid with stocks of corn around him.

He only appeared in 12 Angry Hens.


This article is about the cow. You may be looking for the old steam tractor.

Bessie is the the leader of the alien cows. Her real name wasn't mentioned, but due to Zidgel calling her "Bessie", we'll stick with that name.


  She contacted the Rockhopper.

She only appeared in In the Big House

Fun Facts

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