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Throughout the show's run, VeggieTales has always been hosted by Bob and Larry. However, there are a few times that it might be hosted by someone else. Usually if either Bob or Larry are absent, or if the characters just want to take over.

List of different hosts

  • Junior - He first hosted the show alongside Bob in Josh and the Big Wall! after Larry was tired from filming his first superhero episode. He later took over Larry's place again in Abe and the Amazing Promise, possibly when he was filming the next episode.
  • The French Peas - When Bob and Larry were trying to figure out how much you need to be happy in the episode Madame Blueberry, the French Peas told them they had a story they would like to tell.
  • Jimmy and Jerry - Hosted the show in King George and the Ducky, stating to Bob and Larry when they find out that they wanted to host a show since Dave and the Giant Pickle.
  • Archibald - Hosted the show in Lyle the Kindly Viking, stating to Bob and Larry when they find out that he wanted to host a show because Jimmy and Jerry hosted a show, to which Bob replies that it was a disaster. He even replaces Silly Songs with Larry with a segment titled Classy Songs with Larry! He wanted to tell the classic Hamlet and Gilbert and Sullivan's lost musical, but it didn't turned out like how he visioned. Unlike the gourds, he did host the show better. Phil wanted Archibald to be as host for the day sometime either the second episode or in 1996. He later hosted the show alongside Larry-Boy in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple.
  • Lutfi - While Larry was away to go on a toy drive, Lutfi (Khalil) takes over his spot for the episode. He first showed the short film Going Up to help Larry about perseverance, but he couldn't hear it due to little or no dialogue. He did manage to tell the story of St. Patrick while Bob was finding a film. Towards the end, he accidentally killed Qwerty when he meddled inside the computer, but was fortunate to find the episode's verse inside Qwerty's memory bank.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - Hosted the show in Gideon: Tuba Warrior, due to the fact stating they were bored, either because of filming Lord of the Beans, or when they were filming the Lone Ranger parody episode.
  • Petunia Rhubarb and Annie - They took over Bob's place when was busy working on Snooderella. They helped with both Larry and the child's problem about how looks aren't always important.