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Stunt Driving School
Directed by

Tim Hodge

Produced by


Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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Stunt Driving School is the first half of the fourth episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


Ichabeezer is taking Rooney for a walk, when Bob and Larry drive in a car, Larry doing the driving, while Bob is asking Larry various questions, Larry answering these questions with "Kookamunga", then telling Bob that there is no funnier word than "Kookamunga". However, Larry ends up stopping the car, then asks Bob where a giant loop-de-loop that is in the road came from. Bob answers that he thinks Mayor Archibald installed the loop-de-loop, then asks Larry if it's great, Larry answering that he's going to vote for Mayor Archibald fifty more times. Larry is about to drive off, but Officer Wedge drives up to him and asks him if he's a certified stunt driver. Larry answers that he's just a regular driver, before Officer Wedge tells him that "the installation of this loop-de-loop requires everyone in town to get a stunt driver's license", then says that so far, Granny Asparagus is the only person to take the class. When Officer Wedge says this, Granny Asparagus drives up in her car while saying, "Make way for Granny!" then starts doing donuts in her car, before driving it up the loop-de-loop while Bob and Larry can only watch, until Granny makes it down the other side and slides into a parking space while saying that she's still got it.

Officer Wedge then tells Larry that unless he wants a ticket, then he should get to Stunt Driving School fast, before driving off. Larry then drives off again while Bob says that Stunt Driving School should be easy, at least for him then asks Larry about it. However, Larry is completely nervous as he asks how he will ever pass Stunt Driving School and that he's literally crashed every car he's ever driven. Bob then tells Larry to look out as Larry manages to swerve to avoid running into a lamppost, before Larry says that he'll have to study really, really hard. Bob tells Larry to do the studying thing, but as for him, he doesn't need to study because it's going to be smooth sailing for him, then alerts Larry of another wall as Larry swerves the car again. Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Tina, and Bacon Bill enter the classroom, before Bacon Bill notices Larry carrying a huge stack of books, telling him to get a bookshelf for all those books he's carrying. Larry answers that they're for studying, before Bob tells Bacon Bill that Larry thinks it's going to be hard, while Bacon Bill says that he could pass a driver's test with his eyes closed. Bob then says that he has a perfect driving record soon to be a perfect stunt driving record, while Larry says that it will be hard for him, as well as the fact that he always wanted to be a stunt driver. Because of this, Larry starts singing about being a great stunt driver and that he will amaze everyone by doing all sorts of stunts. After the song ends, however, Larry ends up falling over, due to the weight of the books that he's been carrying, while Bacon Bill asks if that counts as a stunt.

The sound of a motorcycle is heard, while Jimmy states that that must be the teacher, while Tina adds that it "sounds like a real tough-driving stunt teacher!" However, the teacher turns out to be Petunia as she greets the group, which they are surprised to see, before Petunia confirms this, while Jimmy quips that he did not see that coming. Petunia then tells the group to take their seats and that she hopes that they're all ready to put those keys in the ignition and get those engines going, while Larry writes down what Petunia said. The lesson continues while Petunia says that even though it's called a donut, you can't eat it, which Larry also writes down, while Bob and Bacon Bill start getting stressed out. Petunia next says that you can use a ramp to ramp over lots of things, which Larry also writes down as well, before Petunia adds alligators, lava, and smaller ramps. Larry writes down more notes, while Bacon Bill is firing spitballs at Bob in succession. Petunia next adds that "plain decals aren't required, but they certainly don't hurt", which Larry also writes down as well, while Bacon Bill now throws paper airplanes at Bob. Petunia then tells the class that it's time for a pop quiz and that they have 15 minutes, giving a quiz paper to each of the group. After 15 minutes have passed, Bob asks Bacon Bill how he did, Bacon Bill answering, "Aced it of course!" then asks Bob how he did, before Bob likewise answers, "Easiest test I've ever taken!"

However, Petunia informs Bob and Bacon Bill that they've both failed, which they are both surprised about, while Petunia informs Larry that he got 100%, which Larry is excited about as he literally jumps out of his seat in excitement and comes back down again. Petunia then tells Bob and Bacon Bill that if they wish to continue, then they'll both have to stay after class and retake the test, which Bob begrudgingly agrees to. Bob and Bacon Bill are retaking the test, while Bacon Bill tells himself that what would really help him get a better score on the test is having the answers right in front of him. Bacon Bill then looks to see a pile of answer sheets on Petunia's test, while Petunia is looking over a test paper, saying that he sees them on Petunia's desk. Bacon Bill then snakes his way up to Petunia's desk, just as Petunia drops a paper she was holding, so she bends over to pick up, just as Bacon Bill sneaks up behind and manages to take an answer sheet then slinks away, at the same time that Petunia has picked up the paper. Petunia is a little bit suspicious when she sees Bacon Bill breathing heavily, before she resumes looking over the papers again. Bacon Bill then brings out the answer sheet from behind his back and resumes his test again while saying that this is much easier. Outside, Petunia tells the group that now that they've all passed the written test, it's time for what they've all been waiting for, which is actual stunt driving. Bob states that he may had trouble with the written test but this will be a breeze, which Bacon Bill agrees with, as he says that this is definitely going to be what he's cheating, but quickly corrects himself that he means a breeze. When Bob, Larry, and Tina aren't looking, Bacon Bill looks around before he leaves.

Petunia next tells the group that they will be doing an everyday average stunt, which is jumping through three rings of fire. Petunia then says that to assure safety, she's asked the fire department to be on standby, the fire department revealed to be Jean-Claude and Phillipe, as Jean-Claude sprays Phillipe with the hose, before Jean-Claude himself gets forced back by the pressure of the hose. Despite this, Petunia then asks who's first as she checks her clipboard. Larry is the first one to do the stunt, as he gets into the car and says that the seatbelt is good and that the brake is functioning and that the steering wheel is aligned, then also adds "Butterflies are in stomach!" while it is shown that there are literally several butterflies in Larry's stomach. However, despite this, Larry says that everything seems to be in order, before he gets the car started, then drives it down the ramp and makes the jump, jumping right through the flaming hoops, before landing on the other side, while Larry is excited that he did it. In an alley, Bacon Bill is conversing with Mr. Lunt, asking him if he already has a stunt driver's license, Mr. Lunt confirming this, then pulls out what he thinks is his stunt driver's license, but turns out to actually be a coupon for a milkshake at the Wacky Shack. Bacon Bill decides that it's close enough then pulls out a remote control, explaining to Mr. Lunt that he rigged the car to be remote-controlled and that he'll sit in the driver's seat while Mr. Lunt controls the car, which is the perfect plan.

It is soon Bacon Bill's turn as he is now situated in the car at the top of the ramp in front of the flaming hoops, before Bacon Bill says out loud that his foot is pressing down on the gas now. In the alley behind Bob, Larry, and Petunia, Mr. Lunt controls the car, which causes it to rear up, then flip around, before driving down the ramp. Bacon Bill is excited about driving the car, as the car then sails through the flaming hoops and lands on the other side again, while Bacon Bill says, "And that's how you jump through three rings of fire!" Petunia then tells Bob that he's up, while Bob is a little bit nervous. Bob nervously starts up the car while trying to assure himself that it should be no problem, but when he drives down the ramp, he panics that he can't do it, swerving the car as it zooms off the side of the ramp until crashing into the side of a tree. Jean-Claude and Phillipe approach the car and spray it with the hose while Bob says, "There goes my perfect record". Petunia tells Bob that if he wants to pass the class, then he may have to consider studying, which Bob is saddened about. Bob then tells Larry and Petunia that he doesn't know what he did wrong, before Petunia suggests to Bob that maybe there's someone he knows who's been studying that can help him, then subtly gestures to Larry. Because of that, Bob tells Larry that he's been going about this all wrong and that he should be more like him then asks him to help him out. Larry then says, "Looks like the student has become... a student who's helping out another student?" then tells Bob that he'll help him, which Bob thanks Larry for, before Petunia tells them that the final exam is tomorrow and for them to study hard.

At home, Larry tells Bob to hop in his Stunt Driving Simulator, which is just a cardboard box, but Bob jumps into it regardless. Larry then gives Bob a plate to use as a steering wheel and tells him to turn it on. Bob then starts turning the plate, until Larry reminds him to make sounds while driving, which Bob does, before Larry tells him that as he drives, to be on the lookout for any stunt driving to be done. Bob still continues to pretend to drive while still making driving sounds, while Larry pretends to be a tree that Bob is driving past. Bob says that he's not sure that this is working, until Larry cuts him off, telling him to watch out because a ramp is coming up and that he's gotta jump. This time, Bob imagines himself driving down a ramp and jumping through the hoops, before the imagination ends after that. Bob is excited that he did it, while Larry is holding up three donuts, telling Bob that he jumped through the three rings, before Larry then throws the donuts into the air and eats them. The next day, Petunia is standing before Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Tina, and Bacon Bill, before telling the group that for their final exam, they will be driving the loop-de-loop while blindfolded, which everyone is surprised about, while Jimmy says that that doesn't sound safe, but Petunia assures him that it is Stunt Driving School after all and that the fire department is here just in case. Jean-Claude and Phillipe have the hose hooked up to the hydrant, but while Phillipe is looking through the hose, a Cherry Cat comes by and jumps on top of the hydrant, which causes a powerful torrent of water to shoot out, sending Jean-Claude and Phillipe flying while holding on to the hose.

Petunia then tells the group that if they studied hard, then they should have no problem, then asks who would like to go first. Larry says that he'll go first, before he is now in the car with a blindfold over his face, before driving the car up the loop-de-loop without any problems. Larry gets out of the car, excited that he did it, before he runs into a lamppost, due to the blindfold obscuring his vision, but manages to take it off, while Bob congratulates Larry. Petunia asks Bob if he's ready to go, though Bob is nervous, before Bacon Bill pleads to Petunia to let him go next and boasts that he'll ace the exam with no problem, then quietly adds, "With a little help from Lunt". When Petunia asks Bacon Bill what he said, Bacon Bill claims that he didn't say anything, then runs off, while Petunia follows him, at the same time that Mr. Lunt sneaks around with the remote control for the car then sneaks into the alley. Bacon Bill then gets into the car and puts on the blindfold while saying out loud that he's driving now, just as Mr. Lunt comes out while holding the remote and controls the car. However, while Mr. Lunt is controlling the car, the Cherry Cat suddenly jumps out from behind him and takes the remote from him as he starts chasing after the Cherry Cat. The car with Bacon Bill in it suddenly drives off, driving right past the loop-de-loop, while Bacon Bill says that he's doing this all on purpose. The car then drives up the side of the bookcase and flies up, just as Bacon Bill removes his blindfold to see how high up he is, then yells out for someone to help him. The car then falls back down again before landing on top of a tree, the tree catapulting the car in the air.

Bob tells Larry that they have to do something, before they both run off, while the car then lands on top of a building while Bacon Bill yells out for someone to "stunt-save" him. Bob and Larry then get into their car and drive off to save Bacon Bill. The car then gets catapulted from the top of the tree and lands on top of the building, where Bacon Bill is still out of control in his car, before Bob and Larry drive after him. Larry then starts twirling a chain like a rope, before throwing the chain as the other end lands on the back of Bacon Bill's car, before throwing an anchor, which is attached to the chain, out the window just as the anchor lands on the edge of the building, which stops Bacon Bill's car before it could fall off the building. Bacon Bill starts laughing, before his car starts smoking, while Jean-Claude and Phillipe are still riding on the out-of-control fire hose, before Larry excitedly tells Bob that they saved Bacon Bill, then tells Bob to look out, noticing that their car is now about to fall off the building as well. This time, Bob is able to swerve the car to the side, which stops it before it could fall off the building. Larry tells Bob that his stunt-driving saved the day, as they both get out of the car, before Petunia comes up to them, telling them she thinks that they've more than passed the test. Bob and Larry are excited to hear this, while Bob says that he couldn't have done it without Larry helping him study, while Bacon Bill is getting drenched by the hose held by Jean-Claude and Phillipe while yelling that he's sorry and that he'll never cheat again.



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