Stuff Mart Rap is a song sang by The Scallions from Madame Blueberry.


Salesman #2 and #3: Check it out! Check it out!

Salesman #1: If you want a big hat

Salesman #2 and #3: We got that!

Salesman #1: If you need a tube of glue

Salesman #2 and #3: We got that too!

Salesman #1: A 20 gallon wok? Salesman #2 and #3: They're in stock! And if you need refrigerators to keep extra mashed potatoes or a giant air compressor to blow fruit flies off your dresser or a dehydrated strudel or a nose ring for your poodle or a five pound can of tuna and some flippers to go scuba. Scuba! Scuba! Scooby-doo-be-doo-ba! Here we go, scuba! Come on!

Salesman #1: If you need a rubber hose

Salesman #2 and #3: We got those!

Salesman #1: A rhododendron tree

Salesman #2 and #3: We got three!

Salesman #1: A wrap-around deck

Salesman #2 and #3: Gotta check! But if you need a window scraper and a gross of toilet paper or a rachet set and pliers and surround sound amplifiers and a solar turkey chopper or a padded gopher bopper. Flannel shirts for looking grungy and some rope for goin' bunji! Bunji! Bunji! Bunji-wun-gee-fun-gee! Here we go, bunji! Come on!



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