Students at Super Hero Class 101

This list is for characters who are students of Bok Choy's Super Hero Class.


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Lemon Twist

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The Scarlet Tomato

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Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum
  • Species: Celery
  • Hair color: Dark green

Bubble Gum is one of the students at Super Hero class who has the ability to stretch his own body in many lengths! He gained this ability while as a cadet in the Veggie Space Program at Cape Cantaloupe when he was exposed to cosmic rays. Other than stretching like gum, he could also blow enormous, perfect bubbles as well! He went to win the world bubble-blowing championships three years straight, to the Great Despair of Russians.


Bubble Gum is a green celery with dark green hair

His costume is a purple disco-looking outfit with a medallion.

Episode appearances

He appeared numerous time in the series, though he didn't have a speaking role.


  • Bubble Gum is based after Richard Reeds/Mr. Fantastic from Marvel's Fantastic Four.
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