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Sippy Cup is the 25th Silly Song and was featured in Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella.

In this song, Larry goes to a fancy restaurant and asks for a glass of grape juice. The waiter (Mr. Lunt) refuses because Larry has spilled grape juice several times in the past and ultimately forces Larry to use a sippy cup. Larry tries to argue his case with the waiter, busboy (Jimmy), and maître d' (Madame Blueberry), but they insist that Larry use the sippy cup. When a courtroom judge (Mr. Nezzer) is about to pass the sippy cup sentence, the governor calls in and says that Larry can have his grape juice in a glass, which he promptly spills. When the title card appears again, Larry says he will take the sippy cup.


Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

(shows an overview of a restaurant with Larry sitting at a table, and Jean Claude playing the piano.)

Mr. Lunt: And what would you like to drink?

Larry: I'll just have water, please. And could I have it in a glass this time?

Mr. Lunt: Hmm, Let me check my records…

(scrolls over pages on his notepad with stains)

Just as I suspected

Good thing I stopped and checked it

My pad is stained and blotted

From liquids you spilt on it

I'm afraid the jig is up…

You must use a sippy cup

Larry: STOP!!

Don't bring me a sippy cup

Haven't spilled since yesterday

Water won't stain anyway

Bring a mug

Bring a jug

Just don't bring… a sippy cup

Mr. Lunt: Hmm, let me check with the busboy…

(leaves off-screen to talk with the busboy)

Is he the one?

(Both Mr. Lunt and Jimmy show up.)

Jimmy: IT'S YOU!!

Every time I fill it

He turns around and spills it

I've brought a hundred blotters

'Cause you can't hold your waters

This time I'm not mopping up…

Both: You must use a sippy cup

Larry: NO!!!

Don't bring me a sippy cup

They'll be making fun o' me

Put a pail in front o' me

Bring a mug

Bring a jug

Just don't bring… a sippy cup

Mr. Lunt: Well, I could ask the Maître D'…

(Mr. Lunt and Jimmy leave for a few seconds until Madame Blueberry arrives.)

Madame Blueberry: Zees is impos-see-blay

He puddles up our café

You take me for a fool?

A restaurant's not a pool

Take his glass and lock it up

All three: Ze/The pickle gets a sippy cup

Larry: Wait!!

Don't bring me a sippy cup

This time I'm not gonna spill

Jimmy: I'm pretty sure he will

Larry: Spilling soda's not a crime

If it is, I'll do time

Just don't bring… a sippy cup

(The music becomes slower, with the lights dimming, and a judge's stand show up with Mr. Nezzer on it.)

Mr. Nezzer: Order, order in the court

I judge you the clumsy sort

By the dictates of our laws

I sentence you to safety straws

(Larry is handed a sippy cup. Suddenly, the telephone rings, and Jimmy brings it to the judge)

Jimmy: It's the Governor.

Mr. Nezzer: (answering the phone) Yes, I see. Very well. Thank you, Governor. (closes the phone) Ahem…

Give me back that sippy cup

You've been granted sippy stay

Larry: This must be my lucky day

Chorus: This must be his lucky day

Mr. Nezzer: Bring a mug

Bring a jug

Jimmy: I'll bring an absorbent rug

Chorus: You don't need… a sippy cup

(Mr. Lunt shows up with a wine glass filled with grape juice)

Mr. Lunt: Compliments of the house, grape juice.

Larry: Grape juice? (Dramatic zooms between some of the characters and Larry as starts to drink the grape juice, only to spill it all over others) Oops! Sorry!

Narrator: This has been Silly Songs with Larry. Tune in next time to hear Larry say...

Larry: I'll take that sippy cup!

(cut to black)

Fun Facts


  • Mike stated Steve Taylor modeled the song after the second silly song. Mike also wrote a song about sippy cups with Jean Claude, but it was more rock and aggressive than what was shown in the final version.
    • Despite this, Jean Claude is in the song playing the piano.
  • This is the first Silly Song Madame Blueberry appeared in.
  • This is the last time Larry is mistaken for a pickle until Beatbox Bill.


  • In the 4:3 format, the title card is zoomed in. In the widescreen version, it is zoomed out.
  • Unless he already tried, Jimmy could bleach-wash the towels since they remove stains.
  • Mr. Nezzer answers the phone without a line connecting to the device.
  • The physics on the glass cup is off here. For starters, the glass gained more juice after Larry spills it. Second, considering the cup is made of glass, it would have shattered in pieces after falling.


  • Mr. Lunt’s white shirt changes color when he says “Let me check with the busboy.”
  • While watching the song with subtitles, Jimmy says "Every time I fills it"
  • The highlights on Jean Claude vanished when Larry receives the glass of grape juice.
  • The YouTube captions mistake Jimmy for Jerry.