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Ethan Nicolle

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Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson
James Covell
David Das


September 23, 2016


11 minutes

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Shrink-abeezer is the first half of the second episode from the fourth season of VeggieTales in the House.


Inside Motato's lair, one of the Radishes is nervously balancing a hot dog on top of his head, while Motato is planning to test fire his brand new shrink ray then tells the Radish to hold still. The Radish tells Motato that if he misses, then his pants won't fit, but Motato points out to the Radish that he doesn't wear pants. Motato then activates the shrink ray as it hits the hot dog that is on top of the Radish's head and after the demonstration is finished, the Radish is relieved that only the hot dog shrank and not him. Motato then shouts out "Feel my shrinky power!" but when he tries again in firing off the shrink ray, the shrink ray shorts out, Motato becoming disappointed when he sees that it's broken already, while the Radish is relieved once again. Meanwhile, Bob is driving through town in his car while singing to himself when his car suddenly breaks down, before he complains that he buys a nice reliable car and it still breaks down. Bob gets out of his car to look at it when Ichabeezer drives up to him in his monster truck and starts teasing Bob about the state of his car. Bob asks Ichabeezer to give him a tow, which would help him out a lot, but Ichabeezer turns him down, saying that he only helps himself, then says, "Later, 'mater!"

Back at Motato's lair, Motato is repeatedly hitting the shrink ray on the floor, intending to keep doing it until the shrink ray works again. When Motato hits the shrink ray one more time, it causes the shrink ray to fire a stray blast that flies directly out of the lair. On the playground, Junior, Laura, and Callie are playing jump rope, with Callie doing the jumping, just as the blast barely misses her from underneath. Petunia exits from Pa Grape's store while carrying a bag of groceries when a can falls out of the bag, so she bends over to pick up the can, just as the blast flies directly over her, before she looks around. Jimmy and Jerry bet Bacon Bill that he can't turn and do a circle, which Bacon Bill proceeds to do, just as the blast flies through the circle formed by his body. The blast then bounces off a nearby building and off the surface of Madame Blueberry's mirror while she is brushing her hair, surprising her as she mistakes it for a lightning bug. Ichabeezer is still in his monster truck when he is suddenly hit by the blast which causes him to become shrunk, while Bob wonders what that was, and when he doesn't see Ichabeezer anymore, he calls out for Ichabeezer. Bob then gets into the monster truck, wondering where Ichabeezer went then quips that it's like he just disappeared, along with Rooney. When Rooney appears and starts licking Bob, Bob realizes that it's just Ichabeezer then leaves, before the now-shrunken Ichabeezer pops up from his monster truck and tries calling out where he is but he ends up slipping. Bob stops when he hears Ichabeezer, quipping that it sounded like a tiny Ichabeezer. At that moment, LarryBoy drives up to Bob in the Larrymobile then jumps out before telling Bob that he's bored, just as Bob tells LarryBoy that Ichabeezer just disappeared, LarryBoy saying that he's on the case.

Bob tells LarryBoy that this might sound crazy but he thinks that Ichabeezer may have shrunk, but LarryBoy doesn't believe Bob, telling him that of all the things that could have happened to him, that's the only one it's definitely not. LarryBoy goes over to Ichabeezer's monster truck and picks up the lollipop that Ichabeezer was holding earlier, not realizing that Ichabeezer is now stuck to one side of it, then throws it away, sending both Ichabeezer and the lollipop flying through the air. LarryBoy resumes searching through the monster truck before finding a tiny gold bar, causing Bob to point out that Ichabeezer is shrunk, but LarryBoy cuts him off saying that Ichabeezer must be buying a tiny mansion for Rooney. Ichabeezer tries to pull himself off of the now-giant lollipop and after a few tries, finally gets free, before asking where he is. Ichabeezer then sees what he thinks is a towel which he starts rubbing his face with, before he looks to see that the towel is actually Rooney's tongue. When Ichabeezer realizes that Rooney is in front of him, he's about to tell Rooney that he's glad to see him when Rooney suddenly starts gnawing on the now-tiny Ichabeezer, Ichabeezer calling Rooney a bad dog and that he's not a squeaky toy. After Rooney spits out Ichabeezer, Ichabeezer says that he doesn't know what happened, but the only explanation he can think of is that the rest of the world got really huge, then decides to pay someone to fix it. Ichabeezer then asks Rooney to give him a ride home, before climbing on top of Rooney, who then runs off. Back at the LarryBoy Cave, LarryBoy is looking at the tiny gold bar through a microscope, while Bob is pacing around, before LarryBoy tells the Larry Computer to analyze the tiny gold bar, which the computer does, saying that the gold bar has shrunk in size.

LarryBoy then says that he knew it, Bob asking if Ichabeezer has shrunk as well, but LarryBoy says that Ichabeezer is carving tiny gold bars out of regular-sized gold bars, then asks why. Bob tells LarryBoy because that's not what's happening and that he really thinks that Ichabeezer shrunk, before LarryBoy cuts him off again, saying that someone shrank Ichabeezer. Bob can only sigh, before LarryBoy says that they have to find Ichabeezer before someone steps on him. Ichabeezer stills rides on top of Rooney while saying that he could check "ride a giant dog" off his to-do list, before Rooney suddenly stops and starts growling angrily when he sees a Cherry Cat on the fence of Ichabeezer's mansion while looking at a butterfly. Ichabeezer tries telling Rooney to ignore the Cherry Cat, but Rooney starts chasing after the Cherry Cat, while Ichabeezer is forced to try to keep his grip on Rooney. Rooney chases after the Cherry Cat, chasing it through the park, up a tree, in the town center, and on top of buildings. When Rooney tries to cross the rope on the building, he falls off and grabs Ichabeezer with his mouth while Ichabeezer is forced to hold on to the rope while saying that it's uncomfortable. The Cherry Cat then approaches the rope with Ichabeezer and Rooney on it, while Ichabeezer tries to get the Cherry Cat to go away, while Rooney is even more angrier as Ichabeezer tries telling Rooney not to bark, but unfortunately, Rooney jumps up and barks, the trajectory of the rope sending Ichabeezer flying until he bumps around on top of the ceiling fan then falls off.

Madame Blueberry is driving her car, when Ichabeezer lands on the windshield, but Madame Blueberry mistakes him for a beetle, before stopping her car, which sends Ichabeezer flying again until he lands in the ice cream compartment of the ice cream cart, where Bacon Bill has gotten out a scoop of ice cream and puts it on the cone, with Ichabeezer on the ice cream. Bacon Bill then gives the ice cream with Ichabeezer on it to Mayor Archibald, who is about to take a lick of the ice cream as Ichabeezer tries to escape, before jumping away and landing in the dumpster, which then closes. Ichabeezer then asks if anybody out there can hear him, then says that he'll pay a million gold bars to anyone who can take him home, just as Corn Woman passes by the dumpster. When Ichabeezer offers two million, Corn Woman asks if a chipmunk just offered her two million gold bars, but thinks it to be crazy before leaving, much to Ichabeezer's frustration. At the front of Pa Grape's store, Bob tells Mayor Archibald, Jimmy, and Madame Blueberry to step carefully because Ichabeezer has been shrank, before trying to find the correct past tense word for shrink, before LarryBoy tells him that the proper term is "shrinky-shrink-a-mafied". Despite this, Bob tells the others that they have to find Ichabeezer, while LarryBoy adds to search "cautioningly and with carefulness" and to check their couch cushions and their sock drawers and bug collections, and their bug drawers and sock collections. Jimmy says that he thinks that his cookie got shrunk too, asking when cookies got so small, before Bob tells the others that Ichabeezer needs them then says that Proverbs says that if we're kind to those in need, we honor God.

Because of that, Bob and the others set out on their search for Ichabeezer while singing a song about being a good friend to those in need and that when we help others, we'll be rewarded by God, all while Ichabeezer is trying to make himself known to the others, without any success. After the song ends, LarryBoy is using a pair of magnifying specs to find Ichabeezer as Bob tries getting LarryBoy's attention, but Larryboy tells him to hold on because with his new goggles, there is literally no way he won't find Ichabeezer. Bob tries telling LarryBoy that Ichabeezer is on his head, but LarryBoy cuts him off, saying that he knows that he's close and that he can smell him before he starts smelling the air. Frustrated with LarryBoy not being able to find him, Ichabeezer finally jumps onto LarryBoy's nose and makes himself known to LarryBoy, but LarryBoy freaks out, mistaking Ichabeezer for a lizard, before Ichabeezer asks how this happened to him. Bob asks Ichabeezer if he really thinks that's a more likely explanation than him shrinking, Ichabeezer answering that it is, which Bob is frustrated about, before calling out to the others that Ichabeezer has been found. Bacon Bill is the first one to show up, crooning about how tiny and cuddly Ichabeezer is, while Granny Asparagus thinks that Ichabeezer is a precious knick-knack. LarryBoy tells Granny and Bacon Bill that "there's no time for knick-knacking" and that no one can de-shrinkify Ichabeezer but home, but before he can say that he's Ichabeezer's one and only, he ends up getting shrunk as well, thanks to Motato's shrink ray. LarryBoy then asks in surprise if he just got shrank, while Motato tells everyone to bow before his "shrinky power".

Motato then starts up his shrink ray again, before Madame Blueberry also gets shrunk as well. LarryBoy is surprised that Madame Blueberry got "shrinked" as well, before Madame Blueberry tells him that "shrunk" is the proper way to say it. Bob then tells the three shrunken friends that instead of debating proper grammar, they should run away, before Motato tells everyone that soon they'll all be action figures for him to play with. Motato activates his shrink ray once again, shooting various blasts at Bob, Mayor Archibald, and Granny as they run away trying to escape the shrink blasts, before Mayor Archibald also gets shrunk as well. Bob is able to dodge the shrink blasts that come his way. Jimmy and Jerry are having cookies, when a carrot man runs by while screaming, before getting shrunk as well and still runs around while screaming. Jimmy is about to eat a cookie when he also gets shrunk at well, then says that at least his cookie is huge now, but the cookie also gets shrunk as well, which causes Jimmy to give off a Big "NO!" Motato laughs again, while Bob says that he has to think of a real clever scheme to stop Motato, before deciding to use a trash can as a shield, but the trash can also gets shrunk as well. Bob next picks up a bench, which also gets shrunk by the shrink ray, then hides behind the ice cream cart, which also gets shrunk as well, while Motato thanks Bob for helping him shrink more things. Motato tries to shrink Bob as he dodges again, while climbing up onto the building, the awning and sign of the building also getting shrunk too.

LarryBoy tells Ichabeezer and Madame Blueberry that Bob has a plan, which he thinks is better than no plan, then comes up with an idea, which is that they should have a plan. Ichabeezer asks LarryBoy what they can do because they're teeny, before LarryBoy suggests that they can still tickle. After getting onto top of the building, Bob is about to get behind Motato when the Radish suddenly gets in front of him, but Bob tells him that he doesn't shrink away from danger, which the Radish thinks is a terrible pun. Motato then prepares to shrink Bob, but Bob uses the Radish as a shield, so the Radish gets shrunk as a result and hops away, while Motato tells Bob that he has nothing to shield him now. Before Motato can shrink Bob, Bob quickly dodges another blast as he jumps up and tackles into Motato while trying to take the shrink ray from Motato and telling him to stop shrinking his friends. Motato asks the Radishe where they are, asking what he pays them for, before another Radish shows up, telling Motato that he doesn't pay them but he is here. However, the Radish suddenly finds himself tickled by Mayor Archibald, Jimmy, and Madame Blueberry, before the Radish falls off of Bob while still getting tickled. Motato asks the Radishes where they are, before he also gets tickled as well, this time by LarryBoy and Ichabeezer. With Motato and the Radishes subdued, Bob picks up the shrink ray before asking how to use it to fix everything.

LarryBoy suggests that they shrink the whole world, which Bob thinks is a little drastic, before LarryBoy tells him that it's the only option and for Bob to crank the ray to full power. Bob is hesitant but decides to follow Larry's suggestion, and when LarryBoy tells him to fire, Bob then fires off a huge blast from the shrink ray, which spreads out from the House and all over the world, which causes the world to shrink as well. After the deed is done, LarryBoy is excited, before wondering why his voice is still all shrinky, while Madame Blueberry asks if they're voices are stuck like this forever. After looking at the shrink ray again, Bob realizes that there was an unshrink button the whole time, which everyone laughs about. This time, Bob is able to put the shrink ray in reverse, restoring the whole world, and everyone else, back to normal size once again. After that's over, Bob is surprised that that actually worked, before Motato shows up, telling everyone not to forget about him, before he jumps out at Bob and tries to take the shrink ray back from him. During the struggle, the shrink ray fires off another shrink blast and, in a repeat of what happened earlier that resulted in Ichabeezer getting shrunk, the blast then bounces off the window of a building and off the surface of Madame Blueberry's mirror before hitting Motato, causing him to get shrunk as well. Motato complains that he "shrinked" then demands to be unshrunk this instant, before Madame Blueberry also corrects Motato as well. Motato tells the group that they stopped him from shrinking everything and that he'll just have to go back to the classics, which is using a pair of fry guns, but when he fires the fry guns, the fries don't do anything to LarryBoy, due to being shrunk as well. Bob, LarryBoy, Ichabeezer, Madame Blueberry, and Bacon Bill can only laugh, while Motato can only say, "Well, this shrinks".


Fun Facts



  • The tiny gold bar on LarryBoy's nose is an after effect, as it does not follow with the nose.

Real-World References

  • The episode's plot is similar to the 1989 Disney film "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids."

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