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Seymour Schwenk is an inventor and close friend to Cavis and Millward. He is played by Pa Grape.


His first appearance was in The Star of Christmas, where he is inventing a new horseless carriage fueled by rockets. Seymour was called in by Cavis and Millward to assist in designing the tech for their show; much to his dismay when it came to the hazardous results his support might've led to. Unfortunately for Seymour, once he got more of his lights installed to the sets and costumes, an electrical fire broke out, burning the entire show and theater. Having temporarily fled the scene, he was going to bail Cavis and Millward only to find them outside with Edmund and his father. Millward eventually gets permission to use his rocket carriage, so he could bring Edmund to the church. He is left stranded and is gone for the remainder of the episode.

In An Easter Carol, he only appears in one of the events in Ebeneezer Nezzer's Easter past. He was called to help Nezzer find a solution to his tired chickens. With his mechanical skills, he could create robotic chickens that would lay plastic eggs for Easter. That way Nezzer could make Easter bigger and keep his Grandma's memory alive. Much like with his concern for Cavis misinterpreting the concept of love, he tried to tell Nezzer that Easter isn't about plastic eggs and colorful baskets with candy. He gets interjected by Nezzer, and goes along with his demands to create the chickens anyway. Despite not getting paid, he got an annual pass to Easter Land.


Seymour has an odd blend of traits ranging from caring, eccentric, and a little insane. He is seen showing concern for Cavis and Ebeneezer Nezzer with their ambitious endeavors, truly hoping for them to face the reality of their actions. Although he himself is a bit prideful, more specifically in his inventing, to which he is especially proud of his rocket fuel. Along with his passionate behavior, Seymour is shown to have a slightly strange mindset, given his old age. At one point he suggested kidnapping Prince Frederick in order for him to see Cavis and Milward's show.


Fun Facts

  • His name is based after Gilbert and Sullivan's middle names.
  • Several years after An Easter Carol was released, Seymour was spotted a few times during the climax of Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry.
    • This was likely a clever cameo or random extra used to fill in space at the 1904 World's Fair set piece.