Scarlet Tomato

The Scarlet Tomato
  • Species: Tomato
  • Hair color: Red

The Scarlet Tomato is an immigrant from Corsica and is the hero of Puggslyville. He is also one of Bok Choy's students at Bumblyburg Community College.

Appearance and abilities

As his name suggests, the Scarlet Tomato is a red tomato. He has the ability to fly and defy gravity. He also has a laser powered belt to shoot lasers out of his mask. The Scarlet Tomato is also best known to use strong-smelling cheese as a crime fighting tool.


The Scarlet Tomato is a nice lad, though he can be redundant at times. He speaks in a monotonous Italian accent.

Episode appearances


  • His voice is based on Father Guido Sarducci, a fictional character created by Don Novello.
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