Scaredy Cat Boot Camp

Bill Breneisen


Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


March 25, 2016


11 minutes

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Scaredy Cat Boot Camp is the first half of the first episode of the third season of VeggieTales in the House.


In a building on a dark and stormy night, a corn man is mixing together a concoction in a beaker. After the concoction is completed, the corn man starts to drink the contents. After drinking the concoction, the corn man suddenly starts to have convulsions then falls over, before a Cherry Cat is seen in the corn man's place. All of this is soon revealed to be a scary story that Mr. Lunt is telling, as he concludes his story with, "And he meowed like a cat for the rest of his life!" After Mr. Lunt finishes his story, Larry can only scoff, and says that he thought that Mr. Lunt had a scary story and that the story he just told is not scary. Bob has his turn in telling a scary story, telling the story about how how a dresser full of neatly-folded socks are not the ones being worn right now. Tina next has her turn in telling a scary story, telling about someone looking under the bed to find a monster and looking in the closet to find another monster, with monsters everywhere, and the person being a monster too, due to it being a monster party. Larry next has a turn in telling a scary story, saying, "Leave! Leave!" and that the person being told to leave left anyway. After Larry finishes his story, Bob asks Larry if the person in the story was okay, and Larry answers, "I guess so." Mr. Lunt then says that that's not scary, while Bob adds that "Laura Carrot can tell a scarier story!"

Larry tries telling Bob, Mr. Lunt, and Tina that they're all scaredy cats and that he can tell, which causes the four of them to start arguing amongst themselves about who's a scaredy cat. Tina then says that she's not scared and that she'll have no trouble sleeping tonight, which Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt also agree with as well. However, it turns out that all four of them are too scared to sleep. The next morning, Bob gets out of bed as he fearfully comes downstairs and goes out the door, while Larry also enters the room as well. Bob enters town fearfully, while Tina comes out from the bushes fearfully and hiding behind a lamppost. Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina start backing up fearfully, until they back up into each other, scaring the heebie-jeebies out of them. Pa is sitting on a bench while reading a book while this happens, before Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea show up, as Pa greets Mr. Pea. Mr. Pea asks Pa why everyone is so jumpy, and Pa answers that they were up last night telling scary stories, prompting Mr. Pea to call them a bunch of scaredy cats, something which he is not a fan of, because you have to face your fears, not fear them. Because of that, Mr. Pea tells Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina that they're all invited to Mr. Pea's 'Don't Be a Scaredy Cat' boot camp, telling them that at this camp, he will "whip you teeth-rattlers into courageous shape!" Mr. Pea then tells the four that Tiny Pea, like him, is not afraid of anything, asking Tiny Pea if he's right. Tiny Pea confirms this, but starts to tell Mr. Pea one thing he is afraid of, but gets cut off by Mr. Pea before he can finish, as Mr. Pea says that by the time he's done with them, there won't be a scaredy cat among them. Mr. Lunt says that he's a lot of different things, but he's definitely not a scaredy cat, while Bob says that he's not afraid of attending a scaredy cat boot camp, which Larry and Tina agree with. Because of that, Mr. Pea then tells them to meet him and Tiny Pea at the koi pond before sundown. After Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea leave, Larry says that he can't wait to lose his fear.

Meanwhile, at Jimmy and Jerry's house, Jerry has gotten a bathtub full of water ready, proclaiming that it's Danny's bathtime. Danny is scared when Jerry says this as he tries to escape, but Jerry grabs him and tries to put him in the bathtub. Danny hops away and escapes, and hightails it into the space between the counter and the refrigerator. Jerry then approaches the space, wondering where Danny is, unaware that Danny is now on top of his head. Meanwhile, outside the House, Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina are getting their tents set up, just as Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea approach them. Mr. Pea asks Bob what he's afraid of, and Bob answers, "Being in tight, small spaces," which Mr. Pea recognizes as claustrophobia, while Tiny Pea adds that it's a common fear. Mr. Pea then tells Bob that he can't run from his fear, but rather to face it, to live in it until he's not afraid anymore. Because of that, Tiny Pea takes away Bob's tent and gives him an ever smaller tent that is the same size as he is, while Mr. Pea tells Bob that this is his new tent. Bob looks inside the tent while saying that he should have said that he was afraid of clowns, which Tiny Pea says is also another common fear. Bob then gets inside his small tent, and when Mr. Pea asks him how he feels, Bob answers, "Uncomfortable." Mr. Pea notes that Bob is not scared, which is good progress. Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea next approach Tina as Mr. Pea asks Tina what she's afraid of. Tina answers that she startles easily, saying that she'll jump at any kind of loud noise. Mr. Pea then loudly asks, "Really?!", scaring Tina so much that she jumps up and lands on top of her tent. Because of that, Tina then picks up Mr. Pea while telling him, "Never do that again." Mr. Pea then notices anger instead of fear, which is also good progress. Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea next talk with Larry, as Mr. Pea asks Larry if he's afraid of the dark, which Larry is oblivious to, but he immediately becomes afraid when Mr. Pea puts a sleep mask on his face, which obscures his vision.

Mr. Pea then tells Larry that he will remain in the dark until he is not afraid anymore. Larry tells Mr. Pea that he's not afraid of the dark, but when he tries to leave, he ends up tripping on a pebble, which causes him to start tumbling down the large rock he was standing on top of, until running into another rock down at the bottom, which causes Larry to proclaim that he is now afraid of the dark. Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea next approach Mr. Lunt as Mr. Pea asks him if he's afraid of crocodiles, but Mr. Lunt says that he's not. Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea list off more possibilities, such as heights and mom's cooking, but Mr. Lunt says that he's really not afraid of nothing. Despite this, Mr. Pea comes up with an idea before telling Mr. Lunt to do some hard work without goofing off, something which Mr. Lunt is truly afraid of as he quickly runs off in fright. Later in the evening, Bob, Mr. Lunt, and Tina enter their tents for the night, with Bob bidding good night to them, while Larry, due to the sleep mask covering his face, mistakes a tree for his tent, thinking that the zipper on his tent is stuck as he is pulling on a nearby weed, but falls over after that. Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea then peek out from a nearby bush after that, before Mr. Pea tells Tiny Pea to watch this, as he brings out a branch and snaps it in half really loudly. The loud snap, which alerts Tina into coming out of her tent. Mr. Pea chuckles at the prospect of the group still being scaredy cats, unlike Tiny Pea. Tina can only chuckle nervously while proclaiming that it must have been nothing before going back inside her tent again. Tiny Pea comes out from the bush as he tries to tell Mr. Pea something, but Mr. Pea cuts him off, telling him that there's no time for "jibber-jabber" and they have to think of something to scare the fear out of the group.

Later in the night, Bob asks Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina if they feel any less scared, but Tina says that she's scared of everything now, while Mr. Lunt adds that he's scared as ever of hard work without goofing off, before Bob says that Mr. Pea is only making things worse. The sound of roaring is heard, which wakes everyone up as something zooms by past them quickly. The something turns out to be a bear which is being controlled by Mr. Pea, who is making the roaring sounds, scaring Bob, Mr. Lunt, and Tina, as the bear creeps ever closer towards them. Larry wakes up, wondering what that sound is, asking if it's Laura Carrot. Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea then jump out from behind the bear prop that they were using as Tiny Pea asks Mr. Pea if they scared the fear out of them, before Mr. Pea tells the group that they should all now be cured. Bob, Mr. Lunt, and Tina are angry when they see that it was Mr. Pea, while Larry asks if it's Madame Blueberry. Back at Jimmy and Jerry's house, Jimmy enters the room before asking Jerry what he's doing. Jerry explains that he's trying to give Danny a bath, but Jimmy tells Jerry that Danny's afraid and that he can't just throw him in when he's afraid of the water. Jerry still insists on giving Danny a bath, before Jimmy asks Jerry how he would like it if Jerry was afraid of taking a bath and he just threw him into the tub, before Jerry realizes that he wouldn't like it. Because of this, Jimmy tells Jerry a verse, which is Luke 6:31, "Do unto others as they would do unto you." Jerry then apologizes to Danny, before Jimmy wonders how they will help Danny in a way that he would want to be helped. Jerry then suggests cookies, though Jimmy says that he wants cookies too, but asks what about helping Danny, which Jerry is upset about.

Back outside, Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina are asleep once again, while Mr. Pea and Tiny Pea watch from afar, and Mr. Pea states that they're almost cured of their "scaredy-cat-ness." Tiny Pea is about to tell Mr. Pea about something, when Tina comes up to them, telling Mr. Pea that she's scared because there's a monster and asks Mr. Pea if he can stand guard, though Mr. Pea tells her that it was him and Tiny Pea. Tina then fearfully asks what if the monster's friend shows up, though Mr. Pea tries to tell Tina not to be afraid, before Bob also comes up to Mr. Pea and asks him if they can set up campfires all around them as night lights, before Mr. Lunt also shows up and asks Mr. Pea if he can sleep with him, even when he tries claiming that he's not scared, but rather confidence-challenged. Larry then comes in with the sleep mask still covering his face while saying that he can't see his hands, before he trips over a rock and lands on top of Mr. Pea. Bob, Mr. Lunt, and Tina start talking all at once, before Mr. Pea tells them, "Enough!" then asks them how they're all still scared. Bob says that he doesn't know, but they are, speculating that maybe Mr. Pea's methods aren't working. Mr. Pea thinks that that's ridiculous, then tells the group that they shouldn't be scared at all at this point, then asks them why they can't be more like Tiny Pea, claiming that he's just a kid but isn't scared of anything. When Mr. Pea asks Tiny Pea if that's right, Tiny Pea finally tells Mr. Pea that he was trying to tell him that he wishes he was like him, afraid of nothing. Mr. Pea is surprised when Tiny Pea says this, asking him what he's afraid of, Tiny Pea answering, "Buffaloranges", but Mr. Pea tells him that they're harmless, then asks Tiny Pea what he always said about being afraid, Tiny Pea answering, "The only thing we have to fear is nothing, 'cause fear is for scaredy-cats". The sound of bellowing is soon heard after that, before a Buffalorange shows up, which Tiny Pea is absolutely scared of as he hides behind Mr. Pea, who then says that "Buffaloranges are just like a big, giant kitty", then tells Tiny Pea that there's nothing to fear. Because of this, Mr. Pea leads Tiny Pea over to where the Buffalorange is, as it looks at them. With a bit of silent encouragement from Mr. Pea, Tiny Pea goes over in front of the Buffalorange, as he smiles at it. Mr. Pea then reconfirms that the Buffalorange is harmless, before Tiny Pea screams, "Giant kitty!" as he jumps onto the Buffalorange's back, but it causes the Buffalorange to run off with Tiny Pea still on its back.

Bob, Mr. Lunt, and Tina get out of the way when the Buffalorange comes its way as it knocks the tents and Larry up into the air. Mr. Pea jumps in the way of the Buffalorange, but he jumps out of the way when it doesn't stop, which causes Mr. Pea to become worried about Tiny Pea and asking himself what he will do. Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina then show up, and Bob tells Mr. Pea that they're here for him, while Tina adds that they can help. Mr. Pea helplessly says that he doesn't know what to do because he's scared, but Mr. Lunt tells him that they're with him and that they'll do it together. Bob sees a nearby tree as he climbs up, before telling everyone else to follow him, which they do. The Buffalorange still continues running as it starts running towards the tree that the group is in, while Tiny Pea still calls out for his dad. Fortunately, Bob, Mr. Lunt, Tina, and Mr. Pea lower themselves down from the branch as Mr. Pea is able to catch Tiny Pea, while the Buffalorange runs away. Because of this, Mr. Pea admits that he found out that he is scared of something, which is losing his son, which Tiny Pea is happy to hear. However, Bob ends up losing his grip on the tree branch, which causes everyone to fall out of the tree and land on the ground. Despite this, Tiny Pea claims that he never thought that he'd be so happy to see the ground. Back at Jimmy and Jerry's house, Jimmy carries a large pool inflatable and throws it into the bathtub, at the same time that Jerry has two cookies and eats one, but before he can eat the other one, he instead places it in the center of the pool inflatable. Danny ends up smelling the cookie before he jumps into the pool inflatable and is able to eat the cookie. Jimmy then tells Jerry that that is how you do to others as you would have them do to you, while Jerry adds, "Luke 6:31," while this time, Danny is happy to get a bath. Back outside, Mr. Pea admits that there's a right way to teach others how to not be a scaredy-cat and that he chose the wrong way, then says that he owes all of them an apology. Because of this, Bob starts singing a song about how when someone is scared, you should show them that you care, as well as letting the love of God take your fears away. The others also join in the song, and Larry finally removes the sleep mask that was covering his face.


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  • Kel Mitchell is credited specially for this episode, unlike the other episodes.

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