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Sandwiches are food items consisting of one or more types of food, such as vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread, or more generally any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food.



3-2-1 Penguins!

VeggieTales in the House

  • Bob's Bad Breath - Larry makes and eats a sandwich consisting of limburger cheese, haggis, and bat paste for lunch.
  • Trading Places - Bob and Jimmy eat sandwiches during their time together.
  • Jimmy and Jerry Are Rich - The inheritance that Jimmy and Jerry received turns out to be a petrified sandwich signed by Phil Vischer.
  • The Guppy Whisperer - Bob and Madame Blueberry are asked by Ichabeezer to feed sandwiches to Rooney. Later, Jimmy attempts to feed a sandwich to Happy Sunshine Bubbles the guppy.
  • Locked Out - Jerry is carrying a stack of sandwiches while he and Jimmy pass by Bob and Larry's home.
  • Crossing Guard - Laura is eating sandwich on fountain.
  • JimmyBoy - Jimmy and Jerry eat sandwiches, only to be interrupted by LarryBoy breaking into their house to hide.