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Rosie Grape

Rosie Grape is the youngest of two children of the Grape Family in VeggieTales. She often bickers with her older brother, Tom Grape until Mr. Asparagus taught them to be kind.


She is a green grape with freckles, a missing tooth, and yellowish-orange braided hair.


She is a crude, yet intelligent girl. She speaks with a thick southern accent like her mother and brother.



Very Veggie Silly Stories[]

Voice Actresses[]




  • The reason behind Rosie's retirement, according to Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, was due to her voice actress (as well as a former employee at Big Idea) Bridget Miller moving away sometime after "A Very Veggie Christmas" was finished (which was the last time she played Rosie), and was simply retired instead of finding a replacement. Despite that though, she still continued to appear at least once more in the actual series as well as on various merchindise up until 2003, when her last appearance to date was in the book God Loves You Very Much.
  • According to Phil Vischer, Rosie's name came from the character Rose of Sharon from The Grapes Of Wrath Novel. Vischer's mother, Scottie May, who does bible research for the show, didn't want it to happen because somehow Rose of Sharon is another name for Jesus Christ. This can all be heard on the "God Wants Me To Forgive Them?!?" commentary.