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In the Silly Song "Love My Lips", Archibald shows Larry a Rorschach test after the latter scats about his love for lips. The pictures in this test are:

  • Two pictures of someone's lips
  • A butterfly
  • A tree
  • A fish
  • A bone
  • A boat
  • A square
  • A flower
  • A triangle
  • A family standing outside their house
  • A smiley face
  • A human
    • Sonny Bono (original release of Dave and the Giant Pickle to 1998)
    • Robert Ellis (re-released version of Dave and the Giant Pickle to 2004)
    • Mike Nawrocki (all releases from 2004 onwards)
  • "Avogadro's Number"
  • A crude drawing of someone wearing glasses
  • Someone blowing a raspberry