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Rigel 13 is a planet located far in outer space and It is also uninhabited with the exception of Giant Ants who invaded the Rockhopper Crew's Picnic.


On Rigel 13, Michelle and Fidgel suggest they clean up and eat afterwards. Jason objects to this because he came here for a day off. Michelle points out that they can't have a picnic with all the trash around them. Zidgel, however, sees a spot where they can have a picnic. Fidgel then receives a call from Admiral Strap and he goes back to the ship. Michelle goes with him to get a broom. The rest of the crew continue on with their picnic. Back on the Rockhopper, Admiral Strap delivers a message, albeit through a muddled transmitter, to Fidgel. The message is that he has an important mission for them on Rigel 13. Fidgel informs him that they're already there. Admiral Straps asks what they're doing there. Fidgel answers that they're taking a break. Admiral Strap hopes that no one is on the planet's surface.

Zidgel, Jason, Midgel, and Kevin relax for a while until giant ants arrive. Zidgel immediately calls the ship for help. After they get knocked off their picnic spot, Zidgel orders the others to run. Back on the Rockhopper, Admiral Strap's message consists of Rigel 13 invested by giant creatures and Fidgel has to use the Ray. Just then, someone calls the Rockhopper and Fidgel ends the call to take this new one. When no one answers, Fidgel ends the call and attempts to put the Admiral back on, but to no avail. Michelle asks him if there's anything he can do. Fidgel answers that he's a scientist, not an exterminator. Michelle points out that the Admiral called him, not Zidgel. Fidgel assumes that Admiral Strap knows that the invaders can only be stopped by his special ability, whatever it is, alone. Over on Rigel 13, Zidgel and Midgel hide behind a rock to escape the ants. Midgel realizes that Zidgel dropped his communicator. Zidgel thinks he's lost his as well until Midgel pulls it out of his hair. Zidgel contacts Fidgel on the Rockhopper. Fidgel responds to the captain before the ants start to carry the Rockhopper. They take the ship to the top of a hill. Meanwhile, Jason is looking for the Rockhopper and Kevin. Kevin shows up riding one of the giant ants. On the Rockhopper, Fidgel is trying to figure out what Admiral Strap wanted him to do. Eventually, he comes to the conclusion that he needs to use the Harryhausen Ray to stop the giant ants. Fidgel and Michelle go to the storage bay, where it's still a mess.

Fidgel lets Midgel know that it'll take an hour to get it to work. He also suggests that Zidgel and Midgel distract the ants. Zidgel and Midgel go on to distract the ants. Midgel silently discusses with Zidgel about their plan until a giant ant comes along and picks up the rock that they were hiding behind.

Somewhere else on the planet, Jason is sitting down and wishing he could do something to help. He then sees Cavitus' ship fly over him and litter all over the planet. A giant ant approaches him and he attempts to scare it off by crumbling a piece of paper into a ball and aiming it at the ant. The ant stops walking towards him and leaves when he does so. When Jason tosses the paper aside, the ant comes back to him. And whenever he picks it up, the ant leaves. Jason remembers what Sol told him and realizes what he has to do. He starts to clean up the trash around him. Aboard the Rockhopper, Michelle also sees Cavitus' ship fly by. Fidgel prepares to fire the Ray at the ants until he sees Kevin riding one. Admiral Strap tells Fidgel to use the Harryhausen Ray to stop Cavitus and he sent rangers to assist them. Jason runs over to them and informs them that the giant ants tol Kevin that they are Federation Trash Rangers. Cavitus tried to ruin their picnic by dumping trash, but the ants were putting the trash on the anthill. Jason apologizes to Fidgel for not cleaning out the storage bay. The Rockhopper crew assists the ants in cleaning up the trash.


The planet has blue grasses and green skies, which is uninhabited.


Fun Facts[]


  • Its name is a reference to the twelve planets named Rigel from Star Trek.
  • It's the first (and only) uninhabited planet to appear in 3-2-1 Penguins!