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Reginald is Jonah's camel that appeared in Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.


In his first appearance (not counting Esther), he was Jonah's faithful camel who helped him travel town to town delivering messages to Israel. Despite Jonah leaving him behind when fleeing to Tarshish, Reginald met up with him after the whale spit him out. Reginald then helped him travel to Nineveh, then helped him travel to the edge of the city to wait for Nineveh's destruction. At the end of the film, Reginald left with Khalil to leave Jonah in his sorrows.

He re-appears as a main character in The Little Drummer Boy, where he is now named Joshua. He follows Aaron as he runs away to be away from people. Later in the episode, Ben sells Joshua to the three magi so he can have some of their extra myrrh.


Fun Facts

  • After Jonah, his monocle disappeared.



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