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Ready for Action
Directed by

Tim Hodge

Written by

Eric Branscum

Music by

Terry Scott Taylor
Robert Watson


September 25, 2015


11 minutes

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Ready for Action is the first half of the fourth episode of the second season of VeggieTales in the House.


Bob is intently watching TV, telling Larry that it is on, which Larry is excited to hear as he quickly takes his seat next to Bob. It is revealed that the TV show they are watching is called "Offcer 'Stache," starring Tom Celeriac. On TV, Officer 'Stache says, "Steal the cash, face the 'stache!" Bob then asks if there's anything Officer 'Stache can't do, with Larry answering, "He can't not be totally awesome." The episode that is showing is "Corn on the Cop," in which a character named Peach Fuzz is heard saying, "Kick open the door!", which Officer 'Stache does with his mustache, which Bob and Larry cheer about. Because of that, Bob then starts pretending that he is Detective McBob, who has come to stop the bad guys, before Larry also starts pretending that he is Detective Cucumbersmith, saying "Hands in the air. Feet on the ground. If you do the hokeypokey, I'll take ya downtown!" After that, Larry tells Bob that they would be great cops. Bob asks Larry, "You think?", before Larry then answers rather dramatically, "I know."

In the center of town, Granny Asparagus is sitting on a park bench with her pet Cherry Cat named Mrs. Fuzzyface, at the same time that a broccoli boy and a carrot boy are playing with a ball. Granny asks Mrs. Fuzzyface about it being a beautiful day in the park, to which Mrs. Fuzzyface answers with a meow. The broccoli boy then throws the ball at the carrot boy, but he ends up throwing the ball too high, which causes the ball to fly through the air and bounces off the side of the gazebo, off the fountain, and right behind both boys who wonder where their ball went. The ball then lands right between Granny and Mrs. Fuzzyface, before Mrs. Fuzzyface gives off a meow, with Granny Asparagus agreeing with Mrs. Fuzzyface that they should go home. Of course, Granny has lost her glasses so she ends up taking the ball with her instead of Mrs. Fuzzyface, with Mrs. Fuzzyface meowing to let her owner know of her mistake, but Granny doesn't realize that she accidentally took the ball with her instead of her cat, thinking that Mrs. Fuzzyface wanted her to make her something nice for dinner, while Mrs. Fuzzyface meows sadly about being inadvertently left behind by her owner. From a ways off, Officer Wedge is drinking some coffee, when Larry comes up to him, telling him that cops are so cool, before Bob also asks Officer Wedge if he can help them. Officer Wedge is confused about this, before Bob tells him that he and Larry want to be cops like Officer 'Stache, because of bad guys, explosions, and one-liners, asking Officer Wedge to train them.

Officer Wedge reminds them that "it takes a lot to be a cop. For starters, integrity." Larry asks if integrity is when you have a cool attitude like Officer 'Stache, but Officer Wedge tells him that it means always doing the right thing even when no one is looking, like vacuuming under the furniture, or washing your hands after you go to the bathroom. Of course, Larry thinks that that's boring, and that it's not for them, because they're ready for action, jumping around while repeatedly saying "Action." Bob then asks Officer Wedge if he needs any help, and Officer Wedge admits that he could use a volunteer helper every now and then, which Bob and Larry are excited to hear, before Mr. Lunt shows up as well, claiming that he wants to be a volunteer helper too, while also claiming that he'd make a great cop. Bob then tells Mr. Lunt that he and Larry will be the cop helpers, but Mr. Lunt doesn't think so, before the threesome start arguing with each other about who gets to be Officer Wedge's helper, before Officer Wedge breaks up the argument, telling them that only one of them will get to be the volunteer helper, because he only has one extra pair of shades and a mustache, further explaining that "Whoever trains best, gets the position." Officer Wedge then tells the trio to meet him in the courtyard bright and early in the morning, and when Larry asks him how bright and early, Officer Wedge answers at 6:00 AM, which Larry is surprised to hear.

Granny has returned home while carrying the ball that she thinks is Mrs. Fuzzyface, then puts the ball down while telling it to wait there while she finds her keys. However, while she has her back turned, the ball rolls away from her and falls off the top of the refrigerator right in front of the broccoli boy and the carrot boy, who become happy that they got their ball back without even trying. Granny has managed to find her keys, before noticing that Mrs. Fuzzyface is gone. The next morning, Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt meet up with Officer Wedge who tells them "Ten-hut!" and blows a whistle, surprising the trio so much that they end up bumping each other. Officer Wedge asks them if they have what it takes to be cops, and tells them that it takes integrity, before Mr. Lunt asks him, "What's the quickest way to get from all this boring integrity stuff to being a cop in action?" Officer Wedge tells him, "You want some action?", and Mr. Lunt reiterates that that's what he said. Officer Wedge then tells the trio that their first action is to properly write a report, and Mr. Lunt muses that this won't take too long, but then Officer Wedge then brings out a huge stack of papers, and Mr. Lunt quips that "That's a lot of integrity." At Bob and Larry's home, Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt are writing their report, though Mr. Lunt peeks at Bob while he's writing and copies off of him, while Larry just draws a smiley face. Time goes by as Bob pretends that he's a bird-mato while Larry pretends that he's a chicken-cumber, while Mr. Lunt says, "I'm a bird plus whatever vegetable I am!", before the trio then start laughing after that.

The trio then roll around on the ground over the papers while chanting, "Writing a report! Writing a report!", but stop when they hear the doorbell ring, so Bob answers it to find both Officer Wedge and Granny at the door, telling them to come in. Officer Wedge addresses Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt, who respond with "Sir, yes, sir!", before Bob asks him if he wants their reports, but Officer Wedge tells them that they're not relevant, because he's got their first assignment, which the trio are excited to hear. Officer Wedge then tells Granny to tell Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt about her cat, with Granny saying that "Mrs. Fuzzyface is gone!", before Officer Wedge tells her to describe her cat, before Granny explains that she seems to have misplaced her glasses and that what she can tell, her cat has a nose, a mouth, two eyes, and a tail, before Officer Wedge laments that "I went to the police academy for this?" Mr. Lunt then reminds Officer Wedge about their assignment, to which Officer Wedge tells the trio to "Suit up! Gear up! Partner up!", and when Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt ask them "And?", Officer Wedge tells them to "Find Granny's cat!", which the trio are surprised to hear, and become disappointed about it. Mr. Lunt asks, "Can't we go back to writing reports?", but Officer Wedge tells him to get to work, which the trio do as they quickly rush out the door. Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt try to look for the missing cat in the darkness, while each possessing flashlights, but Mr. Lunt proclaims that this is not exciting, but rather embarrassing, before he says that he doesn't even like cats or cherries, which Larry agrees with, saying that this isn't like Officer 'Stache at all. Mr. Lunt then adds that it's on right now, before Bob reminds the two that they should do their assignment.

It is soon revealed that Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt have abandoned the assignment in favor of watching Officer 'Stache on TV, though Bob asks Larry and Mr. Lunt to give the cat search another try. Larry turns off the TV while Mr. Lunt says that they'll just tell Wedge that they tried really hard but had no luck, claiming that since he's not here, he won't know the difference. Mr. Lunt then asks Bob and Larry if they want a snack, but Bob turns him down, before Mr. Lunt comes back with a lobster, proclaiming that it looks delicious, but Larry tells him that that's his pet, Chris. Upon seeing Larry taking Chris the lobster back, Mr. Lunt comes up with another idea, as he takes Chris back from Larry again, with Larry telling him to bring back Chris. But just when Larry tries to give chase to Mr. Lunt, he ends up bumping into Officer Wedge, who angrily approaches Bob and Larry, telling them that they were supposed to be looking for Mrs. Fuzzyface, telling them that it looks like that they're watching TV. Bob then sadly proclaims that they blew it, before Officer Wedge asks them what he said about being a cop. Bob answers that it takes integrity, before Larry also adds that that means doing the right thing even when no one's looking. Officer Wedge confirms this, telling them that a good cop gets the job done and doesn't need someone watching to make sure, then tells them that he'll be watching them to make sure. Because of this, Bob and Larry are able to get the message.

Granny is still saddened about the loss of her beloved cat when Mr. Lunt approaches her while carrying Chris the lobster, claiming to Granny that he found her cat, though to cover up that it's actually a lobster, Mr. Lunt meows like a cat. Granny becomes happy when she hears that Mr. Lunt found her cat, but because she can't see without her glasses, she doesn't realize that it's actually a lobster and not her cat, happily thanking Mr. Lunt for finding her 'cat', and Mr. Lunt leaves after that. Granny then smells Chris, saying "You smell like a fishing boat. You need a bath." Back in town, the real Mrs. Fuzzyface is perched up on top of a building, while Bob and Larry have met up with Officer Wedge, who bids them good morning, before wondering where Mr. Lunt is. To answer Officer Wedge's question, Mr. Lunt then shows up, claiming that he found the "Fuzzy-cat-face," which Bob is surprised to hear, asking Mr. Lunt when he pulled that off, and Mr. Lunt answers "this morning." Officer Wedge congratulates Mr. Lunt for finding the cat, before asking him what the number one rule is when taking the cop test. When Officer Wedge isn't looking, Mr. Lunt looks at a small paper that reads "Don't cheat," before he answers out loud what was on the paper, which Officer Wedge confirms, before he tells Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt to see what they're made of. Officer Wedge then starts singing a song about how a cop always has to do the right thing and to have integrity, all while training Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt in how to be real cops.

After the song ends, Bob, Larry, and Mr. Lunt are really tired from all the training that Officer Wedge put them through, before Officer Wedge tells them that they have completed training, telling Bob and Larry that they struggled, but gave it their all, and that they should be proud, before further telling them that there can only be one volunteer helper, which is Mr. Lunt. Officer Wedge then tells Mr. Lunt that he found the cat and trained well, before giving Mr. Lunt the sunglasses and mustache, which Mr. Lunt is happy about as he thanks Officer Wedge. Meanwhile, Granny approaches Madame Blueberry while carrying Chris the lobster, before telling Madame Blueberry that there's something wrong with Mrs. Fuzzyface, but she accidentally addresses a fire hydrant, before Madame Blueberry lets Granny know where she is. Granny apologizes to the fire hydrant, mistaking it for Petunia, before Madame Blueberry asks Granny what the trouble is. Granny explains to her that it's her cat, asking her if she can tell her what's wrong with her cat. Madame Blueberry becomes confused when she sees the lobster being held in front of her, before Granny tries to reiterate that the lobster is a cat, when Chris suddenly pinches Madame Blueberry on the nose, which causes Madame Blueberry to run off in pain. Granny yells for Madame Blueberry to come back with her 'cat' before Madame Blueberry comes back again while telling Granny that "Your cat is a lobster!" Granny then mistakenly thinks that Mr. Lunt turned Mrs. Fuzzyface into a lobster.

On top of a chair in the dining room, Mrs. Fuzzyface is licking herself, when Officer Wedge drives by in his police car with Mr. Lunt by his side. Mr. Lunt then pipes up that he loves donuts, asking Officer Wedge if he does, but Officer Wedge tells him that that's a negative stereotype and he doesn't appreciate it, though he does admit that he does love donuts, then tells Mr. Lunt to go over to the shop and pick up a dozen. Granny then shows up after that to confront Mr. Lunt about what happened, with Mr. Lunt telling Officer Wedge that they should get out of here, but Granny then jumps on Mr. Lunt, who then falls on Officer Wedge, which causes Officer Wedge to accidentally lean forward on the steering wheel, causing the police car to start swerving out of control through town, swerving past Bob and Larry, who are still saddened about not becoming cops. Larry states that this stinks because he wanted to be a cop, then says, "Now what am I? Nothing." However, the sound of meowing is then heard after that, before Bob looks to see Mrs. Fuzzyface standing just a ways off. Bob and Larry then say, "Let's do this!", before they run out at Mrs. Fuzzyface, who screeches angrily then runs off. While this is going on, Granny angrily accuses Mr. Lunt of turning her cat into a lobster, before Officer Wedge looks to see Bob and Larry chasing after Mrs. Fuzzyface. Because of this, Officer Wedge asks Mr. Lunt if he would like to explain why he's still seeing a cat on the loose, which Mr. Lunt can only laugh sheepishly about, before confessing that he didn't find Mrs. Fuzzyface, surprising Granny.

Bob and Larry still chase after Mrs. Fuzzyface, before Mrs. Fuzzyface then jumps up on the top of Pa Grape's Store, while Larry tells the kitty to stay, but she screeches angrily at Bob and Larry once again. Despite being intimidated by Mrs. Fuzzyface, Bob and Larry are able to work together as they help each other up on top of the store, before Mrs. Fuzzyface screeches at them again. Bob and Larry jump out at Mrs. Fuzzyface, but they bump into each other when Mrs. Fuzzyface jumps down from the top of the store, as she tries to jump away, but this time, Bob is able to catch her before she can escape again, just as Officer Wedge pulls up in front of the store. Soon, Granny is now happy to have the real Mrs. Fuzzyface back, realizing that Mr. Lunt didn't turn her into a lobster after all, before Mr. Lunt apologizes to Granny that he lied about finding her cat, which Granny scoffs at, before Mr. Lunt admits that he cheated as well, saying that he did the wrong thing when no one was looking. Because of this, Officer Wedge tells him to turn in the shades and the mustache, which Mr. Lunt does rather reluctantly, saying that he'll just have to go back to his day job of having a different job every episode. Officer Wedge then tells Bob and Larry that he was only going to have one helper, but since they did the right thing when no one was looking, he then gives the two friends the sunglasses and mustache, Bob wearing the sunglasses and Larry wearing the mustache. Larry then says that they learned about integrity, which Bob agrees with, before saying that "Now 'cause of that, we're gonna give crime quite a fight!" Bob and Larry then give each other a high five in freeze frame, just as Officer Wedge passes by and sighs in frustration then leaves, before Madame Blueberry also comes by with Chris the lobster still clamped to her nose.


Fun Facts


  • Bob and Larry only get to be cops in this episode.
  • Larry in the title card is depicted similarly how he was in LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures (eg. upward chest).

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