• Species: Radish
  • Hair color: Green
  • Eye color: Brown

RANDEE (Radish of Awfulness, No-goodness, Doing badness and Engaging in Evilness), commonly known as either Randee or Randall is a super radish solider who formerly works for Motato.


Motato trained Randee to stop Larry-Boy, though that didn't work as he was ricocheted by the hero while trying to attack him, which caused Randee to have amnesia. Madame Blueberry and Petunia Rhubarb saw the injured radish and decided to take him home so he can get some rest. When awaken, they asked Randee if he can remember what happened before, but he couldn't due from attacking Larry-Boy.

The girls decided to train Randee to be a proper gentleman for their party, and so he can be friends with others who are nice, which he decides to do. Things go well at the party until Larry notices the radish who attacked him earlier and decides to stop him, only to cause Randee to remember who he was and starts creating chaos.

Motato saw what Randee was doing, praises for his work and orders him to bring the hero to his lair. But Blueberry and Petunia persuade Randee with the tea they gave him earlier that and tell him that he's better than just being a minion to the villain. Just as Motato tries to hit the girls, Randee stops him and tells him that he is no longer evil and instead go, and chases him out of his life. The two girls are glad Randee made the right choice, and became good friends with them.


While he's not the sharpest tool, Randee is nice, though he can be a bit sloppy. After having some help from Madame Blueberry and Petunia, he is a very kind gentleman and treats others with respect.

Physical Appearance and abilities

Randee is a large radish with brown eyes. After his "transformation", he wears a white bow tie.

While under Motato's rein, Randee has super human strength, attack others, and can eat anything that isn't food (cups). After being under the influence of Blueberry and Petunia, he is best at being a piano player.


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