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This is the transcript for Promises, Promises.


(The episode opens with Grandmum reading the newspaper comics, some of which are named after some of the previous episodes.)

Grandmum: (laughing) Oh, my. Fizzy Wit's in rare form, today! (laughs)

Michelle: Hey, Grandmum, may I see the comics when you're through?

Grandmum: 'Fraid not, love.

Michelle: Why not?

Grandmum: Last Sunday, didn't you promise Jason that he could read the comics first?

Michelle: Oh, he's upstairs brushing his teeth. He won't even know.

Grandmum: Oh, a promise is a promise. If you can't hold up your end of the bargain, you shouldn't say you can.

Michelle: But--

Grandmum: Like you promised you'd polish me black shoes for church.

Michelle: I know, but I was playing with Miss Pretty Pretty. Sorry. But nobody looks at your shoes, Grandmum.

(Grandmum gets up off the couch.)

Grandmum: Oh, that's not the point, pumpkin. When you made a promise, I depended on you to make me shoes shine like stars. If you break it, my trust in you comes crashin' down.

Michelle: I guess, but--

Grandmum: It's like the Good Book says, (She opens her Bible.) "It's better not to make a promise than to make a promise and not fulfill it."

Michelle: That's in Proverbs?

Grandmum: Ecclesiastes, actually. You see, promises are precious, love. You shouldn't go breaking 'em. Understand, pumpkin? (gasps) Oh, I'd better whip up breakfast. I believe I have some fresh kippers.

(Michelle gags upon hearing that. Just as she's starting to read the comics, Jason, who's dressed for church, comes downstairs with the ship and Grandmum's shoes.)

Jason: Michelle, you forgot to polish Grandmum's shoes!

Michelle: How do you know they're not polished?

Jason: It's pretty obvious. I can't see my face in them.

(Jason sees that Michelle is reading the comics before him.)

Jason: Hey, you promised I could read the comics first this week!

Michelle: You can still have them after me. What's the big deal?

Jason: The big deal is, I won't get the comics until after church. Because it's almost time to go!

Grandmum: Breakfast!

(Jason tosses the ship onto the couch. Michelle gets off the couch and takes the comics with her. Suddenly, the ship roars to life once again. Fidgel reels Michelle into the ship.)

Michelle: Woah!

Zidgel: Welcome aboard, missy.

Michelle: But we're about to eat breakfast.

Zidgel: We'll have you back in a jiffy - promise.

(Cue the opening sequence. After that, fade to the ship's interior. Michelle walks past Zidgel's seat when she remembers what she neglected to do.)

Michelle: Uh-oh, I'm supposed to polish Grandmum's shoes. I guess I can do it when I get back.

Zidgel: Sure, do it later. Anyway, we're about to eat. Hope you like hot porridge.

(Kevin brings out a cart with two bowls of porridge.)

Kevin: Cream?

Michelle: (sighs) Yes, cream. And a little brown sugar.

Kevin: Kippers?

Michelle: Ugh.

(Kevin adds cream to their bowls of porridge.)

Zidgel: Okay, Kevin, we're all impressed with your culinary skills.

Kevin: No, I just cooked breakfast.

(Zidgel turns on the ship's TV screen, showing a female sock monkey.)

Zidgel: Here's the scoop, cadet, we got a distress call from this little, uh...sock...monkey...girl, right here on Planet Cross-Your-Heart.

Fidgel: It seems she needs assistance rescuing her entire planet, which is covered with grape soda.

Michelle: Really? I love grape soda!

(The screen shows said planet, which looks more like a giant gum wad.)

Michelle: On the other hand, I guess sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. It looks like we're too late!

Fidgel: No, no, there's still time to save them. The city where everyone lives is protected inside a glass dome.

(The screen shows the city covered by a dome, and with a bendy straw sticking out as a way of getting air.)

Zidgel: Wow, sock monkeys under glass.

Fidgel: We have to drain the grape soda off the planet before the dome cracks.

Michelle: What's the place called again? Planet what?

Zidgel and Kevin: Cross-Your-Heart.

Kevin: Jinx!

(Zidgel tries talking, but he remains silent.)

Fidgel: Whatever's the matter, Captain?

Kevin: I jinxed him.

Fidgel: You what?

Michelle: He jinxed him. The captain can't talk now.

Fidgel: Hmm, perhaps I can remedy the situation.

Midgel: Uh, no, Doc, it's a game. The captain can't talk until someone says his name.

Fidgel: Hmm, interesting. He can't speak? Ha ha, I could get used to this. Well, we should be off, what say?

Midgel: My sentiments, exactly. Bonsai!

(The ship rockets away to the planet. Segue to the ship reaching the planet.)

Midgel: So, Doc, any ideas on how to get inside the dome?

Fidgel: Hmm, I believe we'll have to slide down through that ventilation shaft. Could be painful.

(Zidgel shakes his head.)

Midgel: You have a better idea, Capt'n?

(Zidgel just waves his hands around.)

Midgel: Didn't think so.

(Cut to the city on the planet. We see the sock monkey girl, named Fuzzy, trying to block the hole in the wall.)

(Fidgel, Zidgel, Kevin and Michelle enter through the straw.)

Fuzzy: Help! Someone! The crack's getting bigger! Is anyone listenin'?! Hello?!

Kevin: Woah! Oof!

Fidgel: (screams)

Michelle: Hi there, you must be Fuzzy.

Fuzzy: Aye, that's me. Would you be from the Federation come to rescue us?

Michelle: Yes. My name is Michelle. And this is our scientist. His name is Fidgel.

Fidgel: Greetings.

Michelle: This is my other friend. His name is Kevin.

Kevin: Hello.

Michelle: And this is--

Fidgel: Uh! The captain.

(Zidgel facepalms when Fidgel stops Michelle from saying his name.)

Fuzzy: Welcome to Cross-Your-Heart, Captain.

(Zidgel tries to speak, but he can't.)

Fuzzy: Strong, silent type, are ya?

Fidgel: What seems to be your dilemma, other than completely submerged in snack drink?

Fuzzy: Well, this crack is makin' the wall week, and if the wall breaks, the whole city will be destroyed. Other than that, no biggie.

(Fuzzy removes her hand from the crack, making some soda spray Zidgel before putting it back in.)

Fidgel: Oh, dear! Well, this is more dire than we were lead to believe.

Michelle: Yeah, we figured we just come here, drain off the grape soda, and voila! Problem solved!

Fuzzy: Not going to work, Michelle. I noticed the leak this mornin'. I've been standing ever since, and the crack's getting bigger.

Fidgel: Does anyone else know about this?

Fuzzy: Yes, the mayor. I said I would stay here until the repair crew arrives.

Michelle: When will they be here?

Fuzzy: The mayor promised they'd be here later this afternoon.

Michelle: And you're afraid he won't keep his promise?

Fuzzy: Exactly. For one thing, he doesn't know how big the crack's getting. And another, I can't sit here all day. I'm sure someone else can plug this wall until it gets back. Besides, I promised me mom I'd clean me room.

(Zidgel tries writing his name on a chalkboard to get Fuzzy to say his name.)

Fuzzy: My name is--(Suddenly, grape soda shoots at the board due to her letting go.) My name is Zi--Ooh, uh. (She then laughs at the smeared writing.) That's funny.

(Zidgel silently grunts in frustration.)

Fuzzy: The big problem is, I can't keep my promise, to me mummy. I said I'd clean me room before lunch. It's almost lunchtime now.

Michelle: Can you fix the wall, Fidgel?

Fidgel: Oh, I'm afraid my toolbox is back on the ship. Ideas, anyone?

(Zidgel jumps around excitedly, hoping someone will say his name.)

Michelle: I have an idea! I could take Fuzzy's place!

Fuzzy: Oh, you mean it? You'd stay here until I finish cleaning me room?

Michelle: Sure! After all, I came to help!

Fuzzy: You promise to keep your finger here?

Michelle: If you promise to come right back.

Fuzzy: Deal!

(They both shake on it. Michelle puts her finger in the crack and Fuzzy leaves to take care of her chores.)

Fidgel: Hmm, the crack seems to be stabilizing. It should hold until I get my tools.

Michelle: Just promise you'll hurry back. My finger's turning purple already.

Fidgel: Hmm, so it is. I can't promise anything, but I will try my best to zip to the ship and zip back.

(Segue to Fidgel carrying a toolbox.)

Fidgel: Ooh! Pretty tricky move getting me back up here.

Midgel: No problem. Hey, I was getting ready to break for lunch, wanna stick around for a bite? I brought watercress sandwiches.

Fidgel: Watercress?! My favorite! Ooh, but I said I'd go back.

Midgel: But did you promise?

Fidgel: No, I didn't promise. And since that crack did seem to be holding, I guess a quick bite wouldn't be out of order. And anyway, the repair crew is on the way.

(Fidgel starts his lunch break. Cut back to planet Cross-Your-Heart as Michelle keeps waiting for Fidgel to return. Kevin enters the scene.)

Kevin: Um, Michelle, I'm hungry.

Michelle: You want to find something to eat?

Kevin: Do you mind?

Michelle: Of course not. Just bring me back something, okay? But no kippers.

Kevin: No kippers, got it.

(Kevin and Zidgel head off to find something for lunch. Suddenly, a loud groan is heard and another hole breaks in the wall. Michelle tries blocking it with her right hand.)

Michelle:! Help! I hope everyone here likes grape soda. You're gonna be swimming in it!

(Cut to Kevin and Zidgel walking up to a café. Zidgel takes a look at the menu.)

Kevin: You hungry, Zidgel?

(Zidgel remains silent.)

Kevin: I said, you hungry, Zidgel?

(Zidgel realizes Kevin said his name.)

Zidgel: You, you said my name! I, I can speak! Yahoo! Free at last! (He jumps happily.) I can speak! Freedom! Like a bird flown from a cage is my happy tongue! Let's see, baba ghanoush, corned beef and cabbage, peanut butter surprise, banana nut muffins, and lookie here!

Zidgel and Kevin: Falafel!

Zidgel: J-j--

Kevin: Jinx!

(Zidgel facepalms again. Segue to Michelle still trying to block the holes.)

Michelle: The wall's going to give. I need to get help, but I promised I'd stay here until Fuzzy got back, but things have changed since I made that promise, the wall's getting worse. And all my fingers are turning purple.

(She pulls the newspaper out of her pocket and uses it to block the hole.)

Michelle: There! That ought to hold things until I can get help.

(The mayor walks by.)

Mayor: (gasps) What?! Oh, no! The leak! Where's Fuzzy?! She promised to stay here 'til I got back!

(Fidgel and his toolbox land on top of the mayor.)

Mayor: Who are you?

Fidgel: I'm Fidgel of the Federation. Who are you?

Mayor: I'm the mayor of Cross-Your-Heart, where's Fuzzy?

Fidgel: I have no idea, where's Michelle?

Mayor: Who?

Fidgel: She promised to stay here.

Mayor: I know, now she's gone!

Fidgel: I thought you didn't know about Michelle.

Mayor: Who?

Fidgel: The girl who promised to stay here.

Mayor: Fuzzy promised to stay here!

(Although the grape soda somehow doesn't make the paper soggy, the paper is still useless against it, as it pushes the paper out of the hole.)

Mayor and Fidgel: (scream)

(As Fidgel looks through his toolbox, the Mayor plugs the hole with his hands.)

Mayor and Fidgel: Whew!

(Suddenly, the hole gets bigger)

Fidgel: Oh! Where's the repair crew?

Mayor: On holiday!

Fidgel: What?!

Mayor: They're not comin'!

Mayor and Fidgel: (scream)

(Segue to Fuzzy washing herself.)

Fuzzy: Look at this grape stain on my cardigan. Mummy's gonna be mad if I don't get it out. (jumps into the bucket) Whoop! (laughs) One more time ought to do it. Besides, this is fun. (She does it again.) Whoop! (laughs) Whoop! (laughs) Excellent! Now to dry off.

(She hangs by her tail on a clothesline. Michelle runs by and sees her hanging.)

Michelle: What are you doing here?!

Fuzzy: Dryin' off. I had to wash me blouse.

Michelle: But I waited hours for you! You said you'd be right back! You promised!

Fuzzy: I know, but then I saw this stain on my blouse and washed it, then I had to dry off.

Michelle: I thought you had to clean your room!

Fuzzy: Oh, yeah, that too. But I figured one more day wouldn't matter, but maybe I should clean it. See ya!

(Fuzzy leaves to clean her room.)

Michelle: Hey! I was waiting for you!

(Cut back to the café. Michelle arrives just as Kevin and Zidgel leave with a small bag of food, which Zidgel gives Michelle.)

Kevin: Hello.

Michelle: What's this?

(Zidgel tries speaking, but he still can't.)

Kevin: Egg rolls. We got you lunch.

Michelle: Thank you, Kevin. Thank you, Zidgel.

Zidgel and Kevin: You're welcome!

Kevin: Jinx!

(Zidgel faints. Michelle notices grape soda heading down the drain.)

Michelle: Hey, where's that grape soda coming from?

Kevin: Dessert?

Michelle: Oh, no, what have I done?!

(Kevin jumps on Zidgel and follows Michelle, but he comes back for the paper bag. Zidgel gets up. Since Kevin isn't present, he thinks he can speak. But before he can, Kevin stops him.)

Kevin: Uh-uh-uh.

(Zidgel sighs with frustration before following his friends. Segue back to the ship as Fidgel calls Midgel, but he's talking so fast, it's hard to understand what he's saying.)

Midgel: Slow down, Doc. Tell me what's wrong.

Fidgel: Mayday, mayday! Help! Help!

Midgel: Slowly, Doc, tell me what you need.

Fidgel: A giant sponge, a mop, and a licensed plumber would be nice!

Midgel: Come on, Doc, put a sock in it.

Fidgel: What?! Why, that's a very good idea!

(Segue back to the planet, as Fidgel has put the mayor in the hole.)

Michelle: Oh, no! This is all my fault!

Mayor: Your fault? Who are you?

Michelle: I promised I would keep the leak stopped up and I didn't! Now look what happened!

Fuzzy: No, it's my fault!

Mayor: Fuzzy, there you are!

Fuzzy: Hi, Father.

Mayor: What have you got to say for yourself?

Fuzzy: I'm sorry, I promised to stay here and left to clean me room, which I should have done already and I broke me promise and now we're in trouble!

Mayor: Young lady, if my tail section wasn't wedged in this wall like a cork in a bottle, you would be in very big trouble.

Michelle: Pardon me for interrupting, but before we start getting everyone in trouble, shouldn't we figure out a way to fix this?

Fidgel: Yes, I'm afraid your (clears throat) hindquarters are not a permanent solution. My tools are quite inadequate for this type of work.

Mayor: Well, what do you propose?

Michelle: I suggest we--(More soda sprays into the dome.) Run!

Mayor: Help!

(Cut back to the café, where we se another sock monkey setting up dominoes. The crew stops running when they reach the café. Zidgel's cell phone rings.)

Midgel: This is Midgel, over. (Zidgel tries to speak, but again, he can't.) Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Kevin? Fidgel? Captain? Is this some kind of joke? Who's there? Hello? Hello?

Fidgel: Oh, allow me. Midgel, Fidgel here. That was the captain, but no time for that now. We need help!

Midgel: What's going on now?

Fidgel: The leak has gotten bigger, the monkey dome is doomed! Can you assist?

Midgel: Sorry, Doc, I don't have a straw big enough. Besides, that would be a major brain freeze. If you've got another monkey to shove in there.

(Everyone stares at Fuzzy.)

Fuzzy: Uh, what's everybody lookin' at? Huh, what?

(Meanwhile, the mayor fills up a plastic cup with soda and starts to drink it when an inhabitant passes by and stares at him weirdly. The mayor offers him the soda, but the passer-by sees that the soda came from a hole being blocked by the mayor's behind. He groans in disgust and leaves. The mayor then drops the cup. Cut back to the café.)

Fuzzy: Oh, come on now. You can't be thinking what I think you're thinking.

Michelle: Oh, yes we can.

Fidgel: And we are.

Michelle: You made promises to us. We depended on you. You let us down.

Fuzzy: Well, uh, you made promises, too!

Michelle: So? You started it!

Domino sock monkey: Now, sounds like somebody's been dropping the ball. (Everyone turns their attention to him.) You see, if a promise isn't kept, it's kinda like this row of dominoes.

Michelle: How so?

Domino sock monkey: Like a promise, every domino depends on the other. As long as you keep 'em standin', everything's fine, but as soon as somebody lets somebody down, (He lets the dominoes fall.) each one is like a broken promise. It's better not to make a promise at all than to make a promise and not keep it.

Michelle: Where have I heard that before?

Fuzzy: What should we do, then?

Domino sock monkey: Well, lassie, before ya say "I promise", think, and make sure you can follow through. Promises are good, but they're not to be taken lightly.

Michelle: They're precious, so we shouldn't break them.

Domino sock monkey: That's right, lass.

Fuzzy: But I promised too many things to too many people, and now I've let everyone down. More than dominoes are going to fall now.

(The whole city shakes as the dome gets weaker.)

Fidgel: Ooh, oh my. The entire structure is becoming unstable!

Domino sock monkey: So, now what do you have to say for yourselves?

Michelle: I'm sorry, Fuzzy.

Fidgel: I'm sorry, too, Michelle.

Fuzzy: And I'm really sorry, everybody.

(You know the drill. Zidgel can't speak.)

Domino sock monkey: Well?

Kevin: Um, he's sorry, too.

Midgel: Michelle, Doctor, you're in luck! I think I have a solution!

(Segue back to the mayor, who has dislodged himself from the hole and is still trying to block it with his hands.)

Fuzzy: Dad, just hold on!

Michelle: We're gonna take care of everything!

Mayor: Really? Do ya promise?

Fuzzy: But of course we'll--

(Michelle holds Fuzzy's mouth.)

Michelle: Uh, what she means, your honor, is that we're going to do our best and hope that it works.

(Segue to the ship as Midgel calls Sol about the problem.)

Midgel: You sure you can use this much grape soda, Sol?

Sol: No problem, Midgel! I've already sent a ship to pick it up, and that's a promise.

(A green and purple tanker truck passes by while blowing its horn.)

Midgel: There it is, Sol. You kept your promise.

(The truck honks again as it approaches the planet.)

Sol: The Good Book says it's better not to make a promise than to make a promise and not fulfill it.

Midgel: Moral lessons and rescue ships. You're a full-service lounge act, Sol.

(A straw is lowered from the truck and it starts draining all the soda off the planet. Meanwhile, the mayor almost gets sucked through the hole.)

Mayor: Oh! Something's got me tail! I'm being pulled in!

Fidgel: Ah! Grab the mayor!

(They pull the mayor out of the hole.)

Mayor: Oh! We have to plug up the hole!

Fidgel: Look! The soda is gone! The planet is saved!

Michelle, Zidgel, Fidgel, Kevin, Fuzzy, and Mayor: Hooray!

Fuzzy: I'm going home right now to clean me room like I promised.

Michelle: I guess the best thing to do is not to make a promise unless you're sure you can keep it. Cuz when you break a promise, bad things happen. Lots of grape soda, falling dominoes.

Fidgel: And what should you do if you break a promise, young lady?

Michelle: If you break a promise, you should fix it right away.

Fidgel: Right! Before everything comes crashing down. Right, Zidgel?

Zidgel: Zidgel. My name! My sweet name! You're right, Doctor. That's right, indeed! Yes, nothing could be righter, wouldn't you agree, Kevin?

Zidgel and Kevin: Yes.

Zidgel: Jinx! Gotcha! (laughs) I jinxed you, Kevin! Yes, I jinxed Kevin! (laughs) Now Kevin can't say anything! Ha! Don't say Kevin's name! Joke's on you now, Kevin! (laughs)

(Although Zidgel is very loudly and clearly saying Kevin's name, Kevin remains silent. Fade back to Grandmum's house as Michelle brings Grandmum's polished shoes downstairs.)

Grandmum: Michelle, you haven't eaten breakfast, and now we have to leave for church.

Michelle: I know, Grandmum, but I had to polish your shoes. A promise is a promise.

Grandmum: Well, it sounds to me like you've learned a valuable lesson before we got to church.

Michelle: Yup. I learned that if I make a promise, I'd better follow through with it because people depend on me.

Grandmum: Oh, I'm sorry the kippers are gone now, but I left you a piece of toast in the kitchen. Grab it while I get the car.

(Michelle hands Jason the comics.)

Michelle: You can read these first right after we get back from church, Jason. Like I promised last Sunday.

Jason: Ugh! There's sticky purple stuff all over them! What happened?

Michelle: I'll explain later. It's a long story. You're gonna love it.

Jason: It better be worth getting the comics all messy.

Michelle: Oh, it is.

Jason: You promise?

Michelle: Promise? I know better than that.

Jason and Michelle: (laugh)

(Fade to later that night as Jason and Michelle pray before bed.)

Grandmum: Oh, goodnight, dears. Sleep tight, and don't forget to say your prayers.

Michelle: Thank you for this exciting, wonderful day.

Jason: And for all the fun we had.

Jason and Michelle: Please bless Mom and Dad and Zidgel and Midgel and Fidgel and Kevin. Amen.

(The ship flies outside the house and past the moon.)

(End of transcript.)