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[[ProgressionReelASnoodlesTale.png|thumb|Progression Reel for A Snoodle's Tale]] Production on an episode or film goes through many stages. Some DVDs contain a Progression Reel, which offers a comparison on the many stages of the film's production process.

Most of them simply show the differences from the storyboard to the final show. However, some of them show the different types of animation that's used in the process (e.g. Layout and animation).

This feature was kept in most of the DVDs Big Idea released up until Duke and the Great Pie War.

Fun Facts

  • On the progression reel for Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn, if you skip it, you'll see the last few seconds of the reel from The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka.
  • The storyboard drawings present in the reel for The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka gradually get more and more out-of-sync with the finished film clip as the reel progresses.
  • To date, the Lyle progression reel is the only one that only contained vocals with no sound effects or music.
  • The last few seconds for The Amazing Carnival of Complaining was only in one still. It's possible there was no storyboard action for the rest of the scene.
  • Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie was the only DVD that contained more than one progression reel; in this case, three.



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